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NC Democrat Video Tying McCrory To President Bush

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 19, 2008

This is a move that is likely to win conservatives over to McCrory

I kid you not! Just watch it:

For those of us who have been concerned about GOP Candidate for Governor Pat McCrory being RINO, the North Carolina Democrat Party has decided to help us see McCrory in a more favorable light. This is one of those rare commercials that work just as effectively (perhaps more) in getting people to vote for the candidate the makers don’t want you to vote for!!!

Pat McCrory Campaign Website

Hat Tip: Betsy Muse at Blue NC for embedding the video at Blue NC.

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NCGOP Chair Linda Daves Addresses NC–11 District GOP Convention

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 27, 2008

**another update** I am not happy with you tube video quality, and have been testing check it out below.

**update** Monday Morning…Richard Bernier was able to secure an interview with NCGOP Chair Linda Daves. I have added that video at the end of this post.

**note**uploaded at 1.37pm. Give it a few minutes for youtube to process.
This lady is a fireball !!!

Help keep the ad on the air!!!

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Moore and Perdue Update

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 24, 2008

Cross-posted from WNC Citizens Blog:

Tweedledum and Tweedledee continue their battle in the NC Gubernatorial primary race…with Richard Moore’s campaign pointing out an endorsement that Beverly Perdue seems to be hiding. The National Rifle Association has endorsed Bev Perdue for North Carolina Governor. I would think that would anger more NRA members than it would gun-hating Democrats. That is one reason I have never joined the NRA…their consistent endorsements of Democrats in North Carolina. If they ever want a membership from me…they’ll have to quit that behavior.

Harvey Gantt has also endorsed Beverly Perdue. In his endorsement he noted “She is a great progressive leader with the proven ability we need in our next Governor. She has helped North Carolina’s working families both economically and socially, and I know Bev will be a great Governor.” Which brings me back to the NRA endorsing Democrats…especially progressive ones…why?

The latest figures I have are:

  1. 45% Bev Perdue
  2. 36% Richard Moore
  3. 04% Dennis Nielson

Source: PPP Blog

I think that Bev Perdue has this race locked up. She has been using her West Virginia Coal Mine money to build an empire in North Carolina…and if she can defeat the GOP candidate in the fall, she just might have her empire.


Moore and Perdue debate

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Fred Smith Rally in Beaufort

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 2, 2008

Fred Smith held a rally in Beaufort, and a member of the New Media was there to capture the action:

COUNTY NC NEWS — Yesterday on a dreary Monday evening, more than eighty citizens gathered at the Washington High School in the City of Washington, located in Beaufort County, North Carolina, to attend Senator Fred Smith’s campaign rally in support of his candidacy for Governor 2008. Lee Greenwood, a close friend and supporter of Smith, preformed flawlessly ending the evening event by singing, “God Bless America” with the entire audience. Greenwood is also the official spokesperson for Operation Never Forgotten (ONF), and travels extensively in Iraq and Kuwait entertaining and supporting our Troops deployed to Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Source: County NC News, where there are photos, video, and audio.

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John Armor, Fred Smith Win Macon County Straw Poll

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 29, 2008

Here are the results of the Macon County GOP Straw Poll, taken after the spirited discussion forum:

  1. 32 John Armor
  2. 19 Carl Mumpower
  3. 11 Spence Campbell

In the NC Gubernatorial Straw Poll , the results were:

  1. 34 Fred Smith
  2. 5 Bob Orr
  3. 3 Bill Graham
  4. 1 Pat McCrory

I will have video up later, so keep checking back.

The Congressional Debate was the most spirited yet.

John Armor Wins Macon Straw Poll

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Candidate for Governor Bill Graham Interview

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 29, 2008

Watch the interview at WNC Citizens Blog.

Note: Posting will be very light today. I will be at the Macon GOP Convention to film the event, interview people, and distribute DVD’s of Fitna for people to watch.

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Hendersonville Gubernatorial Debate Video Playlist

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 28, 2008

Here is my playlist of the debate on Wednesday.
The videos should advance automatically. If the player hangs up, click on the right arrow symbol on the player to advance, or the symbol on the left to go back to the previous video.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Richard Bernier for letting me borrow his laptop so I could videostream the debate to my blogs, and other websites who embedded the video player.

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"Sound Off Buncombe" Presents Fred Smith & Lee Greenwood in Hendersonville, NC

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 27, 2008

Our friend, and budding superstar of providing video coverage of local political events, Richard Bernier has provided another video event. Last night, he recorded Fred Smith and Lee Greenwood in Henderson County (17 min 30 sec):

Richard Bernier co-hosts “Sound Off Buncome” with Randy Thomas on URTV channel 20 in Asheville, NC.

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McCrory Wins Hendersonville GOP Straw Poll

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 27, 2008


(Flat Rock) Charlotte Mayor Pat McCory scored big in the Hendersonville Tribune / West Wins straw poll at Wednesday’s gubernatorial debate at Blue Ridge Community College. The poll measured those in attendance on their feelings before and after the debate. Roughly half of the crowd of about 250 participated. The results were:

Before the Debate
Fred Smith 47 votes – 50%
Bob Orr 23 votes – 25%
Pat McCrory 12 votes – 13%
Bill Graham 11 votes – 12%
Elbie Powers No votes – 0%

After the Debate
Pat McCrory 54 votes 44%
Fred Smith 41 votes 33%
Bob Orr 18 votes 14%
Bill Graham 11 votes 9%
Elbie Powers No votes 0%

Some were undecided before the debate.
Some voted one way before the debate and another way after the debate.

West Wins Financial Director, Clifton Philbeck, said that Smith did
very well before the debate because, “He’s been out here a lot. People
know him. They are familiar with him.” He also said, “For some
people this is the first time they’ve heard (McCory) speak and he
connected well with them.”
The straw poll was conducted by West Wins Political Action and
Education Committee for the Hendersonville Tribune. West Wins is a Republican organization dedicated to bringing attention to the needs of Western North Carolina.
West Wins Executive Director Larry Ford noted,”These are very
interesting results. We really didn’t expect to see minds changed like they evidently were. The turnout, at 8:00 AM indicates that Western North Carolina is looking for somebody to represent us.”
In addition to heading West Wins, Ford is also Vice Chairman of the
Henderson County GOP and Vice President of the Henderson County Republican
Men’s Club, the two sponsoring organizations. The debate held at
Blue Ridge Community College, was sponsored by the Henderson County Republican Men’s Club and the Henderson County Republican Party. There was no attempt to determine if everyone was likely to vote in the Republican primary.

West Wins Website

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Road Trip to a Debate and a Rally

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 26, 2008

**update** 6.15pm I made it back home after several wrong turns. I am downloading the streamed coverage so I can edit that material into my own coverage, and I’ll start cranking them out in the morning, with a long version for google, and shorter versions for youtube and other video sharing sites. I will also prepare a few snippets from a Bill Graham Interview for the URTV program “Sound Off Buncombe” hosted by Richard Bernier, and a few snippets from the Fred Smith Rally at the Asheville Ballroom.

I’ll be covering the NC GOP debate in Hendersonville at 8 am this morning at WNC Citizens Blog, then I’ll be covering the Fred Smith Rally at the Asheville Ballroom around noon.

I hope to broadcast the first event live, and I’ll be recording the second event. Then, I’ll return home and hopefully have everything processed by 6 am tomorrow, if not before.

WNC Citizens Blog.
Or here:
I apologize for the frequent dropouts and hope I am still broadcasting. My screen here shows that I still am.

Let’s hope I don’t get pulled over for speeding…

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