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Vets For Freedom Press Conference LIVE 8.30 AM on Blog Talk Radio

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 8, 2008

**update** 11.43am The Event is over, and I have lifted a very short segment of the program for you to hear.

You can listen to the whole thing archived.

**update** 2.43pm This Ain’t Hell was there, and took photos and video of the event. I will steal one video to embed here, and you’ll have to go over there for the rest:

Vets For Freedom will have a Press Conference this morning, and here is the schedule of appearances:

Pete Hegseth @ 0830
David Bellavia @ 0833 (introduces Sen McCain) (NOTE: possible run for Congress by Sgt “Bell”
Sen McCain @ 0835
Sen Lieberman @ 0850
Sen Graham @ 0852
Sen Inhofe @ 0854
Sen Leadership remarks TBD @ 0856
Sen Bond @ 0858
Rep Marshall @ 0900
Rep Sam Johnson @ 0905
House Leadership remarks TBD @ 0907
Marcus Luttrell @ 0910
Steve Russell @ 0915
Press Palsy Ends @ 0920

We March On DC @ 1000

And A Newt One will have LIVE coverage for two hours beginning at 8.30 (8.00 I was wrong) AM on Blog Talk Radio, and people on the scene, so this is your link to Listen.

There is also a Gathering of Eagles Counter Protest planned for Charlotte this weekend. More later on when things firm up.


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