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An Open Letter to Linda Chavez and her RINO Friends

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 1, 2007

Original Commentary

This is in response to your article published on the Boston Herald website on Saturday, 30 June of 2007.

Our borders are not secure because the President does not want them secure, and Congress is only to happy to oblige, even though legislation, and funding was passed last year to build a fence. It is a crime that the fence has not been built.

Amnesty would see the 12 to 20 million illegal aliens become 20 to 40 million overnight. Every person who crosses the border illegally is guilty of a felony. Every person who hires them is breaking the law, often numerous laws. The government currently gives both classes of criminals a ‘silent amnesty’ by refusing to enforce laws already on the books.

Yes, Linda, Deportation of Illegals is the next logical step, but only after we primary out certain GOP supporters of amnesty. The majority of the deportations will be self-conducted, after we apply pressure to those who hire them. I have already achieved moderate success locally, just by threatening to report the failure to with hold taxes or file 1099s to the IRS as tax evasion. The IRS even has a rewards system in place as an incentive.

Under current law (the Basic Program), Social Security Numbers can be checked for legitimacy. Sure, mistakes are made, as with any government program—show me a government program free from error, and I’ll show you a fantasy.

How do you enforce the law? By allowing law enforcement to do their job, not by locking up Border Patrol Agents and Sheriff’s Deputies for doing their job. You also allow citizens to report, publicize, and shame employers as well. You’d be surprised at what a few photographs of illegal aliens being picked up for temporary work will do for a company, especially if shown to the right people.

An Amnesty to these illegal aliens would have to be preceded by reimbursing the hundreds of thousands of people who have down it legally.

Are you aware of what a person has to go through to become an American Citizen?

Are you aware of the thousands of dollars, the seemingly endless numbers of forms to be filled out, again and again (with hefty processing fees)–even when repeatedly ‘lost’ by the government?

Are you aware of the number of times an applicant must be fingerprinted, subjected to medical exams?

Are you aware that the person cannot work during this process, and that they must be supported by someone making a certain percentage over the average worker in a year’s time?

Are you aware that the applicant must proove that they are not, and will not, be a burden on society?

Are you aware that a simple infraction of the law will send this person’s efforts down the toilet?

Linda Chavez (and all your friends, too), In My Opinion, you are full of crap of the most disgusting odor.

It is the proponents of Amnesty who will pay in 2008, not the opponents.

Here are a few links to supply you with plenty of evidence to the contrary to your beliefs:

Thunder Pig, Defender of the U.S. Constituion

Many of these websites also link to excellent resources to expose the Danger that is Illegal Immigration:

MInuteman Civil Defense Corps
Numbers USA
You Don’t Speak For Me
NC Listen
US Patriot Companies
Basic Pilot Program
We Hire Aliens
FIRE Coalition
United for a Sovereign America
Freedom Folks
Blogs For Borders
Diggers’s Realm
American Patrol
Anti-Illegal Events Calender
Desert Visions
The Dustin Inman Society
How to Report an Illegal Alien

There are literally thousands more out there just like these websites, and there are more everyday. There is a revolutionary atmosphere growing in the country, out here in the redstates. Be careful that you heed our words, and enforce the laws already passed.

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Put Senator Burr on the Spot

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 27, 2007

with current Amnesty Supporter

Senator Richard Burr’s office
Thursday, June 28th
8:00-10:00 am

All legal citizens of North Carolina Welcome

Be there to encourage our Senator do the right thing

Help make Richard Burr’s unscheduled conference call on June 28th a success

If a sufficient number of citizens show up at Senator Burr’s Winston-Salem office on Thursday from 8:00-10:00, it is likely that his staff will be able to locate him in Washington such that he can afford those he was elected to represent a few minutes in his busy schedule.

There is a conference room in Senator Burr’s local office.
It has a speaker phone.
Richard Burr knows how to use it.

Contact the Senator:

Senator Richard Burr

2000 West First Street, Suite 508

Winston-Salem, NC 27104

Phone 800-685-8916 or 336-631-5125

Fax 336-725-4493


This will not be a march or street protest by lawbreakers.

This will simply be a spontaneous gathering of citizens asking for representation from their public servants.

Bring your cameras and cell phones not your signs and pitchforks. Senator Burr has one last chance to avoid facing the tar and feather crowd.

Only a handful of those who come out to Senator’s Burr’s office will be allowed inside to participate in any conference call. The rest will be able to know though that they helped make it happen.

Hat Tip: WCR Correspondent KR

Questions: Call Jim Capo at 336-253-1936

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