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Obama Strategy Based On Delegates, Not Voters

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 4, 2008

Almost from the beginning, Hillary Rodham Clinton‘s superior name recognition and her sway with state party organizations convinced Barack Obama‘s brain trust that a junior senator from Illinois was not going to be able to challenge the Clinton political machine head-on.

The insurgent strategy the group devised instead was to virtually cede the most important battlegrounds of the Democratic nomination fight to Clinton, using precision targeting to minimize her delegate hauls, while going all out to crush her in states where Democratic candidates rarely ventured.

The result may have lacked the glamour of a sweep, but last night, with the delegates he picked up in Montana and South Dakota and a flood of superdelegate endorsements, Obama sealed one of the biggest upsets in U.S. political history and became the first Democrat since Jimmy Carter to wrest his party’s nomination from the candidate of the party establishment. The surprise was how well his strategy held up — and how little resistance it met.

“We kept waiting for the Clinton people to send people into the caucus states,” marveled Jon Carson, one of Obama’s top ground-game strategists.

“It’s the big mystery of the campaign,” said campaign manager David Plouffe, “because every delegate counts.”

Source: Washington Post

Such is the price of over confidence for Hillary Clinton. Not to mention the fact that the Legacy Media was in the tank for Obama. I hope that Obama does not put her on the ticket with him, that would seal the fate of the GOP this time around.

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Hillary Supporters for McCain, Take One Updated with a Thunder Pig Remix Video!

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 1, 2008

The crackup of the Democrats is almost complete, and it was helped along yesterday by the Obama Victory at the DNC Rules & Bylaw Committee yesterday:

This is just a taste of what is to come. Pass me the popcorn.

And so it begins…

DNC Rules & Bylaw Committee commits election fraud

Obama Has Disqualified other candidates before

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Macon County Primary Results

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 7, 2008

This is also cross-posted at my local and state issue blog.

Here is how Macon County voted yesterday, with the winner of the race overall for the state or district in bold:

Local Race First…



53.28% 1,363 Jimmy Goodman
46.72% 1,195 Charlie Leatherman

Now, the other stuff, of which Macon County was only a part of the total:



66.57% 3,533 Hillary Clinton
30.47% 1,617 Barack Obama


71.88% 1,943 John McCain
14.76% 399 Mike Huckabee
08.66% 234 Ron Paul
03.22% 87 No Preference



44.17% 1,826 Kay Hagan
33.12% 1,369 Jim Neal


89.56% 2,384 Elizabeth Dole
10.44% 278 Pete Di Lauro



43.29% 1,038 Carl Mumpower
38.53% 924 Spence Campbell
18.18% 436 John Armor



49.99% 2,326 Bev Perdue
47.00% 2,278 Richard Moore


50.88% 1,272 Fred Smith
18.96% 474 Bill Graham
14.92% 373 Pat McCrory
11.92% 298 Bob Orr
03.32% 83 Elbie Powers



41.42% 1,788 Walter Dalton
33.73% 1,456 Pat Smathers


52.17% 1,176 Bob Pittenger
24.22% 546 Jim Snyder
16.19% 365 Tim Cook
07.41% 167 Greg Dority



81.68% 896 Phil Haire
18.32% 201 Bruce Friedman



In the local county commission race, I think the thing that killed Leatherman was his support for building moratoriums, height restrictions, and the HUGE Bond Referendum that threatened to put an onerous burden of debt on future generations of Macon county. That Bond Referendum, and certain Commissioner attitudes about that will be an issue in the General Election locally.


I cannot help but notice that there was a significant protest vote yesterday. 26% voted AGAINST the presumptive nominee. The Ron Paul Supporters might have been able to make something out of that if they had used honey instead of vinegar in their campaign efforts.


The Mumpower Campaign ran a very efficient operation. I thought that they had shot themselves in the foot on FISA, my major policy disagreement with the candidate.


The North Carolina State Board of Elections finally joined the Internet Age with their very prompt posting of results. This, of course, was due to the state being in the National Spotlight because of the Democrat Presidential Contest. I just hope they continue providing this level of statistics…which promises to keep me very busy over the next few weeks as I digest the information.

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Mumpower Video Diary

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 7, 2008

Richard Bernier, of URTV‘s Sound Off Buncombe, spent the evening with the Carl Mumpower Campaign and here is the video:

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Primary Day Slide Show

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 6, 2008

I visited a few precincts in Jackson County today, and had a good time visiting with people, speaking with the poll workers, and was impressed with the enthusiasm of the Ron Paul sign wavers at the Cullowhee voting precinct. I spoke with Obama sign wavers, and even a couple of Hillary Supporters. No one was actively campaigning for McCain that I saw in my very unscientific visual poll.

Poll workers reported turnout was either even with past Presidential Primaries, or ahead…sometimes as much as 50% greater (or in the ball park), with most of the increase coming from early voting.

Here is a brief slide show of some of the images I took, and I may have video collection of people I gave a chance to campaign on video for their candidate sometime tomorrow:

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Les Merritt Speaks In Madison County

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 12, 2008

Cross-Posted on WNC Citizens Blog:

Another fine video brought to you by Richard Bernier of Sound Off Buncombe, which airs on URTV in Buncombe County!

Les Merritt Campaign Website.

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Weekend Videos of Candidates

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 10, 2008

Richard Bernier has been a busy guy this weekend.

So far, he has released two videos of his travels this past Saturday.
His first video was of an interview conducted by Don Yelton of NC Governor Candidate Fred Smith, and this latest one is excerpts of his travels with Dr. Carl Mumpower as he campaigned throughout the NC-11 District. Both videos are available over at WNC Citizens Blog.

Fred Smith Interview

Carl Mumpower Video

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Yay! Ron Paul is FINALLY Dropping Out!

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 7, 2008

It is no secret to the readers of this blog that I share many of the same political views with Ron Paul. His view that precluded my support for his campaign was his idiotic opposition to the USA taking a forward posture in the prosecution of World War IV.
Here is the announcement:

Here is my response:

Seriously, though, I look forward to working with elements of the Ron Paul campaign that chose to stay in the Republican Party on items on mutual benefit. Goodness knows, it’s not like they’ll be able to agree with one another long enough to form a viable third party. I hope most of them stay in the Republican Party because the creation of a third party around the remnants of the Ron Paul Revolution would be a danger to the GOP.

Hat Tip: Raleigh News & Observer

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Hillary Pulls Even in Texas!

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 5, 2008

Holy Freaking Cow!!! The Hilda Beast just won’t stay down.

Current numbers:

Obama 699,326 49% 0
Clinton 694,281 49%

This is worse than a paint-trading NASCAR Race in the good old days when they really raced…I guess I won’t be drinking any of the bubbly tonight.

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Ohio Goes to Hillary, Texas Not So Much

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 5, 2008

It looks like Hillary takes Ohio by 18 points, and trails in Texas by a mere 3 points (34,000 votes). And that doesn’t even count the Texas Caucus, where people get to vote again!

From Race 4 2008:

9:55 – 8% in, a three-point lead. Amazingly, we’re still in the preliminaries here, as Tarrant, Harris, Dallas, and Travis county haven’t really started county. The early voting in Webb, Bexar, El Paso, and Cameron is in for Clinton, so Obama basically starts with a 3-point lead. The one bad point for Hillary is that a lot of the small rural counties are in, so it will be her border counties against some really big city counties. This is going to be close, but I’m starting to think Obama could pull this out.

This one won’t be decided for a while yet…but the Ohio win means Hillary will withdraw to Pennsylvania for Another Last Stand.

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