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Coalition for a Conservative Majority

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 16, 2007

Tom Delay has formed a new conservative grassroots organization called Coalition for a Conservative Majority.

I heard most of the interview with Rush Limbaugh today, and, after a quick glance at the home page…it looks promising.

He also has a book out, “No Retreat, No Surrender.”

From the website:

In 2006, conservatives were beaten at the polls for the first time in years. But unlike in previous defeats, conservatives this time were beaten at what we have always done best: grassroots organization, coordination, and mobilization. The grassroots playbook that helped create the conservative majorities of Ronald Reagan in the 1980s, the Republican Congress of the 1990s, and George W. Bush in the 21st century failed for the first time to outwork liberals.

For six years now, former leaders of the Clinton Administration have studied and surpassed the conservative grassroots network, creating a liberal coalition unprecedented in its size, scope, and funding. This is the network that beat conservatives in 2006 and handed Congress back to the Democrat Party – and that was just the warm-up. The liberal Shadow Party has been built for one reason: to elect Hillary Clinton President of the United States in 2008. They have the money, the organization, and the coordination to do it, and there is no conservative network capable of standing in its path. Until now.

The Coalition for a Conservative Majority is a results driven grassroots action and information organization, the first such conservative organization worthy of the name. We will not be content to organize fund-raising databases or provide perches for figure-head leadership. Instead, CCM will: IDENTIFY, RECRUIT, TRAIN, INSPIRE, ACTIVATE, and MOBILIZE conservatives to take specific action on policy issues and political causes across the country.

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