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Democratic Party Bans Southern Fried Foods From Convention

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 29, 2008

As part of the effort to make the August 25-28 convention the greenest ever, the Democrats’ guidelines for food catering include one that strikes at the heart of Southern cuisine: no fried food.

No fried chicken. No fried catfish. No fried green tomatoes. No fried okra. No fried anything.

In promoting healthy eating habits, the Democratic guidelines say every meal should be nutritious and include “at least three of the following colors: red, green, yellow, purple/blue and white.”

“It’s the new patriotism,” says Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper, the driving force behind the greening of the Democratic convention.

Source: Denver Post
Hat Tip: Jonah Goldberg

You know, I’m betting someone could make a lot of money by smuggling fried chicken into that convention…unless the Dems flip-flop on this issue, too.

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The Return of Political Pistachio

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 24, 2008

My internet service was down last night (Thank You, Verizon DSL), so I couldn’t embed or listen to Doug’s return to radio last night, so I’ll post the podcast today instead.

Yesterday, I found out why Doug hadn’t been on the air. The brief recap is that he had reason to believe that his family would be in danger if he kept on broadcasting and blogging, so he stopped.

Last night, he returned to the airwaves (or intertubes) in his regular slot as Monday night co-host on The Andrea Shea King Show:

You can read his post about the situation.

And I couldn’t resist adding Josh Allem’s Return as well:

Here are blogs for more info:

Doug blogs at:
Political Pistachio

Andrea Shea King blogs at:
Radio Patriot

This is just another example of Quinn’s First Law in action:

Liberalism always generates the exact opposite of its stated intent.

The lefties that targeted Doug and his family had no idea that they would stiffen Doug’s resolve, or that other people come forth to stand with Doug. I know that I would have been unlikely to start a series of posts on The Homosexual Agenda, or why Gay Marriage is not a good thing.

I am also going to have to find a better way of promoting these Blog Talk Radio Shows, because if I embedded the shows i liked…this blog would be featuring 5 or 6 shows a day. Perhaps I can start an …on BTR Today post that has all the BTR Shows for the day that I like to download and listen to later. My primary source for these shows is my RSS Reader, so I listen to them a day od so, or more, after they have aired. Especially the night shows. My internet connection isn’t the greatest, and I am usually in bed by 8pm every night unless something is going on in the sky.

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Fighting Back Against Gay Marriage and The Homosexual Agenda

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 23, 2008

Peter Wolfgang, Director Public Policy on how Gay Marriage fits into the Homosexual Agenda.

The video that audio was taken from is worth watching, and many of the points raised in the Connecticut and Massachusetts discussion apply to the California case and nationally. The goal of getting same-sex marriages approved is the destruction of the traditional family unit, “In order to push same-sex marriage, you have to deny that children do best in a home with both a mother and a father”.

From the video description:

On this episode, Corinn talks with Peter Wolfgang, Director of Public Policy for the Family Institute of Connecticut, on this mission of the FIC and their current battle against same-sex marriage. Mentioned in the discussion is how the same-sex marriage agenda is fueling attacks on religious liberties in Boston, Minnesota, England, Canada, and Sweden.

Also included is how it is effecting what are children are being taught in school. “Children are not mere creatures of the state,” was the decision passed down in a famous 1920s Supreme Court case (Pierce vs. Society of Sisters), and yet Peter explains how in the Boston school system today, the Constitutional and parental rights are being subverted in the name of teaching our children sexual immorality. Such is always the case when “the State”deifies itself and vilifies Christ and His followers.


What brought this about was the news that an internet friend and family were threatened and had a window broken and had his property defaced with graffiti because of his stand on homosexual marriage.

Here was his last radio show (June 18th) on the subject:

And tonight at 9pm, he will appear on the Andrea Shea King Show. I plan on embedding that show here as well.

This fight we face on homosexual marriage is with the forces of evil, and with principalities and powers who oppose anything that is Christ-centered. Many of them seek to replace Christianity with a demonic faith called the New Age movement, and follow this link to see some of the ones in my neck of the woods.

These people should realize that they no longer have a free ride. We will push back, and we will not be silenced. If Doug is silenced, I will take his place. I am no where near as eloquent as he and his lovely wife…but I will answer the call, and get others to add their voices in opposition to this perversion of human sexuality.

More on the Homosexual Agenda from Coral Ridge Ministries:

In order to successfully oppose their agenda, we must know what it is before we begin to formulate our response.

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Another Liberal Newspaper Cuts Employees

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 8, 2008

The “team” responsible for tossing litter onto my lawn every so often grew smaller today. Seattle Times to Cut Approximately 200 Employees via The Stranger “Seattle’s Only Newspaper”

A memo just promulgated onto the web by the odious “Stranger” details the reasons for the mass sackings — 45 from the newsroom. [Full text after the jump] The money shot is right up on top with

Our circumstances are in line with the newspaper industry nationally, which continues to see steep declines particularly in areas of Classified ad revenue and also a slowing of online revenue growth.

Translation: 1) Craigslist bites deep in high-tech metro areas these days, so deep that large bleeding chunks of staff are now being torn from the news body. 2) Online revenue ain’t making it either since who wants to go to the website of a dead-tree product they don’t read in the first place? And even if they did, the money sites get from ads online just isn’t at all in the realm of what they get for print ads.

Online ad revenues, often touted by blathering publishers with “a vision”, never have and never will replace the revenue lost to the print edition.

Of course, the real elephant drooling in the room of newspapers like the Seattle Times these days is “the forgotten reader.” These are the potential readers who, because of the unremitting liberal tone and slant of the Times in both the news hole and on the editorial page, loathe the Times and the whole sector of Seattle society it represents.

Now you may say, in a town as overwhelmingly liberal as Seattle, “Screw those troglodyte, Republican morons!” Well, you can say that but then you will, sooner or later, fire 200 of your employees. And that will be only the start.

Why? Because in an “overwhelmingly liberal town” you are talking about, at most, around 55% of the potential readership that agrees with you. This means you are leaving about 45% of potential readership out of the equation altogether. King County has about 2 million people. That means that 45% of potential readership is not at all a trivial number, and yet the Seattle Times takes every opportunity to alienate them. Result: Mass sackings and many millions lost.

And yet the Seattle Times, as well as numerous other newspapers now dying in the US, never ever cops to its point of view as the reason why it is failing.

Source: American Digest


I think I last purchased an Asheville Citizen-Times about 6 months ago because I was increasingly fed up with the left-slanting news in it’s pages. Not just in the news it reported, but the news it failed to report. If 15 lefties had a meeting and were upset about something, you could could bet on the AC-T and WLOS to be there with breathless coverage. (I don’t watch WLOS either—too many syrupy puppy stories and lefty newscasting).

A conservative crowd of over a hundred couldn’t buy coverage the lefties were getting.

If the AC-T could be counted on to have a few news articles written from a conservative perspective, I’d pick it up more often. Also, if they had a real regional and state news section, it would be another incentive. And longer stories would be nice, too. It seems like they’ve decided to become a copy of the abominable USA Today. (Yes, I know Gannett now owns the paper).

My local papers, the Franklin Press and Macon News are basically the same way, and I rarely purchase the Press, but since the News is free, I pick it up nearly every week, whether I intend to read it or not. It’s main value is a very strong Community Calender. If people are meeting or a candidate for office is speaking, it will be there.

What the author of the article didn’t mention is that there is another reason papers or local TV don’t give coverage from a conservative viewpoint…the cries of protest from the intolerant lefties who cannot tolerate a whisper of conservatism from news outlets.

Remember the outcry when the New York Slimes hired William Kristol as a Op-Ed columnist? Look at this article in Think Progress and be sure to read the comments by your typical “multi-cultural” lefty. Not very tolerant of another’s opinion, eh? It appears that lefties want blacklists filled with conservatives.

That is a case of a hard left news outlet hiring a conservative to pen opinion pieces for them.

Ever hear of Fox News? Find your neighborhood lefty and ask them what they think about Fox News. Just be sure to be ready for a healthy helping of hate to be heaped out, pressed down, and heaped on again. Just imagine how they would react if a real conservative news network were to start broadcasting! (I call Fox RINO News)

So where does that leave us? If the papers continue to report lefty news…conservatives by and large won’t buy their paper, and lefties will continue to use Craig’s List, and the papers will continue their downward spiral.

If they throw conservatives a bone, the lefties start frothing at the mouth.

Where does that leave us? I don’t really know. I suspect that it will give citizen journalists a foot in the door and leverage to squeeze out the regional and perhaps even the local papers. Anyway, I do get a kick out of lefties attacking their own institutions, though. Keep the popcorn coming!

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Lefties Attack Catholics Attending Mass

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 24, 2008

My lefty readers (especially Gordon) claim their philosophy is a peaceful one. I know better.

CHICAGO — Six Iraq war protesters disrupted an Easter Mass on Sunday, shouting and squirting fake blood on themselves and parishioners in a packed auditorium.

Three men and three women startled the crowd during Cardinal Francis George’s homily, yelling “Even the Pope calls for peace” as they were removed from the Mass by security guards and ushers.


The protesters were all charged with felony criminal damage to property and two counts of simple battery for squirting the blood around the auditorium and onto worshipers’ clothes, authorities said. Chicago police identified the six arrested as Donte D. Smith, 18; Ephran Ramirez Jr., 22; Ryane Ziemba, 25; Mercedes Phinaih, 18; Regan Maher, 25; and Angela Haban, 20.

Source: Gateway Pundit

This follows a disturbing trend towards violence and domestic terrorist acts by the left as they attempt to relive their “glory days” of the 1960’s.

**update** Photo of the Hippie Slapper of Women.Here is the blog of the young girl he slapped. I understand that there is video of the incident, and will post it when I get it.

The 1960’s are gone, lefties. Patriots are now on the scene, and we have been building our communication networks, and we will not stand idly by while anti-Americans commit acts of terror, and vandalism against our great Republic.

Remember Berkeley?

Well, we are responding, and we will not yield the streets to the stalinist lefty tactics.

We will not yield our streets to a 5th column of the enemy:

These are from Saturday, March 22nd, at the USMC Officer Selection Office in Berkeley. There was a massive pro-troop rally. Eagles Up paid for the permit (code pink has one for free from the city council), but there were members from a variety of organizations including Move America Forward, and the Patriot Guard Riders. There were also regulars, like a group of Berkeley High School students who come by regularly to support the troops, and local folks active on conservative forums like Free Republic.

Source: This Ain’t Hell

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Lefties Go Nuts At Karl Rove Speech

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 11, 2008

What is now commonplace and expected at American universities happened again on Sunday. Intolerant Leftist protesters ambushed conservative Karl Rove during his speech at the University of Iowa.
They also attacked an 84 year-old veteran who came to listen to Rove speak.
The University of Iowa Daily Iowan reported.

Source: Gateway Pundit

IOWA CITY — The United States must treat its opponents and potential enemies with seriousness before any attacks against the country can take place, political strategist Karl Rove said tonight at the University of Iowa.

“I believe if there is a threat to the United State we cannot let it fully materialize — we have to use the tools that are available to us,” Rove said when asked if he recommends a policy of pre-emptive war.

Rove was met with vocal derision by many but received support from others in the crowd of about 1,200 at the Iowa Memorial Union. At times the boos and combative shouts from the audience were so loud that Rove’s comments couldn’t be heard, and audience cries of “liar!” punctuated many of his remarks. People were escorted out by security throughout.

Source: Gazette Online

**update** 03/11 This website has more on the Karl Rove visit.


The left is becoming more and more unhinged in our country. Now imagine if this were conservatives interrupting a progressive giving a speech. You won’t see it, because, by and large, conservatives behave themselves. Lefties do not. They do not tolerate opposing opinions.
Just listen to the video below and tell me there won’t be a civil war:

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ALE Raids Conservative Activist Engaged in Investigating Government Corruption

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 1, 2008

On Feb. 24, state Alcohol Law Enforcement agents carried out a raid on property maintained by business owner and conservative activist Chad Nesbitt, which ALE officials claim targeted illegal poker games that have been going at the site. No arrests were made — and the investigation continues.

“We’re still going through the documents and evidence we got,” ALE District Supervisor Allen Page told Xpress. “Once we do that, we’ll put a package together, sit down with [District Attorney] Ron Moore and decide where to go from there.”

Page also said that the ALE had conducted the raid in conjunction with the Buncombe County Sheriff’s Office, which keeps a record of such an occurrence if it involves deputies. However, Deputy J.E. Allen, who handles incident reports for the Sherriff’s office, had no record of the raid.

Nesbitt called the allegations “totally false” and said that the raid was “blatant intimidation,” in response to efforts to uncover alleged corruption in the Buncombe County District Attorney’s office. His grandfather, Jim Rhew, owns the property, but Nesbitt maintains a convenience store on it, along with the two-story building that was the site of his now defunct Legends sports bar.

Source: Mountain Xpress

I was at the Breakfast Meeting the day before the raid, and I can tell you if what I saw in the videos was even halfway true…there is very serious corruption ongoing in law enforcement, as well as in the courthouse in Buncombe County, and in State Law Enforcement.

I will have more on this in the morning.

For those who are counting…this is the second attempt to shut Chad up.

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2008 Primary Updates

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 7, 2008

I have updated my National page at West Carolina Report, and will start on the others when I get to the office this morning, I overslept, and didn’t get up until 4.30 this morning. Michael Reagan was on a roll last night, and I couldn’t stop listening.

To sum up the info over there, Hillary has written her campaign a $5 million check, the Democrat Party Elites prepare to broker the convention, and tell Joe Lieberman that he is no lobger a super delegate. (Can you say…the fix is in?)

And the Liberal and Moderate Republicans basically tell the Conservative Republicans to shut up.

McCain receives an endorsement from a pro-choice (pro-murder) Republican group, and Illegals march on the left coast for their right to have driver’s licenses…don’t believe me? I have the video over there.

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Britain Cracking Down On The Counterjihad?

Posted by Thunder Pig on January 23, 2008

DRACONIAN ACTION against counter-jihadist bloggers in Britainistan is probably imminent. One has to consider why there is limited or no publicity about Islamic gang-rapes, SJS incidents and other forms of ‘street jihad’ in the national MSM.

If publicity and the press is controlled, which it is, local people in areas which are regularly affected will tend not to realise that there are many similar incidents across the country.

They will feel that the one they do know about, the local incident, is unusual and and consequently, they will not make too much fuss.

They may also think that their feelings about all the Muslim problems and spin-offs affecting them are not shared by many others across the country. They therefore do not react particularly strongly.

Suddenly though, through the blogosphere, they are now realising that they are not unique in their opinions and that many others feel exactly as they do.

Source: Infidel Bloggers Alliance

On a related note, London has emerged as the biggest center of Islamic Finance in the west, so that might help you understand how enormous the problem has grown.

On one of the recent radio shows covering this, I suggested that American Tourists start paying attention to this problem, and reporting on it as well. Perhaps British citizens could start e-mailing details on these events to their friends in America, and we could start blogging about it ourselves if the Brits manage to shut them all down.

The Lefty-Islamist Alliance will almost always resort to seeking ways to shut people up. I hold that they must do this because they have no alternate message that can hold water against the truth.

The people in Britain are akin to a frog in a pot of warm water that is slowly being warmed up, heading toward the boiling point. The time to act is now, and now is the time to start squawking.

A recent event online has taught me that lesson well, and has radicalized me into quicker action, instead of the slow progress I have have been making on the path I envisioned in 2005.

They say that fortune favors the bold.
Well, I am about to be bold…

…the conservative revolution in western North Carolina is about to see some major moves…

…stay tuned…

**update** 12.28pm

1389 left these links in the comments where he has been blogging about censorship: Check them out!
Blog Censorship

Cartoon Censorship

Litigation Jihad

Censorship, in general

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Krazy Kos Kidz Attack Coverage of Romney Speech!

Posted by Thunder Pig on December 6, 2007

A Kos Kid has already posted, wondering if the coverage of the speech on TV was illegal. I kid you not:

I just turned on the TV and was flipping channels and CNN and MSNBC are carrying Mitt Romney’s speech LIVE.

Yes, they are carrying the speech, apparently in its entirety, LIVE.

Like it’s some kind of “Big Deal” to America. It’s not. It’s just some wanna-be politician trying to b.s. his way into office.

Can someone tell me how this is NOT breaking campaign finance law?

This is a FREE CAMPAIGN COMMERCIAL FOR ROMNEY. A DONATION. FROM MAJOR NEWS CORPORATIONS. TWO OF THEM! (heck, I didn’t even check Foks News, so it’s probably three!)

Imagine if Boeing gave Romney his own 767 to fly around in. THAT’S what this is equivalent to.

Aren’t they now obligated to let, say, Edwards give an entire speech, LIVE?

Or, maybe Obama?

Or, just to be fair, McCain?

See, this is how we should be able to bring these “news” networks down, by busting them on this kind of thing.

To carry a candidate’s speech, in its entirety, LIVE on their networks, is an extremely valuable in-kind donation to that candidate. Just think if he had to buy that airtime.

How much is this worth in dollars? It should be pretty easy to figure out.

Can’t we bust them on this?


Of course you can’t. Because it would NEVER HAPPEN.

Daily Kos [Current] [Snapshot]


I’m guessing this person is your standard issue progressive, who has no idea about what is news worthy…and would go through any mental contortion to shut up the opposition. I suggest you read the comments, as there are some of the Kos Kidz with some sense. I couldn’t resist highlighting this idiot, and preserving their “outrage,” which they express oh so well with ALL CAPS.

One last parting shot…notice how this parallels with the actions of the leader of the North Carolina Democrat Party, Jerry Meeks, to the Carolina Stomper video of Elaine Lite dancing with pagans in downtown Asheville…by trying to punish the messenger…not the message.

These people are morally bankrupt, and cannot compete with us in the marketplace of ideas.

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