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7th of 8 Haditha Marines Cleared of Charges Will Jack "War Crimes" Murtha Apologize?

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 17, 2008

Lt. Col. Jeffrey Chessani was found not guilty of all charges today, and Gateway Pundit notes that 7 of 8 have now been cleared…despite the assurances of Congressman Murtha that they were guilty.

You can ask Congressman Murtha’s office when an apology will be forthcoming at 202-225-2065. Be nice to the people in the office.

Jack Murtha on the US Marines at Haditha:

“…they killed innocent civilians in cold blood…”

Congressman, do the right thing and apologize. We know you couldn’t help it because you are a Moonbat Democrat, and as such hate America, and believe the worst about the brave young men and women who selflessly serve their nation.

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Moonbat Convergence Spotted in DC

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 20, 2008

Moonbats flocked to DC, and This Ain’t Hell was there to record the traitors in action:

Another day, another protest. Today is ANSWER’s “Day of Action”. Since the Iraq War started five years ago today, all of the organizations that have sprung up to cash in on the war decided to have an eight-ring circus in downtown Washington DC, because as one IVAW member told me, the war is about money – apparently for the moonbats, too. My coverage was abruptly ended when I was ID’d as “one of those Milblog guys at Winter Soldier”, so excuse me for not getting all I should have.

I was there bright and early for the festivities. It must’ve been a little too early because the Code Pink gals were looking especially raggedy…

Source: This Ain’t Hell

I couldn’t resist swiping one of his videos to post here. It is a short snippet of moonbats parading past a post manned by patriots:

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Anarchists Call for Direct Action Against War

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 17, 2008

I found this while perusing the lefty and anarchist website, Infoshop:

It is long since time to be blunt. The anti-war movement is a corpse, yet the majority is more and more against the war. This says something both about the effectiveness of actions which are allowed and the contempt for the value of the individual within the mass of organizations. But honestly, do we really expect means allowed by those who depend on war, create war, whose existence is war bubbling below the surface to allow an end to what their existence necessitates by means they favor? Only by means that value the individual, strong passionate connections and affinity can we pose an alternative worth creating for – worth destroying for.

Thus, we are calling on all of you to let loose your rage. We are calling on you to realize your fantasies and to make them live. On the anniversary of the war, the night of March 20th, meet with your loved ones and put plans into action. Let it be a night of decentralized direct action against war and empire. Let’s ensure that power feels our joy as wrath. Allow them not a moments rest.

Source: Infoshop News


So, if you work in, or near recruiting centers, military facilities, or just have Bush stickers or “Support The Troops” decals on your vehicles…keep an eye out, and your personal weapon ready to go.

The moonbats just can’t handle living in a Republic where the adults make the decisions. And they will only become more desperate as they realize they will not get what they want, and that we are in Iraq to stay, and will be going into other countries as needed. These punks need to grow up, get a job, or get fixed so their genetic material stays out of the gene pool. They might also consider joining the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement, and leave first.

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Progressives at San Jose State U Ban Blood Drives; Decry HIV Positive Donor Discrimination

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 5, 2008

Blood is a constant need for those with medical emergencies or chronic problems, and the only way to get blood to those who need it is for people to donate their blood.

However, in order to ensure the safety of those who receive blood, there are a number of restrictions on those whose donations are accepted. Conditions that make blood medically useless include Creutzfeld-Jakob Disease, leukemia, lymphoma, hepatitis, AIDS, infections, malaria, syphilis, gonorrhea, sickle cells, and tuberculosis. To give a person blood from someone who has one of these conditions could be life threatening, and so the FDA requires that organizations take a list of precautions to prevent such diseases from getting into the blood system.

Progressives at San Jose State University are banning blood drives anyway, though. They have decided that the anti-HIV precautions are unacceptable, and so would rather not give blood at all, in order to attempt to bully the FDA into compromising its scientifically-sound, safety-first blood donation protocols.

Source: Redstate


I have given blood since high school, both in regular blood drives, and for friends who were going into surgery who didn’t trust the blood supply.

And here is a bit of the insanity behind the blood drive ban by the idiot progressives at San Jose:

They’ve lobbied for years for officials to relax the restriction on blood donation to one year after the latest sexual activity, but to no avail.

Gay rights groups on several college campuses, including Stanford’s, have held protests on the issue in recent years. At San Jose State, it was an employee’s complaint last year that prompted Kassing’s office to investigate whether the rule made blood drives discriminatory.

They decided it did, since gay men were being treated differently than other groups of people with similar risk factors.

Source: Inside Bay Area


This is idiocy of the highest order! Being a progressive means that if you are standing on your head, everyone else is upside down, and reality must conform to your world view.

There are good reasons to discriminate against a person, and bad reasons to discriminate against a person.

Perhaps they (the idiot progressives) are not aware of some of the definitions of discriminate:

  • recognize or perceive the difference
  • marked by the ability to see or make fine distinctions; “discriminate judgments”; “discriminate people”
  • treat differently on the basis of sex or race
  • distinguish; “I could not discriminate the different tastes in this complicated dish”
  • noting distinctions with nicety; “a discriminating interior designer”; “a nice sense of color”; “a nice point in the argument”

Please note that there is only one bad definition, and several good definitions…and keeping a group of people who engage, or have engaged, in risky behavior from contributing to the blood supply is a good type of discrimination.

I was prevented from donating blood for a period of one year after returning from Saudi Arabia…and I did not cry “foul” or accuse the Red Cross of discrimination. This was standard procedure, even though the most dangerous activity I had engaged in was providing security over watch for people distributing Bibles to the underground churches in that Islamic country.

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Ron Paul: Bought and Paid For By Anti-War Socialists at

Posted by Thunder Pig on December 20, 2007

While researching for my last post, I ran across an intriguing blog, Sword At The Ready, who has posted this today:

There is a reason I have been trumpeting the warnings about the supporters Ron Paul attracts. From anti-semetic NeoNazis at Stormfront and Secular Anarchists to Whorehouse moguls and rabid anti-war Leftists, the Mob Zombies of Ron Paul are growing in numbers and awash with cash, thanks in measure to the front groups, Code Pink, of International Socialist Powerbroker George Soros, who both covertly and openly – is helping to fund and aid the Ron Paul campaign.

Of course, the Mob Zombies say they welcome anyone wanting to join their throngs for ‘freedom’. What these dupes don’t understand is that they are being used as pawns for a larger play by the Democrat Left, who as I have stated before – WANT Ron Paul opposite their candidate for the General 2008 Election because getting the war OFF the table of discussion opens the door for the Left to scare the crap out of the Welfare Society they have created about the rest of Ron Paul’s agenda.

When a candidate – who says he stands for the Constitution and garners the aid and support of rabid Socialists hellbent on rewriting it into a newfound Soviet Manifesto – I am suspect and dubious of that kind of alliance, unwitting or not.

Ron Paul has already drawn a huge bunch of unpleasant freaks that think nothing of spamming forum boards and threatening violence and death on those who oppose their candidate. Even Radio Talk Show host Glenn Beck had death threats made against him by the Ron Paul Mob Zombies for his comments about their messiah not long ago.

Source: Sword At The Ready
Related: Free Republic


This is also another reason I believe the Legacy Media won’t look too closely at Ron Paul, for fear of exposing their use of his campaign as a Stalking Horse for their anti-American Agendas, and creating divisions in the GOP for their benefit next fall
. I have noted that some of the local Ron Paul Supporters are also White Supremacists [WNC4RonPaul], and have had to read their profanities and threats in response to some of my posts. I notice that Storm Fronties are supporters of Ron Paul.

I remember the storm (no pun intended) that resulted from these cretins supporting Tom Tancredo, which very likely crippled his campaign out the gate.
Notice the near lack of criticism from the same people on their support of Ron Paul.

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UF Student Andrew Myers Got What He Deserved

Posted by Thunder Pig on September 19, 2007

I don’t normally comment on pop poop culture. 99% of it is junk, something to be wiped off your shoe at the earliest opportunity.

The tasering of UF Student Andrew Myers is available on many online videos, and these two are the best I’ve seen:

This video was shot by Claire Jessup with Andrew’s own video camera, and has been edited to remove scenes of him resisting arrest.

Another video:

This guy also has described himself as:”a born heckler.”

Now, you have to know this about me: I am huge Marlins fan, and a born heckler. My purpose in life is to badger, jeer, and cajole professional athletes. I have angered two other All-Star baseball players, Bobby Abreu and Odalis Perez, on separate occasions. I have booed singers that mess up the national anthem. Heck, I’ll even heckle other hecklers if I don’t care for their stuff. What happened during this particular game was destined to be, the paths of Griffey and I on a collision course.

Andrew’s Bio

Andrew’s Website

Google Cache

Snapshot of Cache

The next video:

From the video description:

I couldnt get to my camera in time to record his entrance, but this guy basically comes running in with 4 or 5 cops in tow and says he has been running around trying to get in to ask a question and the cops are going to arrest him for it. they almost do it then but Sen. Kerry says he will answer it. he then answers a previous question someone else asked (i cut that part out because it isnt important to this video) then the guy asks his questions and when he is done all hell breaks lose. to the cop haters: i have no doubt the cops were going exactly by the book, the problem isnt them, its the book!

So, by this description, the guy has already been misbehaving, and has attracted the attention of the police. This guy is a trouble maker.

Anyhow, the youtuber fozzymandias has videos of the Andrew Myer protest, if you want to watch.
The videos of the protest reveal an ignorant attempt by UF Students to make something out of nothing, much like the Kuhn case in Asheville recently. At least there weren’t enough idiots in Asheville to stage a major demonstration…they just spent a lot of time whining to each other.

**Update** Another set of UF protest videos [Pt1] [Pt2] [Pt3]
from a different angle.

**Video Update**

A dose of Common Sense

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Eagles v Traitors in DC

Posted by Thunder Pig on September 15, 2007

This is the weekend culmination of the Surge in September, with Gathering of Eagles III: Operation Eagle Justice.

The Eagles are back in DC to protect our National Monuments from vandalizing traitors, and Michelle Malkin has been liveblogging the event.

Update 5:00pm Eastern. Well, they came, they spewed, they cursed. Several thousand Soros marchers descended on the Capitol yelling “Fuck Bush” and “Fuck you” at Gold Star Families. As Capitol Hill police arrested the “die-in” participants, young peaceniks shouted “What does a pig look like? The Capitol police” and “Oink! Oink! Oink.” Others shrieked about “Fascism!” and gleefully performed “Sieg Heil” salutes. We’ll have video from the midst of the moonbats. Across from Taft Park, some anti-American demonstrators waving a large, upside-down American flag and pulling a coffin with Army boots got in a scuffle with Eagles. We’ll have that video of that as well.

Read the whole thing.

CBS Coverage

And, always on top of the Counter-Protests, Free Republic has a thread.

And, one thing to remember is that safety is of paramount concern when dealing with moonbats:

This was released before the March Gathering of Eagles, and it bears repeating!

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Moonbats in Charlotte

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 18, 2007

A Charlotte area blogger, Ogre, checked out a Moonbat Rally yesterday:

What an evening. I have to say I really felt like I completely wasted an afternoon. I could have come home and done something important, like go to the bathroom or something. Ah well. Here’s the report from the scene.

I found out Tuesday morning that Sheehan was supposed to be at a local park at 5:00pm. I decided I’d head over with the camera. Just before it was time I found out the morning host at WBT 1110, one Keith Larson had found out that Cindy’s “people” didn’t reserve the park. He quickly tried to reserve the park, but Mecklenburg Parks and Rec would not allow him to reserve it. Since they wouldn’t let him, he invited all his listeners out for a pick-up baseball game at about 4:00pm.

I arrived just after 4:00, and indeed, there was a good-sized group out on the baseball field where Cindy was supposed to speak:

Source_ Ogre’s Politics and Views

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Ron Paul Registers A Zero In Poll

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 13, 2007


Giuliani has the support of 30% of “Republicans and Republican leaners,” vs. 28% a month ago; Thompson comes in with 20%, vs. 19% in June; McCain has 16%, vs. 18% a month earlier.
Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney remains in fourth, at 9% vs. 7% in June.
The current numbers for the rest of the Republicans included in the survey: Former House speaker Newt Gingrich, 6%; former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, 2%; Rep. Duncan Hunter, 2%; Rep. Tom Tancredo, 2%; Sen. Sam Brownback, 1%; Sen. Chuck Hagel, 1%; former Wisconsin governor Tommy Thompson, 1%. Neither former Virginia governor Jim Gilmore nor Rep. Ron Paul registered any support.
None of the Republican numbers change significantly if Gingrich is removed from the poll.
The survey of 394 Republicans and voters who “lean” Republican has a margin of error of +/- 5 percentage points.

Source: USA/Gallup
Hat Tip: Barking Moonbat Early Warning System

Need I say any more? Except that I don’t like Ron Paul, and was tickled to see the numbers.
“Ron Paul, I am laughing at your superior intellect.”

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A Preview of Moonbattery For 2008

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 26, 2007

In my first look at Moonbattery, we observe the reactions of the humorless to MIchelle Malkin’s Cheerleading Parody at Gateway Pundit.
For those who haven’t seen the video yet, scroll down to my previous post.

And, if you need more proof that Moonbats are humorless, check out this FReeper thread about the original LA Times piece, then this one on their reaction to the Rush Parody, “Barack, the Magic Negro” there are links there to a You Tube smashup someone posted. I have a pristine stereo copy someone thoughtfully sent me I’ll have to consider working something up with. Hmmm… Claymation anyone?

Then, Bill Whittle takes on Moonbattery with logic. His next installment will take down the CAGW meme that has nourished the Dems for so long.

Last, but not least, here is a peace-loving Moonbat unhinged by Bush Derangement Syndrome.

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