Thunderpig’s Mirror

Patrick J Buchanan Has Lost His Mind

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 16, 2008

This from a show on Comedy Central:

The Paulorrhoids of course ran with it [read the comments below that article for some mind-numbing ignorance], and Victor Davis Hanson exposes some of the lies in the recent book by Buchanan.

One of them is that he claims Churchill pushed poor little Hitler into a corner and forced him to invade Poland. Only thing wrong with that is that Churchill didn’t become Prime Minister until May of 1940…several months after the invasion of Poland.

It has been sad watching Patrick Buchanan slide over to Nutsville. I was a member of the Buchanan Brigade back in 1992 when he went up against Bush 41.

Another sad thing is that so many youths (esp. the Paulorrhoids) will read this book, and accept his lies and distortions as truth. Just like so many of them believe that Senator Robert Taft was a conservative thinker just because Ron Paul says so in his writings.

Of course, the war could have been avoided if the west had pre-emptive invaded Germany in the early 1930’s…much like our invasion of Iraq.


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