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Patrick J Buchanan Has Lost His Mind

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 16, 2008

This from a show on Comedy Central:

The Paulorrhoids of course ran with it [read the comments below that article for some mind-numbing ignorance], and Victor Davis Hanson exposes some of the lies in the recent book by Buchanan.

One of them is that he claims Churchill pushed poor little Hitler into a corner and forced him to invade Poland. Only thing wrong with that is that Churchill didn’t become Prime Minister until May of 1940…several months after the invasion of Poland.

It has been sad watching Patrick Buchanan slide over to Nutsville. I was a member of the Buchanan Brigade back in 1992 when he went up against Bush 41.

Another sad thing is that so many youths (esp. the Paulorrhoids) will read this book, and accept his lies and distortions as truth. Just like so many of them believe that Senator Robert Taft was a conservative thinker just because Ron Paul says so in his writings.

Of course, the war could have been avoided if the west had pre-emptive invaded Germany in the early 1930’s…much like our invasion of Iraq.

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Political Merchandise Fire Sale: "Everything Must Go!"

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 30, 2008

Now, this is funny, I don’t care who you are!

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The Libertarians Are Back…So What?

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 22, 2008

Mark Brinker, writing in a blog for The Greensboro News-Record, notes that the Libertarians are back in business in North Carolina as a recognized party, having nearly 73,000signatures in that effort.

They call the requirements stringent. Good luck getting elected as a Libertarian to a statewide office if they think it is difficult to get a miniscule number to sign a petition.

Let’s just see how many people register as Libertarians. (cricket, cricket)

How many of the Pauleroids will forgo their doomed quest to take over the GOP?

I note that they have found the going tougher than they expected. As long as I am alive, they will indeed find things tough in our party if they don’t adhere to conservatism…like the Ten Principles offered by Russell Kirk. I expect many of them will choke on the first:

First, the conservative believes that there exists an enduring moral order. That order is made for man, and man is made for it: human nature is a constant, and moral truths are permanent.

In other words, there is a God-shaped hole in the human heart. Many of these heathens have little more on their minds than getting high.

I predict this incarnation of the Libertarian Party will fail…just as all the rest have, and this time, in large part, due to the attempt to take over the GOP. They can’t do both, so it will fun fun to chronicle their failure at both. They will be just like a coon with it’s claw grasped around a shiny object in a simple nail trap. They will be too greedy to let go of the prize:

Years ago youngsters could make a little extra money by hunting raccoons with homemade traps. These young hunters built small wooden boxes with only one opening, and secured them to the trunk of a tree or fallen log. Around the opening they would drive nails at angles so the sharp ends pointed toward the back of the box. Next the hunters would drop a shiny piece of metal in the bottom. Inevitably, a curious raccoon would be attracted by the shiny object and, as skillfully as a monkey, reach his long, flexible fingers into the box and grasp it. Of course, it was no trouble to reach between the nails when his fingers were relaxed, but once the animal closed its strong claw around the object, there was no way to pull it out without running into the sharp nails. All the raccoon had to do was let go and withdraw its fingers to be free, but there it would sit–trapped by nothing but its own unwillingness to let go of the shiny–but worthless–metal.

They will be too fixated on their goals inside the GOP…and fail, especially in a year where our brand has taken a beating, and could be threatened with a third party.

Instead, I’ll be eating popcorn, and watching them fail.

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West Virginia Primary Results and Ruminations

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 14, 2008

First, the Democrats:

  1. 67.0% Clinton 239,062
  2. 25.7% Obama 91,652
  3. 07.3% Edwards 26,076

And, the GOP:

  1. 76.0% McCain 89,683
  2. 10.3% Huckster12,175
  3. 05.0% Paul 5,914
  4. 04.4% Romney 5,188
  5. 02.4% Rudy 2,831
  6. 01.2% Keyes 1,426
  7. 00.6% Others 727

Source: New York Slimes


Edwards, the man who dropped out months ago, got nearly 1/3 the vote that Obama did, and nearly 75% of West Virginians voted against the presumptive Democratic nominee. What a protest vote, indeed!

On the other hand, 24% of Republicans voted against the GOP nominee. Not quite the showing the Democrats engaged in, to be sure. Also, there were two Republicans still on the ballot, and ordinarily one would expect the protest vote to coalesce around the minority candidate, however, this year that minority man is Ron unacceptable man to the majority of right-thinking Republicans. He received a mere 5%, while the Huckster received more than twice his vote (10.3%) and another 9.6% also said no to Ron Paul, McCain, and the Huckster.

This has been one of the very few benefits to the Ron Paul Supporters (I call them Pauleroids) joining the GOP…it dampens any breakout power that they, or their candidate could have. They have been reduced to formulating resolutions, and planning temper tantrums that will further damage their standing in the party. Just imagine the damage a Ron Paul/Bob Barr ticket could have done to us in the General Election. By himself, Bob Barr is just sad humorless, sarcastic man. With Ron Paul, those two men could have been Ross Perot, redux. With a weak candidate like John McCain, we cannot afford that. God has already given us the gift of Obama, who is about the weakest candidate the Democrats could have put up. He hasn’t decided to give us over to the fire just yet…we have been given another go at it.

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Pauleroids Still Plan Disruptions For The GOP Conventions

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 23, 2008

The Pauleroids (see Ron Paul r3VOLution) have come up with another plan to seize power, and mount another Beer Hall Putsch so their man can become leader of this Republic.

Don’t believe me? Read on, and learn what is being planned for the GOP Convention…

A Strategy

Some Meetups are already giving up hope, but there is a way for us to get Ron Paul the nomination, and it is absolutely doable.

In a nutshell: If enough delegations sit out the first and second vote, McCain won’t get his required majority, and the national convention will become a brokered one- which means anything goes.

There are two main hurdles to accomplishing this:

1. To be even presented for nomination, Ron must be able to “demonstrate the support” of a majority of the delegates from at least five states.

2. Getting enough state delegations to sit out the first two votes won’t be easy but it is totally within the realm of the possible!.

What depresses so many delegates is that in order to even be selected as delegates to go to the National Convention, they are required by state party rules to sign a pledge that they will “support” John McCain. That is not the end of the story, however.

The only consequence of that is that a delegate’s vote for anyone other than McCain will simply not be counted.

That’s all!

There are no legal ramifications for breaking that pledge. There are only possible ethical concerns. These ethical concerns, however, are completely swept aside by the possibility of simply NOT VOTING the first time around.

The RNC’s party rules expressly contemplate and acknowledge that State Delegations may choose to sit out a vote. Rule 37c states:

(c) In balloting, if any delegation shall pass when its name is called, then at the conclusion of the roll call all delegations which passed shall be called in the order herein before established. No delegation shall be allowed to change its vote until all delegations which passed shall have been given a second opportunity to vote.

That means (a) it’s ok to abstain from voting, and (b) the only consequence is that the passing delegation(s) must be given another chance to vote before any other delegations are released from their pledges.

The Big Challenge:

The big hurdle to climb is the requirement of paragraph (b) of Rule 40, which states that in order to even be presented for nomination, a candidate must be able to demonstrate the support of a majority of the delegates of at least five states. Here is the rule:

(b) Each candidate for nomination for President of the United States and Vice President of the United States shall demonstrate the support of a majority of the delegates from each of five (5) or more states, severally, prior to the presentation of the name of that candidate for nomination.

The rule does not define what precise “demonstration of support” is required. In other words, it is not necessary that Ron Paul must have won a majority of the “beauty contest” (popular primary) vote in five states in order to be entitled to all their delegates.

What is a demonstration of support?

A candidate can ask that the delegations of five states where he believes he has enough support be polled by roll call so as to enable him to demonstrate that he has the support of a majority of delegates then and there at the National Convention.

That means we have to get to work on the delegates of each state after the state conventions are over.

Many Republicans hate McCain, or at least dislike him.

There is a huge arsenal of issues on which McCain has exposed himself as a sell-out to conservative Republicans: national sovereignty, free speech (McCain/Feingold), amnesty, guns, abortion you name it, he has voted against conservative values on these.

There is also evidence he “sang” in Vietnam, costing untold numbers of his fellow POWs their life.

It should not be too difficult to convince conservative delegates not to vote for him with that evidence especially in light of the fact that the party rules explicitly contemplate the “passing” of votes by state delegations!

The Strategy:

The strategy therefore must be to get as many Ron Paul delegates selected to represent their state at the National Convention.

That means our delegates need to stay low key.

Resolutions are a dead giveaway, especially when they are fought over things like opposition to the war, or abolishing the Federal Reserve and the IRS, all signature issues of Ron Paul.

So, the best plan is to shut up, move along, do what you ave to do to get selected, sign the pledge to “support” McCain (it doesn’t say you promise not to abstain!) and just get in short of outright lying, of course.

If there are any ethical concerns about this supposed “stealth tactic”, think about what ethical concerns you may have if you allow McCain to become president by your inaction.

Old guard Republicans may complain about supposed “stealth” or deception-but what is it their preferred candidates do when they swear in their oath of office to “support and defend” the Constitution and then do the opposite?

What is more unethical?

What is more damaging to the country?

What is more destructive of the very foundation of our government and our way of life?

My question is: As long as there is even a sliver of a chance to get Ron Paul the GOP nomination why give up??

Why resign yourself to debating endlessly about the fine points of endless party resolutions and platforms knowing they are routinely ignored, anyway?

These party honchos and their favorite sell-out candidates constantly ignore and violate even our Constitution! What makes you think they won’t utterly ignore whatever provisions we manage to get into the national party platform?

Is that worth the price of being spotted and “marked for death” by the party honchos at the state conventions? I don’t think so.

Not when you consider what’s really at stake.

So, please, please, please don’t give up! Ron Paul still has plenty of fight left in him at his advanced age. Why shouldn’t we?

Let’s fight for what’s important (Ron Paul winning) – not for what routinely gets ignored!

Source: The Left/Right Knockout written by Alex Wallenwein


I posted the entire article so that you may see that the Pauleroids do not love liberty as they proclaim: They want power. They are obsessed by it, and just like their progressive fellow-travelers, they see the government as the agent of change, and the preferred wielder of power in our daily lives.

Just look at how they fight to destroy the Federal Reserve, and create a State Bank. Can you imagine what Nancy Pelosi and her friends in Congress would do if they were in charge of monetary policy? Look at how they have transformed Social Security from a minor 1% “voluntary” deduction on your payroll taxes.

It now eats up several percentage points, and is “mandatory” under force of law.
If you do not know of very tiny loopholes, your income is sucked into a rathole.

We do not want Congress in control of our money supply, and we do not want these idiots in our party. That being said, I am very glad that they did not try to establish a third party this year, and run candidates for all levels of office…because they might have succeeded in getting a few of their people in office, and critically wounded the GOP this year. As it stands now, it is a fight within the party…and we can manage them much better where we can watch them.

Some of us can even pretend to be one of them without too much trouble. You’d be surprised at much cred they will given a guy, or girl, for waving a sign like an idiot on an overpass.

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Local Lefties Celebrate 4,000 Americans Dead Attempt to Create a New Blood Libel

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 25, 2008

Lefties across America are celebrating the latest round number of the American death toll in Operation Iraqi Freedom with renewed calls for us to cut and run, so that they might snatch Defeat from the Jaws of Victory.

I’ll start with the local lefty site, Scrutiny Hooligans, which just posted a HuffPo pic with photos of some of the dead making up a photo-mosaic of the President and John McCain.
The attempt there is to use the blood shed by our troops to make a political point, and create a modern blood libel to demonize the President, and the GOP nominee to take his place, much like their philosophical brethren in the Arab world.

And, of course the usual lefty suspects will join in the chorus to “God Damnn America.”

Another local lefty, Errington Thompson, also joins in the macabre celebration. He substituted for his fellow lefty, Matt Mitan yesterday on the radio. [podcast link] Be patient, it may take up to a week or two before the audio gets posted. I have the first hour recorded, but the BS got so high I bailed after the first hour.

And on MoonbatNC, I mean BlueNC, we get this crap:

This week, as we enter the 6th year of this war, the U.S. death toll rises to a startling 4,000. I think about the mortars and car bombs that are bombarding the Green Zone in Baghdad, the men and women serving our country in uniform and in the U.S. embassy answering to harrowing cries of, “duck and cover”. I am reminded of the great need we have to create a responsible, reasonable way to bring our men and women home. My resolve for the need to heighten our diplomatic efforts is strengthened when I read stories of gunmen opening fire on passengers waiting for busses killing 7 people and wounding 16 others including women and children. My resolve is strengthened when I hear reports of police finding the bullet-riddled bodies of 12 people- six in Baghdad, four in Mosul and two in Kut, scenes of clashes between government troops and Shiite militiamen.

Here is what local lefty Tim Peck said on his blog.

I’ll take the opportunity to respond here to him, since he allows no comments on his blog. (Probably wise given how so utterly wrong he is).

When a proud and capable American citizen enlists in the United States Armed Forces, it is to preserve his nation and its values against foreign threats.

Here is the oath taken by enlisted personnel:

I, (name), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. (So help me God.)

So, you see, Tim does not understand the purpose of military service outside his own narrow view, and the idea of service to a higher cause is perhaps foreign to him. He will never understand being a Marine. Perhaps he’ll never understand how a German could volunteer to serve in our Armed Forces. Perhaps he’ll never understand how a 61 yr-old could join up. As an Objectivist, he can see nothing beyond that which affects his own nose.

When, instead, he is sent to a foreign country to preserve and extend an expansive and perpetual empire of aggression and interventionism, his unsought death should be viewed not as some kind of bizarre sacrificial offering but as a grotesque and horrible purchase in a fool’s bargain.

Yes, you read him right. According to him, we are expanding an empire in Iraq. I sure have appreciated the fruits of empire, all that oil and resources we have stolen from Iraq. I guess he considers all those who re-up as even greater fools, and those who struggle to return to Iraq, despite serious wounds, as the greatest fools of all. Methinks the only fool here is the anti-American war protesting supporter of Ron Paul known as Tim Peck.

But wait, there’s more:

4,000 dead is nothing to a gargantuan, bloodthirsty nation bent on policing the world, crushing self-determination, and forcing its own myopic will down the throats of unwilling multitudes.

Tim Peck has absolutely no clue of what he speaks. He calls America, the freest nation in the history of mankind a “gargantuan, bloodthirsty nation bent on policing the world, crushing self-determination, and forcing its own myopic will down the throats of unwilling multitudes.

That statement alone tells you why Ron Paul could not garner anything approaching 15% of popular support in the GOP primaries. The sheer, unadulterated hatred of America is palpable, and people wisely stayed away.
He says we have “crushed self-determination”. That is a bald-faced lie.
Before we invaded Iraq, and liberated her people, there was a one-party rule by the Ba’ath Party. Now, Iraq has an elected government and an interim constitution. Saddam Hussein was the one who crushed the self-determination of the Iraqi people. Left to people like Tim, Saddam Hussein would still be murdering people and burying them en masse. Would he have gone to Iraq to act as a human shield, or condemn those who went?

Read a full report on Iraqi politics. Now, Iraq is even stepping up to become an ally.The only thing crushed is Tim’s lie.

2005 Iraqi Election coverage from CNN:

U.S. State Department spokesman Noel Clay said 5,171 polling centers — 98.8 percent of the 5,232 that were expected to open — actually did so.

Vote counting started in polling centers and is expected to continue into Monday, when the International Election Commission of Iraq is planning to take all ballots to its headquarters in Baghdad for recounting.

The IECI has promised to announce official results within 10 days.

Clay said the elections “were very transparent” and that representatives of nongovernmental organizations, political organizations and parties observed the process.

Insurgents had vowed to wash the streets with “voters’ blood,” and more than a dozen attacks killed at least 28 people and wounded 71 others.

Tim may believe some crackpot conspiracy theory that we somehow rigged the elections in Iraq…or he may not pay attention to the news. Tim has traversed the political spectrum from a patriotic supporter of this war in Iraq to an opponent, and he now locks arms with the traitors in the A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition. His is a sad journey indeed.

To die in an unjust war not only is not a sacrifice — as our high commander so blithely claims, with his crocodile tears — it is an eternal and unremitting shame that no shallow politician, present or future, will redeem with such a disgusting rhetorical flourish.

4,000. God Damn America.

No, Tim.

I say God Bless President George W. Bush.
I say God Bless the Families of our Brave Defenders of Liberty.
I say God Bless the Members of the US Military.
I say God Bless the Children of Iraq.
I say God Bless America.

Take her away, Kate!

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Yay! Ron Paul is FINALLY Dropping Out!

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 7, 2008

It is no secret to the readers of this blog that I share many of the same political views with Ron Paul. His view that precluded my support for his campaign was his idiotic opposition to the USA taking a forward posture in the prosecution of World War IV.
Here is the announcement:

Here is my response:

Seriously, though, I look forward to working with elements of the Ron Paul campaign that chose to stay in the Republican Party on items on mutual benefit. Goodness knows, it’s not like they’ll be able to agree with one another long enough to form a viable third party. I hope most of them stay in the Republican Party because the creation of a third party around the remnants of the Ron Paul Revolution would be a danger to the GOP.

Hat Tip: Raleigh News & Observer

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Gallup Poll Tracking 02-22-008

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 22, 2008

Here are the latest figures from Gallup:


  1. 45% Hillary Clinton
  2. 44% Barack Obama
  3. 01% Mike Gravel

Here is a graphic to show the poll tracked over time:

Has Obama peaked? Is the Hilda Beast making a comeback? Or is this just statistical noise?

The Republicans:

  1. 62% John McCain
  2. 22% Mike Huckabee
  3. 05% Ron Paul

Here is a graphic to show the poll tracked over time:

McCain and Huckabee are going in separate directions, McCain is up, and Huckabee is down, 2 out of 3 of Mitt’s Supporters going to McCain, and Ron Paul is in the weeds…below the radar on this graph. Instead of useless money bombs, poll-jacking and sign waves, the Ron Paul r3VOLution should have engaged in membership drives. They will probably never realize their childish behavior ran people away from Ron Paul. As an example, listen to this podcast: [1] [2]
I have been using that podcast locally as one of my tools to demonstrate the need for conservatives to become educated on the philosophical underpinnings of conservatism, and to get involved in politics on the precinct level.

Methodology: Gallup is interviewing no fewer than 1,000 U.S. adults nationwide each day during 2008. The results reported here are based on combined data from Feb. 18-20, 2008, including interviews with 1,006 Republican and Republican-leaning voters, and 1,218 Democratic and Democratic-leaning voters. For results based on these samples, the maximum margin of sampling error is ±3 percentage points. In addition to sampling error, question wording and practical difficulties in conducting surveys can introduce error or bias into the findings of public opinion polls.

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John McCain IS A Natural Born Citizen

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 13, 2008

I have followed many Ron Paul Forums, and even the thinly disguised GOP Tea Party website, noting many misconceptions about this country’s election process.

Let me kill a misconception about John McCain’s eligibility to become President of the United States.

He is eligible by virtue of the US Constitution and US Law. These idiots who support Ron Paul really have no clue what it says in the Constitution, no clue at all.

They also have no clue that the primary is over. Retards. Here’s your sign:

I’ll also bet they don’t know that Barry Goldwater and George Romney were born outside the US when they ran for President. I seem to remember that many of them hold Goldwater as a hero.

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Wherein Ron Paul Wakes Up To The Possibility of Losing His Seat

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 11, 2008

Fringe candidate Ron Paul (R-TX14) is scaling back his 2008 Presidential Sign-Waves and Overpasses Tour in favor of not losing his Congressional seat.

His challengers are Andy Mann and Chris Peden. I will be providing some information on both of the campaigns with the goal of identifying a candidate that Republicans tired of Ron Paul can support…since Ron Paul is getting funds from across the nation to support his re-election bid, it is only fair that we return the favor.

I think the only proper name for such a project would be: Operation Blowback: Texas Style! I am sure his supporters can appreciate the irony of that title…

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