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Three Ways To Lower Gas Prices

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 1, 2008

After you watch the video, take action…goodness knows the Democratic Congress won’t.

1. Dump a significant amount of the Strategic Reserve on the market. Lowers prices by around $50 a bbl.

2. We have three times the amount of proven Saudi Arabian Reserves in the Rocky Mountain Shale alone. Drill Here, Drill Now.

3. Maximize usage of alternative fuels.

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Waging War On The Bureaucracy

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 13, 2008

This is something I believe very passionately in, we must start destroying the entrenched bureaucrats in every level of government service.

Newt has in mind a long march of our own through the institutions.

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VIDEO: Why is the Left Opposed to Victory?

Posted by Thunder Pig on August 3, 2007

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