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Gulahiyi Covers Theories of the Judaculla Rock

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 5, 2008

One of my favorite bloggers has written about a local archaeological object, Judaculla Rock, which is located in Jackson County, North Carolina. He covers many of the theories about the origin of the odd carvings on the soapstone rock.

Go read it.

Like many locals, I have not been to Judaculla Rock. Maybe I’ll drop by soon, and do a photo essay on the rock, and record some video. I wish someone in our family had recorded my Cherokee great grandmother telling stories about Judaculla and other Cherokee legends. I can only remember her telling about Judaculla and the Little People, because they scared me pretty good. Maybe that is one reason I’ve never been, perhaps somewhere inside me is little child, fearing the striding giant.

Here are my bookmarked sites on Judaculla (It has been on my to do list for a while now) for you to explore:

National Forests in North Carolina

UNC Chapel Hill RLA Course Section

Juanitta Baldwin
(I have her wonderful book, Smoky Mountain Mysteries)

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(VIDEO) Tallent’s Produce, Franklin, NC

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 11, 2008

I found this video while searching through videos of local places, it is of a produce market in Franklin, NC. Below is a link to the Google Map if you want driving directions. Sorry, they have no website.

Talent’s Produce

Ain’t technology grand?

I just never would have figured someone would think it an out of the ordinary place.

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Across The Mountains 2007 Edition

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 30, 2007

A local newspaper, the Sylva Herald and Ruralite, has published an excellent glossy magazine, Across The Mountains, dedicated to the attractions of Jackson County, North Carolina.

If you are not close enough to drive and pickup a copy, you may download a pdf version of this year’s and last year’s editions. I just got through reading my copy, and I highly recommend it for those who plan to visit the area.

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