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The Carolina Stompers Are Back!!!

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 11, 2008

The heroes of every right-thinking conservative in western North Carolina are back, and they have a new commercial airing in the Durham area:

Carolina Stompers

I especially love their tribute to my favorite Senator, Jesse Helms.

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Three Ways To Lower Gas Prices

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 1, 2008

After you watch the video, take action…goodness knows the Democratic Congress won’t.

1. Dump a significant amount of the Strategic Reserve on the market. Lowers prices by around $50 a bbl.

2. We have three times the amount of proven Saudi Arabian Reserves in the Rocky Mountain Shale alone. Drill Here, Drill Now.

3. Maximize usage of alternative fuels.

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Barack Obama: The Candidate of Change

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 24, 2008

We keep hearing that Barack Obama is the candidate of change, that he is clear and consistent in his leadership and in his message. But what does that mean? A look at a few of the positions and counter positions the Junior Senator from Illinois has taken in the course of his four short years from a candidate for the United States Senate to a candidate for the Presidency:

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Live Coverage of Rally in Raleigh Tomorrow

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 17, 2008

There will be a rally tomorrow, Wednesday, June 18th, in Raleigh, NC.

If you cannot attend, you can listen to live coverage of it here or on Troy LaPlante’s Blog Talk Radio Page.

From Troy’s blog:

Join Immigration Enforcement Groups for Historic Rally in Raleigh on June 18

A diverse group of concerned citizens who represent the 80% of North Carolinians, which want the NC Legislature to take action to curtail illegal immigration in 2008, will gather for a rally and citizens lobby day in Raleigh on June 18, 2008

The rally will be from 11am-1pm on the Bicentennial Mall, which is across Jones St. from the main entrance of the NC Legislature. Supporters are also encouraged to join us, on the 1st floor inside the legislative building from 8am-5pm, to distribute materials and lobby NC lawmakers against HB 2717 that would allow illegal aliens in NC Colleges, while supporting measures to protect American jobs, tax resources, and lives threatened by illegal immigration.

These events will be at the NC Legislature at 16 West Jones St., Raleigh, NC Click here for map.

Source: Troy LaPlante


I am excited that others in North Carolina are waking up to the possibilities of covering events live. We can bypass the Legacy Media outlets of TV, Radio, and Newsprint and go directly to the people. I will be embedding the audio player on my blog, and if you have a blog of your own, I suggest that you domit as well to maximize the coverage and reporting of this event.

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Freedom Works Visits Congressman Shuler’s Office

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 22, 2008

Some members of the Buncombe County Chapter of Freedom Works visited Congressman Heath Shuler’s Asheville Office to deliver an earmark pledge for the Congressman to consider signing.

Local video producer, and co-host of Sound Off Buncombe (check URTV for air times) was also there to record the event.

Bill Lack gives an explanation of what Freedom Works is about at the end of this 10 minute preview of a 30 minute program to air in June.

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Program Note (Updated)

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 24, 2008

I’ll be running a live webcast from the NC-11 GOP Convention this Saturday, from at least 11.30 am until the end of the convention. So, if you plan on being in the area Saturday, drop by and we’ll talk. And if you have a group or candidate you want to promote feel free. If you give me a heads up in the comments, I’ll design a graphic I can put onscreen during your appearance to direct viewers to your website.

I’ll embed the stream on all my websites, and if you want to be added to the network, contact me in the comments, or swipe the embed code once the show starts.

**update** 9.30am I’ve been advised that the internet connection is not 100% reliable for Saturday. Bummer. If that happens…I’ll go to Plan B, and set up to record video and grab some interviews.

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The Action Club April 2008 Meeting

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 23, 2008

Richard Berner has knocked another one out of the park with his production of this month’s Action Club meeting for his URTV program, Sound Off Buncombe.

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