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Hamid Karzai: Pakistan Is The Source Of Terrorism In My Country

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 16, 2008

A portion of the transcript:

Hamid Karzai: The problem of terrorism, as it is affecting Afghanistan, is not entirely an Afghan problem. As a matter of fact, a greater part of this problem is a regional problem, and a greater part of this problem is unfortunately coming to us from Pakistan. So the Americans, the international coalition – when they say they are continuing to work in Afghanistan, and yet the security is not there, they are right, because they have not gone to the right place to fight terrorism.

Interviewer: Which is?

Hamid Karzai: Which is the sanctuaries that the terrorists have in Pakistan.

Interviewer: But Pakistan, actually, recently… I have noticed that there is a very strong declaration from the Afghan government against Pakistan. You have accused the Pakistani government of being behind your attempted assassination, the last one, and the most dangerous thing is that you have threatened that you would go behind the borders just to find Al-Qaeda, and Taliban as well, which means you will go to Pakistan. Right now, Mr. President, if you don’t have the power to secure the situation in Afghanistan, do you think you have the power to go behind the border?

Hamid Karzai: When I said that Afghanistan would go in self defense beyond the Durand Line, [it] was in response to a statement that came from terrorist networks from Pakistan, from someone called Baitullah Mahsoud – you must have heard of him, and from someone called [Maulana] Fazlullah. They declared that they would cross the border and come into Afghanistan, to kill Afghans and the international troops. Now, for me, the president of a sovereign country – when there is a threat issued to me beyond my borders by someone, what is my responsibility?

Interviewer: That’s right, but the question is: Do you have the power? Can you do it?

Hamid Karzai: The power is the power of the government, of the institutions of the government, and of the people. Afghanistan is known in history – and Afghanistan has proven that in history – that when the Afghan people decide to defend themselves, they always win – as we have always won.

Source: MEMRI TV clip of excerpts from an interview with President of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai, which aired on Dubai TV on July 14, 2008.

Watch the interview.


The War on Terror (World War IV) is not limited to fighting against governments (such as Omar Mohammed’s Afghanistan and Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, or Syria, Iran, North Korea, Sudan…etc), but also against organizations that are not governments. In this war, the umbrella organization called al-Qaeda is an enemy, as are Hamas, Hezbollah, Fatah, Abu Sayyaf, Jamaat ul Fuqra, and dozens of other terror groups worldwide.

Fighting this war to a successful conclusion will involvemany things, but one of the most important ingredient is not allowing terrorists to have sanctuary anywhere in the world. They must always be pursued, and never allowed to rest or re-build their strength.

Previously, the Democrats have agitated for more troops to go to Afghanistan. Wanna bet they’ll change their minds once they realize there might be some possibility of going into Pakistan to fight the terrorists, even as the presumptive nominee of the Democratic Party, Barack Obama, once suggested?

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Pro-Taliban Party Loses in Pakistani Elections

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 20, 2008

Election results are available for 240 of the 272 seats for the National Assembly, as well as for the four provincial assemblies. The PPP — the party of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto — is in the lead with 87 seats, followed by the 66 seats won by the PML-N, the party of Nawaz Sharif who is also a former prime minister. The PPP is on track to form the governing coalition.

The Pakistani Muslim League-Quaid, Musharraf’s party, has won only 38 seats. The Muttahida Qaumi Movement — a students’ movement based in Sindh province — won 19 seats and the Awami National Party (a secular Pashtun party) won 10. The MMA only won three seats. Thirty-five seats have been distributed to independents, while results are still being counted for 26 of the seats. Elections were postponed in four districts.

Source: The Long War Journal, where more reporting and analysis can be found.

Lahore, 20 Feb. (AKI/DAWN) – Leaders of the two parties that won Pakistan’s parliamentary elections, Asif Zardari and Nawaz Sharif, are expected to meet in Islamabad on Thursday to discuss the formation of a new government.

Zardari, widower of former prime minister, Benazir Bhutto, who was assassinated in December, took over as head of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) after her death, while Sharif heads the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz group (PML-N).

According to preliminary results, the PPP won the most seats with 87 in the national assembly elections while the PML-N gained 65 seats.

The party that backs President Pervez Musharraf, the Pakistan Muslim League -Q (PML-Q) was roundly defeated and many former ministers were also rejected by voters.

Source: AKI

Well, it appears that others will be finding out what it is like to dance on a razor blade in Pakistan…with millions of lives in the balance.

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Conflict With Taliban Heating Up

Posted by Thunder Pig on January 14, 2008

Right on the heels of Pakistani Forces killing the local Taliban leader in Wazirisatn, the Taliban are acting up:

The Taliban continue to strike at military, government, and civilian institutions in Pakistan’s Northwest Frontier province and beyond. The Taliban ambushed a paramilitary convoy in the tribal agency of Mohmand, while a bombing in Karachi occurred as President Pervez Musharraf was visiting the city.

The Taliban ambushed a convoy of paramilitary troops of the Mohmand Rifles as it travelled from Ghalanai, Geo TV reported. The military claimed seven soldiers were killed in the ambush, while 23 Taliban were killed after it launched a counterattack. Artillery and helicopter gunships were said to be used in the counterattack.

Maulavi Omar, the Taliban spokesman for the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan, the unified Taliban movement in the Northwest Frontier Province, said no Taliban fighters were killed, while 17 members of the Mohmand Rifles were captured. “We’ll not stop our fight until the government withdraws forces and ends operations in tribal regions and Swat,” Omar told Reuters by telephone. The Pakistani military and government has inflated enemy casualties and denied its troops have been captured multiple instances in the past.

The day prior to the Mohmand ambush, the Taliban fired six rockets at the main military installation in Ghalanai. Counter battery fire from Pakistani troops resulted in one civilian casualty and on home destroyed.

Source: The Long War Journal

While the Democrats stand in the way of progress, warriors are dying on the battlefield as they oppose the followers of a 7th Century Death Cult.

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Tensions Raised in Pakistan, Obama Responsible?

Posted by Thunder Pig on August 4, 2007

The jihadists have attacked Pakistan with renewed vigor after Obama’s provocative remarks earlier this week, and the media tries to come to his rescue with an old story (two years ago) from someone not even running for President at the time.

2,000 tribesmen rally against troops

MIRANSHAH: Around 2,000 tribesmen rallied in North Waziristan on Friday calling on the government to withdraw troops from the region, Reuters reported. Holding black flags and wearing black armbands, the protesters chanted “Down with America” and demanded the government stop what they called unnecessary military operations in the region. “The government says it has sent troops to Waziristan to maintain peace and order but in fact the peace of the region has deteriorated since the army was deployed here,” Qari Mohammad Roman, an imam of a major mosque of Miranshah, North Wazirista’s main town, told protesters.

Source: Daily Times of Pakistan

MIRANSHAH, Pakistan (Reuters) – At least 22 people were killed on Saturday in spiraling violence in northwestern Pakistan as international concern grew over the deteriorating security situation and al Qaeda threat along the Afghan border.
Soldiers repulsed an attack by pro-Taliban militants in North Waziristan, and a suicide car bomber struck in another tribal area bordering Afghanistan.

How to make Pakistan do more to eradicate al Qaeda hideouts has become a hot topic in the U.S. election campaign, with Democratic hopeful Barack Obama talking of American forces conducting operations or strikes inside Pakistani territory.

During a telephone call to President Pervez Musharraf, U.S. President George W. Bush said this kind of talk was “unsavory,” and assured the Pakistani leader Washington respected its ally’s sovereignty, the Pakistani Foreign Ministry said on Friday.

On the ground, in a pre-dawn attack on Saturday, militants bombarded a check post in the Dosali area, some 40 km (25 miles) south of Miranshah, North Waziristan’s main town.

Troops repulsed the guerrillas when they launched a direct assault on the post.

“Militants fired about 50 rockets on a check post complex at around 0300 hours (6:00 p.m. EDT Friday) and then they carried out a physical attack on the check post,” military spokesman Major-General Waheed Arshad said.

Source: Yahoo! News

Obama touches raw nerve in Pakistan

Pakistan on Friday criticised US presidential hopeful Barack Obama for saying that, if elected, he might order unilateral military strikes inside this Islamic nation to root out terrorists.

Top Pakistan officials said Obama’s comment was irresponsible and likely made for political reasons related to the race for the Democratic nomination for next year’s US presidential election.

“It’s a very irresponsible statement, that’s all I can say,” Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Khusheed Kasuri said. “As the election campaign in America is heating up we would not like American candidates to fight their elections and contest elections at our expense.”

Also on Friday, a senior Pakistani official condemned another presidential hopeful, Colorado Republican Tom Tancredo, for saying best way he could think of to deter a nuclear terrorist attack on the US would be to threaten to retaliate by bombing the holiest Islamic sites of Mecca and Medina.

Obama triggered anger in Pakistan, a key ally of the US in its war on terror, when he said in a speech on Wednesday that as president he would order US military action against terrorists in Pakistan’s tribal region bordering Afghanistan if intelligence warranted it.

Source: Hindustan Times

I’d like to note for the record, that Congressman Tom Tancredo made that statement in 2005. This should show you how far back the media will go to provide cover for one of their own.

Don’t believe me? Check this out:

Tancredo: If They Nuke Us, Bomb Mecca

DENVER — A Colorado congressman told a radio show host that the U.S. could “take out” Islamic holy sites if Muslim fundamentalist terrorists attacked the country with nuclear weapons.

Rep. Tom Tancredo made his remarks Friday on WFLA-AM in Orlando, Fla. His spokesman stressed he was only speaking hypothetically.

Talk show host Pat Campbell asked the Littleton Republican how the country should respond if terrorists struck several U.S. cities with nuclear weapons.

“Well, what if you said something like — if this happens in the United States, and we determine that it is the result of extremist, fundamentalist Muslims, you know, you could take out their holy sites,” Tancredo answered.

“You’re talking about bombing Mecca,” Campbell said.

“Yeah,” Tancredo responded.

The congressman later said he was “just throwing out some ideas” and that an “ultimate threat” might have to be met with an “ultimate response.”

Spokesman Will Adams said Sunday the four-term congressman doesn’t support threatening holy Islamic sites but that Tancredo was grappling with the hypothetical situation of a terrorist strike deadlier than the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

Source: Fox News July 18, 2005

For the record, I believe we should let the Radical Muslims, and Moderate Muslims know that they will trigger a Berserker Rage should they set nukes off on American Soil. The Moderate Muslims should fear our response more than they fear the jihadists.

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Terrorism Update: The Obama Edition

Posted by Thunder Pig on August 3, 2007

I think most of you are aware that Obama made a serious gaffe earlier this week, in declaring that he would invade Pakistan to go after terrorists hiding in that country. What a lightweight he is!

He obviously does not realize that Musharraf is literally hanging by a thread, and a move like that would likely result in Pakistani nukes going into the wild, where the highest bidder would get a working nuke (talk about proliferation!), and quite possibly a nuclear strike on our troops invading that country. I guess unilateralism works for Democrats, but not for evil Republicans, huh?

Here are events in the region that he is responsible for starting…not bad for a second-year Senator from Illinois!!

Pakistan needs no foreign aid to tackle terrorists: Musharraf

Obama terror vow angers Pakistan

Pakistani protesters burn a U.S. flag to condemn U.S. presidential hopeful Barack Obama’s remarks in Karachi, Pakistan

(I guess the Kuhns share an angry Muslim tendency to do harm to our flag)

Bush reassures Musharraf over attack warnings

Bush criticizes talk of U.S. strike on Pakistan – govt

State Department Asks White House Candidates to Steer Clear of Sensitive Diplomatic Issues

Many Thanks to Jeffrey Imm of United States Action for the links.

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