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Hour Long Video Of Mexican Consulate Protest In Hendersonville, NC

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 29, 2008

Citizens in western North Carolina came together yesterday and protested the Mexican Consulate issuing Identification to 400 or so Mexicans yesterday in Hendersonville, North Carolina:

Among the groups participating were The Action Club, ALIPAC, NC Listen, and congressional candidate Carl Mumpower. The videographer was Richard Bernier who has a public access show called Sound Off Buncombe on URTV. The show airs on Charter Cable channel 20 in Buncombe and Madison counties.

**update** I forgot to add Paul Purdue to the list. He is a candidate for NC House District #115.


WNC Citizens Protest Mexican Consulate in Hendersonville

3 Responses to “Hour Long Video Of Mexican Consulate Protest In Hendersonville, NC”

  1. Anonymous said

    Wow! That guy at the end was more informed than the protestors. Getting a matricula card does not equate to being illegal. If someone loses their documents, and they need them before their visa expires, they need to go to the Consulate of their country of origin to apply for whatever they need. It does not mean that person is illegal. Even if they overstay their visa, they have a certain time frame to work with to adjust their status. There’s several reasons for someone to go to a consulate that these “concerned citizens” need to inform themselves on, because not everyone going is illegal. Besides, the Mexican consulate is not immigration, and they have no right asking for the legal status of anyone. Their job is to help Mexican citizens get paperwork they can only get in Mexico without having to leave the country. These people are protesting the wrong agency if their concern is truly just about illegal immigration. They need to get informed before making fools of themselves like this. The best part of the video was that guy at the end telling them what they needed to hear, and that is that they are wrong. But, Hey!, this is America and you’re free to voice your opinion, even if it means making a fool of yourself. 😀

  2. Anonymous said

    I hate to tell the brainiac that previously posted, but one of our members called a high ranking, long time former law enforcement officer to verify the guys statements, and this former law enforcement officer said the guy was full of it. The former officer said being in the U.S. illegally was a “CRIMINAL” as well as civil offense.

    And the editor of the Spanish Newspaper, (who has no love for this country, or he would try to protect it) also admitted that there was a high probability of illegal aliens coming to the college to get their matricula cards. So just who is showing their ignorance?

  3. Anonymous said

    That would be you showing your ignorance. The US Consulate has hundreds of agencies overseas. In Mexico, it has 23. Is the US Consulate assisting illegal Americans? Ofcourse not! You need to do your homework so you can know what reasons a foreign national has to use a consulate. While it may be true that some of the people may not have legal status, it is not the Mexican consulates job to do INS work. The people going may be undocumented, but need the paper work because they are in the process of adjusting status. Mexican’s are not the only ones that need the Mexican consulate. Anyone who wants to travel to Mexico can go the consulate and obtain a passport. If they are going to be doing business in Mexico, they can go the Mexican consulate to file the proper paper work. If they need to pay taxes in Mexico, they can do so through the Mexican consulate. If they are going to file for divorce or child support from someone who is living Mexico, they go to the Mexican consulate. If they are going to purchase or export guns, they need to go to the Mexican consulate. There’s a whirlwind of reasons to use the Mexican consulate, not just for the Matricula card. As far as that ex law enforcement officer, he needs to get his facts straights. Being illegally in the country is not a crime, but a misdemeanor in many cases. A person can be undocumented because they are in the process of adjusting status. A student who’s student visa has expired has a number of days to renew that visa. During that time, he is committing a misdemeanor if his extended period has terminated. I don’t have the time to explain all the reasons why your logic is wrong, but I can say you need to inform yourself better.

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