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Pat McCrory Speaks At Mars Hill

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 20, 2008

Pat McCrory was in Madison County, and Richard Bernier was there to capture it.

Richard is the co-host of Sound Off Buncombe, which airs on URTV.
URTV is channel 20 on Charter Cable in Buncombe and Madison Counties.

Pat McCrory Campaign Website

Madison County GOP Website (in development)

Buncombe County GOP

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Not Dead Yet

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 15, 2008

I’ll be back tomorrow. Until then, you can read about North Carolina wanting to put a meter on your well.

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Former State Senator Has Questions Regarding Ethics Bill

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 11, 2008

A letter regarding the North Carolina General Assembly’s ability to police itself in ethics investigations has been posted on WNC Citizens Blog.

The letter writer brings up some good points, especially about past unethical behavior, and I provided the links in the letter to provide evidence of the letter writer’s varacity.

The key system has been used by the Democratic Party for over thirty years, and it is still in place.

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Hate-Filled Lefty Refuses To Lower Flag For Helms, Retires Instead

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 9, 2008

RALEIGH, N.C. — A longtime state employee has chosen to retire instead of lowering flags to half-staff to honor former Republican Sen. Jesse Helms.

Gov. Mike Easley had ordered all U.S. and state flags lowered after Helms died July 4. But L.F. Eason III told his staff to ignore the directive at the state Standards Laboratory in Raleigh.

Source: Hendersonville Times-News
Related: Half-Mast Dates & Flag Rules


I note that the US Flag was not lowered at WCU. That may be due to a simple misunderstanding.

While I was taking the above photo at Western Carolina University, two employees asked me who died, and they expressed disgust (cursed, actually) when I told them it was for Senator Jesse Helms. At least the Helms funeral didn’t turn into a hatefest like Senator Paul Wellstone’s funeral.

**update** 12.17 PM

Jon Ham has a pretty good take on the incident.

**update** 3.38 PM

Now, the spinning has started, and Under The Dome has it.

In short, the Agriculture Dept is denying an ultimatum was delivered.

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NC General Assembly Moves To Block State Auditor

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 8, 2008

The NC General Assembly, tired of having a Republican who might expose the unethical activities of legislators, is pushing forward legislation that will limit the state auditor’s investigative authority. I blogged about it on WNC Citizens Blog.

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Hour Long Video Of Mexican Consulate Protest In Hendersonville, NC

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 29, 2008

Citizens in western North Carolina came together yesterday and protested the Mexican Consulate issuing Identification to 400 or so Mexicans yesterday in Hendersonville, North Carolina:

Among the groups participating were The Action Club, ALIPAC, NC Listen, and congressional candidate Carl Mumpower. The videographer was Richard Bernier who has a public access show called Sound Off Buncombe on URTV. The show airs on Charter Cable channel 20 in Buncombe and Madison counties.

**update** I forgot to add Paul Purdue to the list. He is a candidate for NC House District #115.


WNC Citizens Protest Mexican Consulate in Hendersonville

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Latino Advocacy Group Assisting Illegal Aliens Tomorrow At Blue Ridge Community College Updated With Protest Plans

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 27, 2008

This was forwarded to my via my You Tube Account this morning:

Immigration Reformers and Concerned Citizens,

I know I have emailed you a fair amount in the last two weeks, but events don’t happen always in order.

Blue Ridge Community College (Flat Rock – NC), part of the North Carolina Community College system, was sent a letter by NC LISTEN to inform them that the Latino Advocacy Coalition of Henderson County was renting a state building on their community college campus for purposes of inviting Mexican Consulate officials to provide and assist illegal immigrants with Consular Matricula ID cards. The event scheduled [and predominantly advertised in Spanish] for this Saturday 28 June at the Thomas Auditorium Gallery at Blue Ridge Community College [8am to 9pm] will also provide recommendations and other information to illegal immigrants and foreign nationals. Foreign government officials should not be using our state government buildings for purposes of issuing foreign ID cards that have the primary purpose of being used by illegal immigrants to open bank accounts, etc. Our federal government does not accept Consular Matricular cards for ID purposes and the FBI has stated they are unreliable as an ID and can be easily forged.

Blue Ridge has just informed us the event will not be stopped and will be allowed to take place on their campus. Even though foreign government officials from Mexico and illegal immigrants will be there as noted above, Blue Ridge Community College through their PR person [Ms. LeeAnna Haney] has pointed out the event is not open to the general public and furthermore we [citizens with interest] are advised not to come-on campus during the event. I expect citizens should decide for themselves whether they can attend or not and whether to videotape what they observe.

It is important to call Dr. Molly Parkhill, President of Blue Ridge Community College, at (828) 694-1705 to insist rental space not be provided for this event on 28 June [her asst has the same phone number]. Also email local politicians for that area: State House member Carolyn Justus at Carolynj@ncleg. net and State Senator Tom Apodaca at and call US Congressman Heath Shuler at (828) 252-1651. Also please contact Henderson County Blue Ridge Comm College Board of Trustee members [College President’s office said they could not give out email addresses] Bill Farrell at 828-697-5640, Tom Orr at (828) 693-6430, Chip Gould at (828) 692-5960, and Candler Willis at (828) 693-3164.

Let’s stop this event HERE and NOW. Word has it they are going to be doing this at several other of our NC Community Colleges around the state in the next two months. This type of activity is outrageous and I need your help to put a stop to it.


Ron Woodard
(919) XXX-XXXX
http://www.nclisten. com


Well, this would seem to be an illegal effort, especially by a FOREIGN GOVERNMENT, would it not? Hendersonville is a little to far for me to travel on such short notice, but perhaps not for others. If you are interested in showing up there tomorrow, email me, and I might put you in touch with other people so you can coordinate with them, or you can get in touch with Ron via his website.


Press release from Mumpower:

Mexican Consular Visit To Be Protested

An anticipated Friday and Saturday visit by the Mexican Consulate to the Blue Ridge Community campus in Hendersonville is subject to protest according to a spokesman for the Mumpower for Congress Committee. The visit is being sponsored by the Latino Advocacy Coalition of Henderson County, who have rented space at the campus for those interested in receiving a “Consular Matricula” I.D. card from the Mexican Embassy. According to Lee Anna Haney, a spokesperson for the college, North Carolina is one of the few states that recognize the Consular Matricula I.D. card as a valid form of identification to obtain a state driver’s license.

Ron Woodard of North Carolina Listen, a non-profit group targeting illegal immigration issues, has shared concerns with the school that the consular I.D.’s make it easier to remain in America illegally. “It also appears that this event is to assist illegal immigrants in general with recommendations and other information,” said Woodard.

A request by North Carolina Listen to monitor the event was declined by the Blue Ridge College administration. “As to your group’s desire to “monitor” this event that request is denied,” said Ms. Haney. “The College is not the equivalent of a public park. Use of College facilities must comply with our facilities use policy and groups or individuals may not come on campus to monitor other groups.”

The office of 11th District Republican Congressional candidate Carl Mumpower has announced a planned protest of the event. Those interested are invited to meet at the Mumpower for Congress campaign office at Suite 310, One Oak Plaza, in Asheville at 6:15 am for the trip to Hendersonville. There will be a follow-up breakfast gathering at the Upward Road Cracker Barrel at 7:00 with the protest beginning sometime around 8:00 that morning on or about Blue Ridge Community College.

“This activity on a tax supported college campus illustrates our government’s paralysis on illegal immigration; the audacity and double standard of the Mexican government; and the indulgences of those who conspire to appease, support, and otherwise benefit from illegal immigration,” said Mumpower.

“Illegal immigration is the greatest law breaking scheme in America’s history and it is past time for our politicians to be more concerned with enforcing the rule of law and protecting America’s borders than shielding their dignity and getting reelected.” “This protest has nothing to do with Latinos, immigration, racism or any of the other decoy issues that conspirators use to distract Americans from action. It is simply about one word – illegal.”

Mumpower has been encouraged by supporters and advisors to offer a position statement but otherwise avoid the event. “Concern for image and political correctness has kidnapped accountability and action in America – I have no interest in continuing that theme with my own version of political cowardliness,” said Mumpower. “With our staff and resources, we are in a better position than about anyone in WNC to organize a responsible protest of this event.” “No doubt we will run into hurdles, but we will do what we can and leave the rest in the hands of higher authority.”

Principles before party, power, or popularity – always.

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Number of Libertarians in North Carolina More Than Doubles

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 25, 2008

According to Under The Dome, the number of registered Libertarians in North Carolina has increased from 5 to 11, more than doubling in size.

Now, that’s funny!!!

**update** 6.11pm

Registration Totals:

2,633,098 Democrats
1,932,529 Republicans
1,245,234 Unafiliateds
0,000,011 Libertarians (I’m laughing so hard, I’m crying, here!)
5,810,872 Total registered voters in North Carolina

Maybe I should keep a running tally.

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NC Democrat Video Tying McCrory To President Bush

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 19, 2008

This is a move that is likely to win conservatives over to McCrory

I kid you not! Just watch it:

For those of us who have been concerned about GOP Candidate for Governor Pat McCrory being RINO, the North Carolina Democrat Party has decided to help us see McCrory in a more favorable light. This is one of those rare commercials that work just as effectively (perhaps more) in getting people to vote for the candidate the makers don’t want you to vote for!!!

Pat McCrory Campaign Website

Hat Tip: Betsy Muse at Blue NC for embedding the video at Blue NC.

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News for June 19th

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 19, 2008

Yesterday, I learned that we had lost another officer in the line of duty, and posted what info I had on the shooting and the shooter.

Here is where you can send money to help his family:


c/o Michaela Nicole Blanton FBO Brendan Tye Blanton

PO Box 97

Waynesville, NC 28786

Call the SECU at 1-828-452-3570 for more and ask for Allison.

Also, Contributions to the Michaela Nicole Blanton FBO Brendan Tye Blanton fund can be made at any North Carolina State Employees Credit Union branch. Money will go to the wife and baby of Trooper David Shawn Blanton Jr.

Locally, Contributions to the Trooper David Blanton Memorial Fund can be made at any of six Mountain Credit Union branches. Those are:

• Asheville: 219 Haywood St., 252-8234.

• Cherokee: 375 Sequoyah Trail, 497-6211.

• Fletcher: 5010 Hendersonville Road, 684-9999.

• Franklin: 746 East Main St., 524-4464.

• Sylva: 30 Highway 107, 586-0425.

• Waynesville: 721 North Main St., 452-2216.

Even a $10 or $20 donation will help the family.

Here is the roundup of other sources covering the murder of Shawn Blanton:

Sylva Herald, the hometown paper.

WYFF Channel 4
Greenville, SC. News Video Family Remembers Him

WLOS Video coverage, with more videos on that page.

Asheville Citizen-Times has details about Blanton’s life, and family.

From the Asheville Citizen-Times:

Wong lingered at the shooting scene, calmly searching Blanton while the trooper lay bleeding to death, Clendinin said.

“The whole thing is just a sickening act,” he said.

The shooting set off a “barrage” of 911 calls, Haywood County Sheriff Tom Alexander said.

Callers gave authorities a good description of Wong, his truck and what had happened.

At the Chevron station just off the Exit 31 ramp, customers in small groups kept walking in and telling store clerk Brandon Luther what they had seen.

“They told me somebody took the cop’s gun and shot him and took off,” he said.

Wong also had maurijuana, pills and three weapons in him at the time of his arrest.

Eastern Band Message Board


There are no words to make this any more bearable. You have the opportunity to help the family of North Carolina Highway Patrolman Shawn Blanton by donating a little money at one of the above locations.

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