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Nikwasi Celebration Slide Shows

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 19, 2008

Ever have a relative who bored you to tears with slides of their latest trip? I’m that relative…only with a blog…so you can watch them at your leisure.

Here are the best photos I took Saturday at the Nikwasi Celebration, divided into two parts:

I have the first part of the video program edited, and will edit more tonight with an anticipated release by midday tomorrow.

Ruminations has some historical background.


Dedication of Cherokee Heritage Trail Marker

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Primary Day Slide Show

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 6, 2008

I visited a few precincts in Jackson County today, and had a good time visiting with people, speaking with the poll workers, and was impressed with the enthusiasm of the Ron Paul sign wavers at the Cullowhee voting precinct. I spoke with Obama sign wavers, and even a couple of Hillary Supporters. No one was actively campaigning for McCain that I saw in my very unscientific visual poll.

Poll workers reported turnout was either even with past Presidential Primaries, or ahead…sometimes as much as 50% greater (or in the ball park), with most of the increase coming from early voting.

Here is a brief slide show of some of the images I took, and I may have video collection of people I gave a chance to campaign on video for their candidate sometime tomorrow:

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More photos of the Luminaries and Lights in Dillsboro

Posted by Thunder Pig on December 8, 2007

I hope no one noticed I misspelled “luminaries” last night. Ooops!

Anyhow, the luminaries is based on the Scandinavian custom of lighting the way for the Christ Child during the Christmas Season, and it has been part of the Dillsboro Christmas Season for over a decade now.

I took 337 photos and videos last night, and whittled down my photos to 82 that I wanted to share, and then found out that photobucket limits the number of photos in a slide show, so I will be putting them on You Tube sometime Monday morning after I get to the office.

So, for now, here is what I could get uploaded while I was at the library this afternoon:

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Animation: Two Years of Full Moons

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 3, 2007

I found this cool animation at Space Weather this morning.

Laurent Laveder of Bretagne, France took photos of every new moon for two years. The resulting movie shows the changing positional attitude of the moon from lunar month to lunar month.

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