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Three Ways To Lower Gas Prices

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 1, 2008

After you watch the video, take action…goodness knows the Democratic Congress won’t.

1. Dump a significant amount of the Strategic Reserve on the market. Lowers prices by around $50 a bbl.

2. We have three times the amount of proven Saudi Arabian Reserves in the Rocky Mountain Shale alone. Drill Here, Drill Now.

3. Maximize usage of alternative fuels.

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Crunching The Numbers On Algal Gasoline

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 28, 2008

According to the US Energy Information Administration, US gasoline consumption is currently averaging (4-week rolling) 9.027 million barrels of gasoline per day, or about 379 million gallons (42 gallons per barrel). Thus, to completely replace US gasoline consumption, Sapphire Energy would need to “scrub”, at 100% efficiency, just over 83000 cubic kilometers of air per day. Certainly there is plenty of air available – this volume represents less than 0.02% of the volume of air in the first 1 km of atmosphere. Nevertheless, it is an enormous amount to process each day.

Of course, Sapphire Energy’s near-term goals are much more modest. As CEO Jason Pyle told Biomass Magazine, “the company is currently deploying a three-year pilot process with the goal of opening a 153 MMgy (10,000 barrel per day) production facility by 2011 at a site yet to be determined.” Using my fuzzy math above, that equates to a minimum of 92 cubic kilometers of air a day. Still seems like a lot.

So where will all of the CO2 come from?

Source: Watts Up With That? (Be sure and read the whole post over there).


This is the one thing enviro-weenies seem to forget when they try to force alternative energy on us…it is usually not scalable the way oil is scalable. They make good supplemental sources of energy, but cannot replace oil completely.

I am very interested to see more research in this direction for producing fuels from biological sources that are not also food sources. Al Fin has a post on a similar effort that boasts 100,000 gallons of oil an acre production, which leaves me to ponder the possibility of lefties and enviro-weenies (often the same creature) will begin to oppose that process should it promise to free us from bondage to the Middle East, and perhaps create true wealth here. If it is successful…count on it as surely as the protests against wind mills and clean coal plants…which they championed a few years ago.

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Progressives Clinging to the Peak Oil Myth

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 4, 2008

It is getting warmer outside, the birds are singing, and what are Asheville’s Progressives up to? Screening movies about Peak Oil (tonight), and planning discussion panels (next week) about the the same.

This is silly. Oil is produced from many sources, not just organic materials. Tiny Titan’s Hydrocarbon reserves dwarf what is on the earth, and I doubt very much dinosaurs and jungles are (or were) to be found a billion miles from the sun.

The inorganic reserves of hydrocarbons below 30,000 feet in the earth’s crust could even dwarf the amount of water in the oceans of the earth. (Not that we could ever use all of it, it is comforting to know that oceans of hydrocarbons are waiting to be tapped, should we ever need them to power our civilization. The Russians are already doing so, and have passed Saudi Arabia as the world’s largest producer of oil.
You can read more about abiotic oil at Al Fin.

You know, the lefties are so wrong about so much, it’s no wonder that they try their best to drown out the conservatives who are telling the truth!

Hat Tip: RB

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Peak Oil: Meet Marcellus Black Shale

Posted by Thunder Pig on January 19, 2008

Al Fin has a post up you should read:

Up to 500 trillion cubic feet– US$ 1 Trillion — of unconventional natural gas deposits lie within the north Appalachian Plateau, within the US. New gas drilling technologies–spurred by higher prices for natural gas–make possible an extended era of natural gas in the US.

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