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Al Gore: "Cigarettes Contribute To Global Warming"

Posted by Thunder Pig on September 30, 2006

Fri Sep 29 2006 09:04:05 ET

Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore warned hundreds of U.N. diplomats and staff on Thursday evening about the perils of climate change, claiming: Cigarette smoking is a “significant contributor to global warming!”

Gore, who was introduced by Secretary-General Kofi Annan, said the world faces a “full-scale climate emergency that threatens the future of civilization on earth.”

Gore showed computer-generated projections of ocean water rushing in to submerge the San Francisco Bay Area, New York City, parts of China, India and other nations, should ice shelves in Antarctica or Greenland melt and slip into the sea.

“The planet itself will do nicely, thank you very much what is at risk is human civilization,” Gore said. After a series of Q& A with the audience, which had little to do with global warming and more about his political future, Annan bid “adios” to Gore.

Then, Gore had his staff opened a stack of cardboard boxes to begin selling his new book, “An Inconvenient Truth, The Planetary Emergency of Global Warming and What We Can Do About It,” $19.95, to the U.N. diplomats.


Check with Drudge to see what more develops. I first heard it on Rush Limbaugh yesterday at lunch, and thought it was a parody at first. You know it’s getting bad when the antics of the far left reach a level where actual events sound like a parody.
But seriously? Cigarettes? Oh come on !!! Flatulent livestock was questionable, but cigarettes?!? ROTFLMAO

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Democrats on Dumpsters

Posted by Thunder Pig on September 29, 2006

On The Unintended Humor Index, this has got to be a 7 or an 8.
Note the candidates on the dumpster, Phil Haire, Heath Shuler, John Snow, and Erskine Bowles. erskine Bowles? What’s he running for?

Click here to see the photo I am unwilling to scale-down.

That is the Democratic Party Headquarters for Jackson County in the background.
I know this messed up my layout, so I’ll take down the picture tonight, and leave a link in its place.

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Ann Coulter On Clinton Meltdown

Posted by Thunder Pig on September 29, 2006

Clinton shouted so many lies during his televised meltdown, only the World Wide Web can capture them all. These are just a few.

Clinton yelled at Wallace: “What did I do? What did I do? I worked hard to try to kill him. I authorized a finding for the CIA to kill him. We contracted with people to kill him. I got closer to killing him than anybody has gotten since.”

This is so crazy it’s worthy of an Air America caller. Clinton has consistently misrepresented the presidential directive about political assassinations. Clinton did not order bin Laden assassinated. He did not even lift the ban on intelligence agencies attempting to assassinate bin Laden.

What he did was lift the ban on political assassinations — provided that assassinating bin Laden was not the purpose of the mission. So if U.S. forces were engaged in an operation to capture bin Laden, but accidentally killed him, they would not be court-martialed.

Clinton said, “All the right-wingers who now say I didn’t do enough said I did too much — same people.” As proof, he cites his humiliating withdrawal from Somalia, claiming, “They were all trying to get me to withdraw from Somalia in 1993 the next day after we were involved in ‘Black Hawk down,’ and I refused to do it.”

He added, as if it mattered, “There is not a living soul in the world who thought that Osama bin Laden had anything to do with ‘Black Hawk down.'”

In fact, what Republicans objected to was Clinton’s transforming a U.N. mission in Somalia to prevent mass starvation into a much grander “nation-building” exercise — something the Democrats now hysterically support in Darfur and oppose in Iraq.

Democrats long to see American mothers weeping for their sons lost in a foreign war, but only if the mission serves absolutely no national security objectives of the United States. If we are building a democracy in a country while also making America safer — such as in Iraq — Democrats oppose it with every fiber of their being.

When Clinton’s “nation-building” in Somalia led to the brutal killing of 18 Americans, some of whose corpses were then dragged through the streets, Clinton did what the Democrats are currently demanding we do in Iraq: He cut and ran.

Republicans didn’t like that either, and it had nothing to do with whether it was al-Qaida we were running from. It could have been Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah, al-Dawa or the Viet Cong. We ran, and the terrorists noticed.

Osama bin Laden told “ABC News” in 1998 that America’s humiliating retreat from Somalia emboldened his jihadists: “The youth were surprised at the low morale of the American soldiers and realized more than before that the American soldier was a paper tiger and after a few blows ran in defeat.”

If this is the message that Clinton is hoping to telegraph to the American people, I hope the voters are listening.

Read the whole thing. One of the reasons Ann is hated so much, is that she makes her points with humor, which get under the skin of the target and festers.

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Thursday 9/28 Connect-The-Dots-Of-Jihad-Edition

Posted by Thunder Pig on September 28, 2006

Northeast Intelligence Network

Iraq : Baghdad ‘Green Zone’: WMD Strike Imminent?
Posted by Sean Osborne on 2006/9/27 10:57:11 ( )
-by Sean Osborne, Military Affairs Specialist

27 September 2006: According to an advisory I recieved this morning from retired AFOSI agent Paul ‘Dave’ Gaubatz:

“Iraqi citizens have reported our U.S. Troops & Coalition Forces will be the intended target of a major chemical/biological attack in the “Green Zone” 10 – 14 days from the November, 2006 U.S. Elections.”

With the US election occuring on November 7, the stated ‘window’ of this of this WMD strike coincides precisely with the day following the end of Ramadan 2006 (24 October 2006) and the four subsequent days thereafter (25-28 October 2006).

Dave also stated… the rest.

Sheik Abu Saqer, leader of Gaza’s Jihadia Salafiya Islamic outreach movement, which seeks to make secular Muslims more religious, called the pope a “puppet” for “that Crusader George Bush.”

The Gaza imam said the only Christian-Muslim dialogue that is acceptable is one in which “all religions agree to convert to Islam.”

“The call for so-called dialogue by this little racist pope is a Trojan horse with the main goal of reaching a new system in which the ideals [of Christianity] are a new ideology that will rule relations between nations and people. The dialogue he wants is dangerous,” said Abu Saqer, speaking to WND from the southern Gaza city of Khan Yunis.

“The pope is the spiritual and religious wing of the Crusader ideology,” Abu Saqer said. “He is totally coordinated with Bush.

Read the rest.

Ahhh, the great and powerful Bush! You know, for an idiot and a moron, he sure is beating the Dhimmicrats and Terrorcrats awfully badly.

Ramadan 2006. Burn, Rinse, Repeat.
by Dymphna

Well, it’s time for the month of Ramadan. A long period in Islam where one fasts, prays, and sets fire to things. Stones are saved for throwing at human beings alighting from trains.

Paul Belien is reporting on the lack of reporting by the mainstream press. Both events — the riots and the gaze avoidance by the elites of the criminal behavior of their immigrants — are a recipe for the perfect storm of dhimmitude in Europe. And, of course, what better place to start Ramadan in the EU than in its capitol, Brussels? How fitting is that?

Read more about the under-reported rioting in in Europe.
One last thing…a jihadi strategist…

SURI: nizam, la Tanzim (system, not organization)
Here’s a quick critique of jihadi strategist Abu Musab al-Suri’s “The Call of Global Islamic Resistance” (widely circulated in Arabic, but there is not an english language translation available on the Web for me to link to). A good starting point for exploring this work is Andrew Black’s (writing for Jamestown) comparison of al-Suri’s work with that of William Lind in The Changing Face of War: Into the Fourth Generation. Andrew claims that al-Suri’s work provides organizational improvements in fourth generation warfare (which are akin to what I am working on here on global guerrillas).

I disagree. Here’s why. Al-Suri’s slogan for his treatise — “system, not organization” — encapsulates his desire for extreme decentralized at the expense of organizational hierarchy. The objective of this desired decentralization is, obviously, to imbue the Salafi-jihad with vast improvements in survivability and innovation. While the objective is correct, al-Suri’s call for decentralization doesn’t work in practice within real-world conflicts and organizational structures.

Read the rest
Okay, another last thing….(which was actually the first thing I saw)
The only other place I could find the rioting in Europe was at Al Fin‘s. He provides a link to the Brussels Journal.

27 September 2006
Tis Ramadan, and the Non-Natives are Restless . . . .
For the third night in a row, Ramadan rioting has been the favoured activity of muslim immigrants in the capital of Europe, Brussels. The youths can apparently not imagine a more appropriate means of celebrating the holy month of Ramadan.

What do I think of all this? Still processing…

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Niational Intelligence Estimate Declassified

Posted by Thunder Pig on September 27, 2006

Just as in The Revolutionary War, there are traitors within our borders who oppose us at every turn, and should suffer the same fate as Benedict Arnold. I doubt they would approach the gallows with the same dignity, as they would have to be dragged.

NIE Key Judgements

New York Sun. Printer-Friendly

The usual suspects, The Washington Post, and The New York Times printed the then classified information contained with the National Intelligence Estimate. Gimme five minutes alone with these guys, and they would never print classified information again… these panzies would hang up the phone on anyone offering to provide classified info. How? Trade Secret.

After reading the declassified portions, I don’t see anything I didn’t already know or have surmised, but then I probably spend 20 to 30 hours a week reading News and Analysis on World War IV, and, of course, the MilBlogs. I will quote a short section to illustrate:

Four underlying factors are fueling the spread of the jihadist movement:
(1) Entrenched grievances, such as corruption, injustice, and fear of Western domination, leding to anger, humiliation, and a sense of powerlessness;

(2) the Iraq “jihad”;

(3) the slow pace of real and sustained economic, social, and political reforms in many Muslim majority nations; and

(4) pervasive anti-US sentiment among most Muslims

—all of which jihadists exploit.

When you go to the polls in November, remember that the Democrats refuse to face the World War we are in, and would cut and run on these b$#@tards, forcing us to play a very Dark Hand on the homefront.

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Posted by Thunder Pig on September 26, 2006

Pius Attacked for Not Confronting Evil,
Benedict Attacked for Confronting Evil

By Dennis Prager

Among the most heated debates of the last 40 years has been the debate over Pope Pius XII and the Holocaust. What did he do when the greatest evil of his day engulfed Christian Europe? Was he “Hitler’s Pope,” as the name of a widely read book about him charged? Was he too reticent in speaking out against Nazism and the Nazi extermination of Europe’s Jews? Was he perhaps even a Nazi sympathizer? Or was he in fact a great friend of Europe’s Jews who did whatever he could to save tens of thousands of Jews, especially in Italy, opening up the doors of Church institutions to hide Jews?

It is not my aim here to offer an answer to that debate. But the attacks on Pope Benedict XVI may help shed new light on some of the motives for the attacks on Pius XII. It is true that we have always known that most, if not all, of Pius’s critics were/are on the political/religious Left. But this no more discredited their critiques of Pius than the fact that the vast majority of Pius’s defenders were on the political/religious Right discredited their defense.

But recently the critics have lost credibility. If the same people who attack Pope Pius XII for his silence regarding the greatest evil of his time are largely the same people who attack Pope Benedict XVI for confronting the greatest evil of his time, maybe it isn’t a pope’s confronting evil that concerns Pius’s critics, but simply defaming the Church.

Read the rest.

Well, I’m right of center, and I’ve always thought the actions of Hitler’s Pope were deplorable. I applaud the statements of this pope so far, and I am definately not Cathololic. Although, if Hitler’s Pope had been confronted by Stalin, and he’d responded the same, the Left would have lionized him. I’m just sayin’….

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East Bound And Down

Posted by Thunder Pig on September 26, 2006

Fan Video Tribute to Battlestar Galactica with Jerry Reed song.

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Motivational Posters

Posted by Thunder Pig on September 25, 2006

I created three motivational posters for your consideration. They do not translate well on the blog, so I put them on my PhotoBucket Album.




Make your own.

I hope you enjoy them, and will share your creations with me. Send them to thunderpigblog AT yahoo DOT com, and let me know in the comments if I can share them publicly, or link to where you have them stored on the internet.

Feel free to copy them to your own photo album or website, with the request you at least tell people who made ’em!

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Unhinged: Guilty Dog Barking Edition

Posted by Thunder Pig on September 25, 2006

Yip! Yip! Yip!

This man can never be allowed anywhere near the White House, even as a House Husband, as he was the first time around!

Seriously though, I expected him to scream, “Kaaaahhnnnn!!!!!!”

MOnday Morning Update

This is too good not to share. Jim Quinn just said that Clinton’s Legacy was a hole in the ground in lower Manhattan. Ouch!!!

I think Clinton revealed many logical fallacies the far left uses, more later..gotta go to work.

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Preparation For The Battle of Ezekiel

Posted by Thunder Pig on September 24, 2006

Or, Putin Calls Russia Defender of Islamic World

The Baron has a link to an article you should read.

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