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Macroeconomic Implications of Large Scale Ethanol Production in the U.S.

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 31, 2007

The following is from Survivablog:

Hi Jim
I have run across some information that I thought might be of interest. I am in the food business and come in contact with a lot of people in the food industry.

One of my associates is in the frozen fruit and vegetable business. He has been telling me the effect that W’s ethanol incentives are having on the agriculture industry and it is quite alarming. I have not
researched this, so don’t have facts and figures to back it up, so take it for what it is worth.

This situation seems to have mysteriously stayed out of the mainstream media and the only thing that I have seen about this is that tortilla prices in Mexico have risen drastically because so much
corn is being grown to produce ethanol and the Mexican guvmint is trying to use price controls on corn.

There is a lot more to it than that. Apparently, the guvmint has made it so attractive to grow corn and soybeans for ethanol that a lot of farmers are switching out of other crops in order to grow corn
and soybeans. There are a couple of reasons for this. You get a guaranteed price. I have never been a farmer, but I know enough to know that that is unusual for a commodity. The farmers also get more money for the corn and soybeans going to ethanol production than they would selling it for feed. Corn and soybeans are not only used to feed cattle but also pigs, chickens and turkeys. This means
that cattle ranchers, turkey farmers, pig farmers and chicken farmers are having to pay more for feed.

The other attractive thing about this for farmers is that if you are growing corn, it doesn’t matter what the quality is, if it has some type of fungus or blight or has turned brown. They pay the same money
for all of it.

The effect that this is going to have on the food business is very far-reaching. A lot of farmers are now switching over to corn and soybeans. Case in point is peas. Peas for canning and freezing were very short last year and are expected to be short again this year. The reason? Fewer and fewer farmers are growing peas because they can make more money growing corn and soybeans. Remember,
farming is no longer like the painting, “American Gothic”. It is agribusiness run by the likes of Cargill, ADM, etc. They go where the money is.



Seems to me that Liberals do not understand economics, and insist that reality be changed to suit their beliefs. They believe in a Command Economy, and in Government Power, despite the obvious failures of every great socialist experiment.

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The Iranian Hostage Crisis–The UK Edition

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 31, 2007

This is my Amicus Curiae, filed on behalf of the Britons:

Should the UK talk to the Iranians?

I think they should not, and here is why:

Talking to thugs only increases their power, and feeds their need to feel powerful. The proper way to deal with a thug is to let him know in no uncertain terms that they are not dealing with an appeasing coward who will try to talk his way out of a situation initiated by the thug…usually with violence, or the threat of violence.

Identifying the thug is the key first step. The thug should be notified that he is a thug, and will be treated as such.

Historical Examples of Dealing With Thugs:

Number One—Neville Chamberlein visits “Herr Hitler.”

Number Two—Jimmy Carter Hides in the White House for 444 days.

Number Three—Ronald Reagan Identified the Soviet Union as an “Evil Empire.”

I think we are familiar with the results of these choices, and the steps needed to take these thugs out. The Brits have stood by us when we needed them, and I think we should stand shoulder to shoulder with them at this time, even to the point of “loaning” them the strategic and tactical use of two carrier fleets stationed appropriately.

After this affair is over, those nitwits responsible for telling the sailors to stand down should be fired.

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Mayor Bellamy to give the State of the City Address

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 30, 2007


March 29, 2007

City of Asheville
Office of the Mayor

Contact: Lauren Bradley
Day: (828) 259-5484


Mayor Terry M. Bellamy will deliver her annual State of the City
address on Tuesday, April 3 at 5 p.m. in the Council Chamber on the second
floor of City Hall. The address is open to public and will be televised
live on the Asheville Channel, Charter Cable channel 11.

The mayor¢s address will focus on public safety, growth and improving
the quality of life for Asheville families. It is expected she will
cover highlights and accomplishments from that last year as well as key
issues on the city¢s agenda moving forward.

Seating is limited in the Council Chamber and will be filled on a first
come, first served basis. The address will be televised in City
Hall¢s First Floor North Conference Room where overflow seating will be


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Democrats Refuse to Support British Hostages!!

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 30, 2007

Speaker Pelosi is becoming a perfect foil for a conservative nominee, should one emerge from the GOP Primaries. [I have my doubts this will happen]

From Gateway Pundit:

A resolution has been proposed in the House of Representatives that condemns Iran for the seizure of British sailors and marines, expresses support for our British allies. It’s hard to see anything controversial in that. But apparently, the resolution has languished all week while Pelosi refuses to allow it to come to the floor.

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Bias Anyone?

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 29, 2007

FED Agency that Tracked PORK Spending During GOP Reign, Has Discontinued the Practice Since Democrats Took Power.

Now, isn’t that CONVENIENT?

Hendersonville Post

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NRCC Launches New Website

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 29, 2007

Today, a new website was launched that will focus on 11 freshman Democrats. One of them is Heath Shuler. From the website:

Shuler voted for the Pelosi-Murtha “slow bleed” scheme to choke-off funding for American troops in harm’s way. (House Roll Call 186)

By voting yes, Shuler voted for a date-certain for retreat and defeat in Iraq and voted to hamstring the mission by allowing Congress to micromanage the war.

Ignoring widespread criticism from the American Legion and major news publications from across the country, he made it clear that he believes politicians in Washington can better execute the military’s mission than the commanders on the ground.

The bill he supported had been labeled “something of a trick” and an “unruly mess: bad policy, bad precedent, and bad politics” by news publications typically allied with the House Democrat agenda.

Dang, the NRCC stole a march on me, as I have been working on a similar website devoted to just Heath. Now, I’ll have to scrap that whole thing.
Cross-Posted at WNC Citizens Blog


Ahem, I forgot to link to the website.

Main Page

Heath’s Page

It’s a good thing I sent it out on my newsletter list, or I would have had a hard time finding it again. Google certainly wasn’t cooperative.

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Saddam, Al Qaeda, the CIA and the Lies of the American Elite

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 28, 2007

By Sean Osborne,

Associate Director, Military Affairs

Article introduction: The American public has been and continues to be lied to about Iraq and the Iraqi war, but not in the way most Americans – and the world – believe. The lies originate by the American power elite from both sides of the political spectrums and are perpetuated by the ambiguous pundits whose commentary we are constantly spoon-fed by the main stream media. The very heart of the lie is that Islamic terrorism like we saw on 9/11, the bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993, and yes, even the 1995 Murrah Building bombing in Oklahoma City, OK were merely acts of loose knit Islamic terrorists without state sponsorship. Wrapped within this lie is the role of Iraq, the nation we attacked in part, because of their weapons of mass destruction. We are told that we’ve been lied to by former “experts” from the CIA, the FBI and other U.S. government offices- the same government experts on whose watch these incidents took place while they did absolutely nothing to protect American interests. —Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

Northeast Intelligence Network

I honestly feel that the Legacy Media so hate the President, they would allow another devastating attack to happen on our soil if they thought they could use it against him and his administration. Of course, the ad hominem attack is best when the argument is weak.

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FBI Agent German blows whistle on White Supremacist Islamist Meeting in U.S.

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 28, 2007

by Jerry Gordon

I watched the Senate Judiciary FBI oversight hearings, today live and on-line from Washington, DC. FBI director Mueller was being grilled about the alleged misuse, some say abuse, of the National Security Letters authorized by the Patriot Act to conduct domestic counter-terrorism activities. There were also questions regarding the FBI position relative to the 8 U.S. attorneys fired by embattled Attorney General Gonzalez.

In the midst of this was a jarring statement read by Iowa Republican Charles Grassley about an FBI Agent ‘whistle blower” German, by name and a cover up by superiors in the FBI about a meeting between a White Supremacist and an Islamist. Below is an excerpt of the Statement of Senator Grassley about the matter. All FBI director Mueller could say in response to questions by Grassley following this statement was : ‘I’ll get back to you on that.” Grassley had a transcript in his hand of the alleged conversation between these two antisemites and implored Mueller to find out why it was kept in someone’s drawer for ‘months’ until an Inspector General investigation unearthed it. FBI Agent German was trashed by FBI spokespersons as being “unreliable”.


News & Observer


Part of my Personal Mission in Life is to foil white supremacists where ever, and when ever, I can. I can affirm from past infiltration activities that white supremacists often see Islamists as a useful option for achieving their goals in the United States, so I don’t doubt the report. Reporting such activity to the Feds is often a dead end, and other action usually has to be taken to thwart such activity.

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These Blue Dogs Won’t Hunt

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 27, 2007

–Bumped to the Top–
The Pelosi effect on “conservative” Democrats.
by Sonny Bunch
04/02/2007, Volume 012, Issue 28

Running for Congress last fall in North Carolina, Heath Shuler staked out ground as a conservative Democrat. In a district held comfortably by Republican Charles Taylor since 1990, the former all-American quarterback distanced himself from Democratic House leader Nancy Pelosi. The day after defeating a scandal-dogged Taylor by 8 points in a district George W. Bush had carried by 14, Shuler feigned uncertainty as to whether he would support Pelosi’s candidacy for speaker. “I want to see which other member decides to run against Pelosi,” Shuler said, knowing full well she was the only legitimate candidate in the Democratic caucus.

Shuler ran as a pro-life, pro-gun moderate. He was one of the few insurgent Democrats who didn’t believe in the immediate withdrawal from Iraq urged by John Murtha, and one of only two to use the word “win” on his campaign website with regard to Iraq. “We cannot leave a political vacuum in Iraq and threaten to further destabilize the entire region,” he wrote. “We must win this war.” He portrayed himself as a pro-business moderate, and, after arriving on Capitol Hill, joined the Blue Dog Coalition, a caucus of fiscally conservative Democrats. “As a small business owner I have a deep appreciation for the issues facing these companies,” Shuler said, promising to “work closely with small business owners to ensure the tools and resources they need to compete, expand, and create jobs are available.”

That was then. Since he joined the House, Shuler’s votes have become indistinguishable from his liberal colleagues’. He
voted to oppose the president’s plan to surge troops into Baghdad and for the supplemental setting benchmarks for the Iraqi government and a timetable for withdrawal. He cosponsored the recent “card-check” legislation backed by big labor and Nancy Pelosi’s most senior adviser, a liberal bull from California by the name of George Miller. He also voted for the Pelosi-backed plan to dismantle the president’s prescription drug benefit for Medicare, a benefit that has dramatically increased the number of seniors covered and enjoys an approval rating hovering around 80 percent. And Shuler left small businesses out to dry when he supported an increase in the minimum wage without demanding an offsetting tax reduction.

Weekly Standard

Read the rest of the article. The only thing I will add is that in January and February, Congressman Shuler voted against the Democrat Majority only one time, and that was over Stem Cells. I won’t tally the March numbers until the 31st of March, then I’ll give a first quarter report on our new Congress Critter.

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Video—To Our Americans Serving in Iraq

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 27, 2007

Hat Tip: Pat in NC

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