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Mumpower: A Conspiracy of Complacency on Illegal Immigration

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 9, 2008


Two of the largest public works projects in Asheville, the county parking garage and city water system upgrade, are playing a big role in the widespread conspiracy on illegal immigration in WNC. In both cases a majority of the hands on workers do not speak English – a pointed indication of extraordinary success in hiring disadvantaged legal immigrants or patterned indifference to the illegal status of a large group of employees. Though the use of public dollars to fund law breakers is especially galling, our city and county governments are certainly not alone in sidestepping the rule of law.

Throughout WNC, industries, restaurants, and small businesses dodge the law and wink at the false documents routinely used by people who are here illegally. The Catholic Church of North Carolina recently took the veil off their internal policy of appeasement with a formal position paper that included statements such as, “We are particularly distressed by the recent tragedies of our brothers and sisters who are faced with the escalation in deportation enforcement in our states.” What about the fact that most of those deported have repeatedly violated our borders or engaged in criminal activities within our borders? The Catholic Church, along with many other denominations, is apparently no less self-serving in their efforts to recruit new Hispanic members than our President and Congressional leaders are at recruiting new Hispanic voters.

Affirming the legal status of an employee is not difficult. Through a Federal program called E-Verify (, any registered employer can obey the law and support the sanctity of our borders by assuring that a worker is also playing it by the rules.

Reversing the flow of illegal immigrants overloading our social service, school, health care, and criminal justice systems is not impossible or even complicated. It all begins with the word accountability – most specifically for those employers who are providing the money and jobs that are funding the flood at the expense of the rest of us. Enthusiastic federal, state, and local enforcement with fines and other consequences will quickly motivate employers to stop side stepping their competition, shifting real costs to tax payers, and ignoring the law.

For any of the above to come to fruition, the majority of Americans who believe that illegal immigration is wrong are going to have to hold our politicians accountable for their complacency. Democrats and members of my own party alike are co-conspirators in dodging this issue and allowing employers and enablers to conspire to break the law. What started as a wink and a surrender to self-service has evolved into the greatest law breaking scheme in America’s history. That is not something that any of us should be complacent about.

Carl Mumpower
11th District Congressional Candidate

Principles before party, power, or popularity – always.


Campaign Website


I notice that on the construction projects on the campus of Western Carolina University, there are a lot of Spanish-speaking people as well. I wonder how many of them are illegal aliens, and how many local people would love the opportunity to work on these projects.

I think I’ll note the numbers of the construction companies and ask if they use eVerify, and I’ll ask the college as well about their policy on this matter.

This is something we can all do, you would be surprised at how effective a few phone calls can be in bringing about policy changes.

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Mumpower: Shuler Votes More Liberal Than Murtha and Kucinich

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 9, 2008

I haven’t been posting these as regular as I should have been:


According to many national issue surveys, the state of the economy is the number one concern for most Americans. The Club for Growth, a national policy body with a primary focus on economic growth issues, tracks the pro-economic growth votes of leaders in the House and Senate. Per their calculations, 11th district Congressman Heath Shuler votes against economic growth 98% of the time – a record more anti-growth than that of his liberal colleagues in Congress – John Murtha, Charles Rangel and Dennis Kucinich.

The organization uses the following pro-economic policy goals to assess leadership standing-

· Making the Bush tax cuts permanent
· Death tax repeal
· Cutting and limiting government spending
· Social Security reform /personal accounts
· Expanding free trade
· Legal reform to end abusive lawsuits
· Replacing the current tax code
· School choice
· Regulatory reform and deregulation

John Murtha scored 5%, Rangel 12%, and Kucinich 6% while Shuler scored 2% on the pro economic growth screen. In contrast, North Carolina Republicans Sue Myrick, Patrick McHenry, and Virginia Foxx scored 89-90% on the same criteria.

Shuler’s Republican opponent in the 11th District race, Carl Mumpower, points to the score as an objective measurement of the Congressman’s true political leanings. “As politicians we are defined by our voting record, not by what we call ourselves,” said Mumpower. “Mr. Shuler may have a few conservative positions, but that does not make him a conservative anymore than a bank robber taking off Sunday can be called a preacher.” “Most people in WNC are concerned about the direction of our economy, and these folks at the Club for Growth are too. That’s why they are shining light on actual voting records over common perceptions. Mr. Shuler is not a conservative and with those percentages his independence and concern for the economy also merit challenge.”

Carl Mumpower
11th District Republican Congressional Candidate

Principles before party, power, or popularity-always.

Mumpower Campaign Website

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A Note of Thank You From Carl Mumpower

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 7, 2008


A Note of Thank You

There is a Vietnamese proverb that speaks to yesterday’s primary – ” When eating a fruit, think of the person who planted the tree.”

I wanted to drop a note of thanks to the many people who laid their special touch on yesterday’s success. I know that there were many thoughts, prayers, and actions that went unnoticed – all mattered in the outcome.

We won with limited dollars and a willingness to hold hard to principles as we pushed away from the political power structure. It worked – sometimes in spite of my best efforts. That means something, because we not only won, but we also won right. Therein is a foundation for independent public service with opportunities to shake things up and redefine the model.

With your help we have cleared the first hurdle. We have a strong foundation for the next steps. In short order we will begin an aggressive campaign that will take full advantage of the time, challenges and opportunities between now and November. Your help will be no less important tomorrow that it was yesterday.

A good place to start? We need to hold as many “meet and greets” throughout WNC as possible over the next few months. If you can get a group together, I will bring my stool and portable microphone and we will have a face to face real world question and answer session that I promise will have your friends, church members, neighbors, and others saying, “This man is approaching public service in a new way – he is genuine in his commitment to principle over politics, party, power, or popularity – I want to help”.

Again, please accept my thanks. We did not win a prize last night – we assumed a responsibility – a responsibility that I intend, with your good help, to embrace with a full heart. I am reminded of words of wisdom from Shakespeare on gratitude that seem very real today, “How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed in a weary world.”


Campaign Website

Subscribe to Mumpower Express

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Henderson County GOP Lincoln Lunch Straw Poll Results

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 8, 2008

This just in from Henderson County:

“With 142 Republican voters, party leaders, and activists casting ballots, this straw poll was by far the biggest (50% plus more) in WNC so far this primary season” according to HCRP Chairman Robert Danos.**

“Performing strong with this large a sampling of area Republicans is certainly a strong gauge of candidates’ support and organization.”

The results were as follows:

Who is your choice as of today for the Republican 11th District Congressional nomination in 2008?

Campbell 94
Mumpower 33
Armor 15

Who is your choice as of today for the Republican Gubernatorial nomination in 2008?

Smith 81
Orr 36
Graham 14
McCrory 10

Who should be the pick for the Vice Presidential slot on the Republican ticket in 2008?

Richard Burr 43
Mike Huckabee 22
Condaleeza Rice 12
Mark Sanford 11
Mitt Romney 10
All Others Less Than 10 votes

**Compared to # of voters in straw polls in Buncombe (85 votes) and McDowell (87 votes) which had been the largest such events in the 11th District up until now. Same day events in Catawba (only 63 voters) and Transylvania did not do a straw poll. No other WNC counties have held straw polls.

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Henderson County GOP Announces Lincoln Lunch Event; Senator Burr Keynote Speaker

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 13, 2008

I received this yesterday, and am just now getting around to it:

Henderson County GOP
Press release
Feb 11, 2008

Today is Lincoln’s Birthday and as such the Henderson County Republican Party is pleased to announce that we will be holding our Lincoln Lunch at noon on Saturday, March 8th at Apple Valley Middle School following our County Convention.

United States Senator Richard Burr will be our keynote speaker and we are also expecting to see and hear from many of our candidates for Congress, the Governor’s Mansion, and several local and judicial races.

Honest Abe will be making an appearance too so kids will find this event fun as well…

The lunch will be catered by Baby Back Joe’s which always makes for a great meal!

Tickets are $15 for one or $25 for two and all proceeds go to the HCRP’s “Victory 2008” Get Out The Vote campaign.

We strongly urge you to buy tickets in advance by emailing us at or calling 693-6040. There is certainly a chance that we’ll still have tickets available the day of the event, but please don’t wait till then!

For more details please visit the Events page at

Robert Danos
HCRP Chairman

Additional Details
Google Map to Apple Valley Middle School

Henderson County GOP Website

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Grover Norquist to Endorse Joe McLaughlin for Congress in NC-03

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 4, 2008

I have been informed that Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform, will be traveling to North Carolina later this month to endorse Joe McLaughlin for Congress in the NC-03 race.

Joe McLaughlin will face Republican Walter Jones in the primary.

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Al-Qaeda in Iraq Update: Jan. 20

Posted by Thunder Pig on January 20, 2008

The following is a briefing from Rear Admiral Gregory Smith:

We have provided several briefings over the past year focused on operations against al-Qaeda Iraq, and while considerable progress has been made we still have much work to do. Operation Phantom Phoenix, an Iraq-wide operation targeting al-Qaeda, has been underway for two weeks and the effects of these combined coalition and Iraqi Security Force operations has been substantial.

Since January 1, Operation Phantom Phoenix has conducted 18 battalion-level operations, detained 1023 terrorists and killed 121 terrorists. Among those captured or killed were 92 high-value targets. Coalition and Iraqi forces have also found and cleared 351 caches, 410 IEDs, 3 VBIED and IED factories, and 4 tunnel complexes.

I thought it would be helpful to spend some time today discussing what still remains as Iraq’s most lethal enemy and its greatest threat to peace … al-Qaeda Iraq.

What is al-Qaeda Iraq? Who are its leaders and who makes up their rank and file? How are they organized, funded and how do they operate? What are they hoping to achieve in Iraq? And finally, what effect have they had on the people living here? These are questions I hope to be able to provide some perspective on by summarizing the fight against al-Qaeda Iraq over the past year.

Source: MNF-IRAQ

The Surge Succeeds!

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Press Release: Mumpower’s Last Stand: Shuler Being Used by Corrupt Tribal Interests?

Posted by Thunder Pig on January 16, 2008

Press Release/Position Statement

-From the desk of the Candidate-

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Mumpower’s Last Stand: Shuler Being Used by Corrupt Tribal Interests?

A front-page story in last Sunday’s Asheville Citizen-Times revealed that the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians spent over $100,000 last year to influence members of Congress, including $4,600 to North Carolina Congressman Heath Shuler. Yet, due to special exemptions, Indian tribes are not required to publicly disclose those contributions – as must other pressure groups like unions, political action committees, and corporations.

None of this comes as any surprise to 11th District Republican candidate Carl Mumpower, who last October criticized the tribe as having become a “corrupted special interest” at odds with the “common interests of the taxpaying citizens of Western North Carolina.”

“Add the Federal handouts and entitlements to the fact that their lobbyists aren’t bound by the same campaign finance laws as everyone else…it all just stinks,” said Mumpower. “The Cherokee dole out their cash to elected officials for the same reason as any other lobbyist does: to buy influence, plain and simple. Remember, Mr. Shuler sits on the congressional committee that oversees Indian Affairs. Just follow the money…it looks to me like Mr. Shuler’s influence is an attractive purchase for the Cherokee.”

Mumpower has previously announced that he will accept no campaign funds from unions, businesses, political action committees or other influence groups during his run for the seat currently held by Shuler. “Of course, money is a part of any serious campaign,” said Mumpower, “but ultimately, our success will come from consistent and principled positions and the support of the voters. My focus on the common good and the needs of ordinary folks cannot be bought through the shady dealings of influence peddlers with deep pockets…no matter what the color of their skin or sense of entitlement.”

Carl Mumpower is a candidate for the US House of Representatives.

His website is here.

End of Press Release.

For a better understanding of this issue, you may refer to the AC-T article by clicking here, or if it is no longer available, click here for my saved copy.

And, there are people fighting the corruption of the Cherokee Tribal Leaders, and I stand with them in their fight against their corrupt leaders, and the capricious editing at the AC-T [link to published letter] [link to my saved copy].

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Burr and Orr to Speak in Henderson County on March 9th

Posted by Thunder Pig on January 10, 2008

Press Release

Henderson County GOP

The Henderson County Republican Party is very excited to announce that we will have United States Senator Richard Burr and Justice Bob Orr on hand as keynote speakers for our County Convention and Lincoln Day Lunch both of which will take place on March 8th at Apple Valley Middle School. Further details will come in February. Interested voters may visit to learn more.

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NC Auditor Releases 2008 Progress Report

Posted by Thunder Pig on January 4, 2008


ZEBULON, N.C. – State Auditor Les Merritt today released a Progress Report summarizing the reforms implemented since he took office in January 2005. Merritt, a former small business owner who is seeking re-election in 2008, is the first Certified Public Accountant (CPA) to serve as State Auditor of North Carolina. The Progress Report can be viewed by clicking here.

“When I took office three years ago, I found a number of things in disarray: there was a huge backlog of unfinished investigative audits; many state-funded non-profits were not filing the required reports; there was no program in place to train state-funded non-profits on compliance requirements,” says Merritt. “The office had a lot of good, hard-working people; it just needed new leadership. I am pleased to report that we have made tremendous progress on many fronts.”

Some highlights from State Auditor Les Merritt’s Progress Report include:


Reduced a backlog of investigative audits by 76%;

Dramatically increased the number of state-funded non-profits filing the required reports;

Launched a new initiative to train personnel from funding agencies and state-funded non-profits;

Dramatically reduced the processing time for non-profit reports;

Developed a new, innovative “strategic auditing” process to help identify unusual trends and potential problems in state spending; and

Increased emphasis on performance audits.

“While we have accomplished a great deal in three short years, there is still much work to be done,” says Merritt. “We’ve been willing to challenge the status quo and fight to change the way state government does business – and this has stepped on some toes in Raleigh. That’s why many of the politicians who have ruled the roost for so long will work to derail our reform efforts during the upcoming election. We’ve accomplished a lot – and our state simply cannot afford to go back to the old way of doing things.”

Leslie W. (Les) Merritt, Jr. was elected State Auditor of North Carolina in 2004, becoming the first Certified Public Accountant (CPA) licensed in North Carolina to hold the office. Prior to being elected, he owned and operated a small business for over twenty years. Les’ experience as a small business owner taught him the importance of conserving and effectively utilizing resources. Les Merritt was elected to the Wake County Board of Commissioners in 1994. During his time as a County Commissioner he developed a reputation as a voice of fiscal responsibility, fighting to set priorities and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of county government. Les Merritt is a former PTA president who served as president of his local Rotary and Lions clubs. Les and his wife, Cheryl, live in Zebulon and are members of Zebulon Baptist Church. They have two adult children. For more information about State Auditor Les Merritt, please visit


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