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Hour Long Video Of Mexican Consulate Protest In Hendersonville, NC

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 29, 2008

Citizens in western North Carolina came together yesterday and protested the Mexican Consulate issuing Identification to 400 or so Mexicans yesterday in Hendersonville, North Carolina:

Among the groups participating were The Action Club, ALIPAC, NC Listen, and congressional candidate Carl Mumpower. The videographer was Richard Bernier who has a public access show called Sound Off Buncombe on URTV. The show airs on Charter Cable channel 20 in Buncombe and Madison counties.

**update** I forgot to add Paul Purdue to the list. He is a candidate for NC House District #115.


WNC Citizens Protest Mexican Consulate in Hendersonville

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WNC Citizens Protest Mexican Consulate in Hendersonville

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 28, 2008

The protest I wrote about yesterday is previewed in the following video shot by Richard Bernier of URTV‘s Sound Off Buncombe:

He hopes to have full hour up by Sunday Night on Google Video, and it will be airing on URTV in Buncombe and Madison Counties on Charter Cable Channel 20.

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Latino Advocacy Group Assisting Illegal Aliens Tomorrow At Blue Ridge Community College Updated With Protest Plans

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 27, 2008

This was forwarded to my via my You Tube Account this morning:

Immigration Reformers and Concerned Citizens,

I know I have emailed you a fair amount in the last two weeks, but events don’t happen always in order.

Blue Ridge Community College (Flat Rock – NC), part of the North Carolina Community College system, was sent a letter by NC LISTEN to inform them that the Latino Advocacy Coalition of Henderson County was renting a state building on their community college campus for purposes of inviting Mexican Consulate officials to provide and assist illegal immigrants with Consular Matricula ID cards. The event scheduled [and predominantly advertised in Spanish] for this Saturday 28 June at the Thomas Auditorium Gallery at Blue Ridge Community College [8am to 9pm] will also provide recommendations and other information to illegal immigrants and foreign nationals. Foreign government officials should not be using our state government buildings for purposes of issuing foreign ID cards that have the primary purpose of being used by illegal immigrants to open bank accounts, etc. Our federal government does not accept Consular Matricular cards for ID purposes and the FBI has stated they are unreliable as an ID and can be easily forged.

Blue Ridge has just informed us the event will not be stopped and will be allowed to take place on their campus. Even though foreign government officials from Mexico and illegal immigrants will be there as noted above, Blue Ridge Community College through their PR person [Ms. LeeAnna Haney] has pointed out the event is not open to the general public and furthermore we [citizens with interest] are advised not to come-on campus during the event. I expect citizens should decide for themselves whether they can attend or not and whether to videotape what they observe.

It is important to call Dr. Molly Parkhill, President of Blue Ridge Community College, at (828) 694-1705 to insist rental space not be provided for this event on 28 June [her asst has the same phone number]. Also email local politicians for that area: State House member Carolyn Justus at Carolynj@ncleg. net and State Senator Tom Apodaca at and call US Congressman Heath Shuler at (828) 252-1651. Also please contact Henderson County Blue Ridge Comm College Board of Trustee members [College President’s office said they could not give out email addresses] Bill Farrell at 828-697-5640, Tom Orr at (828) 693-6430, Chip Gould at (828) 692-5960, and Candler Willis at (828) 693-3164.

Let’s stop this event HERE and NOW. Word has it they are going to be doing this at several other of our NC Community Colleges around the state in the next two months. This type of activity is outrageous and I need your help to put a stop to it.


Ron Woodard
(919) XXX-XXXX
http://www.nclisten. com


Well, this would seem to be an illegal effort, especially by a FOREIGN GOVERNMENT, would it not? Hendersonville is a little to far for me to travel on such short notice, but perhaps not for others. If you are interested in showing up there tomorrow, email me, and I might put you in touch with other people so you can coordinate with them, or you can get in touch with Ron via his website.


Press release from Mumpower:

Mexican Consular Visit To Be Protested

An anticipated Friday and Saturday visit by the Mexican Consulate to the Blue Ridge Community campus in Hendersonville is subject to protest according to a spokesman for the Mumpower for Congress Committee. The visit is being sponsored by the Latino Advocacy Coalition of Henderson County, who have rented space at the campus for those interested in receiving a “Consular Matricula” I.D. card from the Mexican Embassy. According to Lee Anna Haney, a spokesperson for the college, North Carolina is one of the few states that recognize the Consular Matricula I.D. card as a valid form of identification to obtain a state driver’s license.

Ron Woodard of North Carolina Listen, a non-profit group targeting illegal immigration issues, has shared concerns with the school that the consular I.D.’s make it easier to remain in America illegally. “It also appears that this event is to assist illegal immigrants in general with recommendations and other information,” said Woodard.

A request by North Carolina Listen to monitor the event was declined by the Blue Ridge College administration. “As to your group’s desire to “monitor” this event that request is denied,” said Ms. Haney. “The College is not the equivalent of a public park. Use of College facilities must comply with our facilities use policy and groups or individuals may not come on campus to monitor other groups.”

The office of 11th District Republican Congressional candidate Carl Mumpower has announced a planned protest of the event. Those interested are invited to meet at the Mumpower for Congress campaign office at Suite 310, One Oak Plaza, in Asheville at 6:15 am for the trip to Hendersonville. There will be a follow-up breakfast gathering at the Upward Road Cracker Barrel at 7:00 with the protest beginning sometime around 8:00 that morning on or about Blue Ridge Community College.

“This activity on a tax supported college campus illustrates our government’s paralysis on illegal immigration; the audacity and double standard of the Mexican government; and the indulgences of those who conspire to appease, support, and otherwise benefit from illegal immigration,” said Mumpower.

“Illegal immigration is the greatest law breaking scheme in America’s history and it is past time for our politicians to be more concerned with enforcing the rule of law and protecting America’s borders than shielding their dignity and getting reelected.” “This protest has nothing to do with Latinos, immigration, racism or any of the other decoy issues that conspirators use to distract Americans from action. It is simply about one word – illegal.”

Mumpower has been encouraged by supporters and advisors to offer a position statement but otherwise avoid the event. “Concern for image and political correctness has kidnapped accountability and action in America – I have no interest in continuing that theme with my own version of political cowardliness,” said Mumpower. “With our staff and resources, we are in a better position than about anyone in WNC to organize a responsible protest of this event.” “No doubt we will run into hurdles, but we will do what we can and leave the rest in the hands of higher authority.”

Principles before party, power, or popularity – always.

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Fighting Back Against Gay Marriage and The Homosexual Agenda

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 23, 2008

Peter Wolfgang, Director Public Policy on how Gay Marriage fits into the Homosexual Agenda.

The video that audio was taken from is worth watching, and many of the points raised in the Connecticut and Massachusetts discussion apply to the California case and nationally. The goal of getting same-sex marriages approved is the destruction of the traditional family unit, “In order to push same-sex marriage, you have to deny that children do best in a home with both a mother and a father”.

From the video description:

On this episode, Corinn talks with Peter Wolfgang, Director of Public Policy for the Family Institute of Connecticut, on this mission of the FIC and their current battle against same-sex marriage. Mentioned in the discussion is how the same-sex marriage agenda is fueling attacks on religious liberties in Boston, Minnesota, England, Canada, and Sweden.

Also included is how it is effecting what are children are being taught in school. “Children are not mere creatures of the state,” was the decision passed down in a famous 1920s Supreme Court case (Pierce vs. Society of Sisters), and yet Peter explains how in the Boston school system today, the Constitutional and parental rights are being subverted in the name of teaching our children sexual immorality. Such is always the case when “the State”deifies itself and vilifies Christ and His followers.


What brought this about was the news that an internet friend and family were threatened and had a window broken and had his property defaced with graffiti because of his stand on homosexual marriage.

Here was his last radio show (June 18th) on the subject:

And tonight at 9pm, he will appear on the Andrea Shea King Show. I plan on embedding that show here as well.

This fight we face on homosexual marriage is with the forces of evil, and with principalities and powers who oppose anything that is Christ-centered. Many of them seek to replace Christianity with a demonic faith called the New Age movement, and follow this link to see some of the ones in my neck of the woods.

These people should realize that they no longer have a free ride. We will push back, and we will not be silenced. If Doug is silenced, I will take his place. I am no where near as eloquent as he and his lovely wife…but I will answer the call, and get others to add their voices in opposition to this perversion of human sexuality.

More on the Homosexual Agenda from Coral Ridge Ministries:

In order to successfully oppose their agenda, we must know what it is before we begin to formulate our response.

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June 12th Is Carbon Belch Day Updated With Trapped Ice Breaker News

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 29, 2008

The idea is to generate as much carbon-dioxide as possible that day as protest, and to mock those who participated in the Earth Hour on March 31st:

Conservative grassroots group wants people to waste as much energy as possible on June 12 by “hosting a barbecue, going for a drive, watching television, leaving a few lights on, or even smoking a few cigars.”

The point: the group wants to “help Americans break free from the ‘carbon footprint guilt’ being imposed by Climate Alarmists.” says it’s skeptical over claims that man-made sources of carbon dioxide emissions — from automobile exhausts to manufacturing plants — are raising the Earth’s temperature at a dangerous rate. Theories about global warming were highlighted by former Vice President Al Gore’s 2006 film, An Inconvenient Truth. president Steve Elliott, in a statement, said such theories are off the mark. “It’s time for Americans to purge ourselves of the false guilt that Al Gore and the Climate Alarmists have placed on us,” Elliott said.

Source: Sister Toldjah



It’s about time people began to participate in mocking the left on a larger, more co-ordinated scale. I will be participating in an CO2 producing series of events that day as well. Perhaps even a bonfire.

**update** 8.45am

A story found on The Pirates Cove relates the story of a powerful Russian Ice-Breaker has become trapped by unusually thick polar ice. Betcha you won’t see that story on the Legacy Media!!! It would put the lie to the Global Warming Hoax from the Left.

Everything the Left is telling you from Global Warming to DDT to Iraq to Taxes is a lie, and the sooner people realize that, the better.

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Vets For Freedom Press Conference LIVE 8.30 AM on Blog Talk Radio

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 8, 2008

**update** 11.43am The Event is over, and I have lifted a very short segment of the program for you to hear.

You can listen to the whole thing archived.

**update** 2.43pm This Ain’t Hell was there, and took photos and video of the event. I will steal one video to embed here, and you’ll have to go over there for the rest:

Vets For Freedom will have a Press Conference this morning, and here is the schedule of appearances:

Pete Hegseth @ 0830
David Bellavia @ 0833 (introduces Sen McCain) (NOTE: possible run for Congress by Sgt “Bell”
Sen McCain @ 0835
Sen Lieberman @ 0850
Sen Graham @ 0852
Sen Inhofe @ 0854
Sen Leadership remarks TBD @ 0856
Sen Bond @ 0858
Rep Marshall @ 0900
Rep Sam Johnson @ 0905
House Leadership remarks TBD @ 0907
Marcus Luttrell @ 0910
Steve Russell @ 0915
Press Palsy Ends @ 0920

We March On DC @ 1000

And A Newt One will have LIVE coverage for two hours beginning at 8.30 (8.00 I was wrong) AM on Blog Talk Radio, and people on the scene, so this is your link to Listen.

There is also a Gathering of Eagles Counter Protest planned for Charlotte this weekend. More later on when things firm up.

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Peace Thugs

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 7, 2008

Don’t fall for the lie that anti-American War Protesters are peaceful people. They are not, and will commit acts of violence to support their cause.

In an effort to expose these thugs for peace, a website has been launched, called (appropriately enough) Peace Thugs.

Like the example below:

John Meicht, Vietnam vet, Retired teacher and peace activist, who enjoys reading, history, travel, music and slapping female bloggers.

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Lefties Attack Catholics Attending Mass

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 24, 2008

My lefty readers (especially Gordon) claim their philosophy is a peaceful one. I know better.

CHICAGO — Six Iraq war protesters disrupted an Easter Mass on Sunday, shouting and squirting fake blood on themselves and parishioners in a packed auditorium.

Three men and three women startled the crowd during Cardinal Francis George’s homily, yelling “Even the Pope calls for peace” as they were removed from the Mass by security guards and ushers.


The protesters were all charged with felony criminal damage to property and two counts of simple battery for squirting the blood around the auditorium and onto worshipers’ clothes, authorities said. Chicago police identified the six arrested as Donte D. Smith, 18; Ephran Ramirez Jr., 22; Ryane Ziemba, 25; Mercedes Phinaih, 18; Regan Maher, 25; and Angela Haban, 20.

Source: Gateway Pundit

This follows a disturbing trend towards violence and domestic terrorist acts by the left as they attempt to relive their “glory days” of the 1960’s.

**update** Photo of the Hippie Slapper of Women.Here is the blog of the young girl he slapped. I understand that there is video of the incident, and will post it when I get it.

The 1960’s are gone, lefties. Patriots are now on the scene, and we have been building our communication networks, and we will not stand idly by while anti-Americans commit acts of terror, and vandalism against our great Republic.

Remember Berkeley?

Well, we are responding, and we will not yield the streets to the stalinist lefty tactics.

We will not yield our streets to a 5th column of the enemy:

These are from Saturday, March 22nd, at the USMC Officer Selection Office in Berkeley. There was a massive pro-troop rally. Eagles Up paid for the permit (code pink has one for free from the city council), but there were members from a variety of organizations including Move America Forward, and the Patriot Guard Riders. There were also regulars, like a group of Berkeley High School students who come by regularly to support the troops, and local folks active on conservative forums like Free Republic.

Source: This Ain’t Hell

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Moonbat Convergence Spotted in DC

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 20, 2008

Moonbats flocked to DC, and This Ain’t Hell was there to record the traitors in action:

Another day, another protest. Today is ANSWER’s “Day of Action”. Since the Iraq War started five years ago today, all of the organizations that have sprung up to cash in on the war decided to have an eight-ring circus in downtown Washington DC, because as one IVAW member told me, the war is about money – apparently for the moonbats, too. My coverage was abruptly ended when I was ID’d as “one of those Milblog guys at Winter Soldier”, so excuse me for not getting all I should have.

I was there bright and early for the festivities. It must’ve been a little too early because the Code Pink gals were looking especially raggedy…

Source: This Ain’t Hell

I couldn’t resist swiping one of his videos to post here. It is a short snippet of moonbats parading past a post manned by patriots:

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Posted by Thunder Pig on March 17, 2008

[Note: This post will remain on top until after show time begins.]

Date / Time: 3/17/2008 7:00 PM

Category: Politics Conservative

Call-in Number: (646) 652-2670

Chris Hill, National Director of Operations for the Gathering of Eagles, will speak about the march that changed history.


The Gathering of Eagles on March 17, 2007 marked a turning point in domestic politics. That is the day veterans, family members, conservatives and patriots stood up and said:

“Enough! We will not take this anymore. Anytime you have a public march, we will be there. We will protect the monuments to our national heroes from vandalism. We will be there to remind you that your days of unfettered media access are over!”

Now that the anti-American war protesters have taken to committing acts of terrorism against military recruiters…we will oppose that, too.

Calling All Patriots to Listen to A Newt One tonight.

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