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Vote For Me Excerpts

Posted by Thunder Pig on February 18, 2008

This is a playlist for some video excerpts from the PBS Documentary Vote For Me. It can be filed under “stuff found while looking for something else.”

I did a little research and found this website about the program:

In October 1996, PBS left the press, the pundits, and the presidential hopefuls behind for a rollicking two-night ride on the American campaign trail. VOTE FOR ME — POLITICS IN AMERICA, the first major television series to explore what it really takes to run for public office, was originally broadcast on October 28 and 29 by PBS stations. Produced by award-winning filmmakers Louis Alvarez, Andrew Kolker, and Paul Stekler, with WETA, Washington, D.C., it’s a series that departs from the usual horse race aspect of daily journalism and shows how local culture and customs are reflected in our politics.

To me, the most interesting part of the series of videos was a segment about Maggie Lauterer during her 1994 run against Charles Taylor. From the website:

Maggie Lauterer was a TV reporter who ran for Congress in the Asheville mountains of western North Carolina. She had no prior political experience. As the first woman to run for this office, we follow Maggie as she struggles to learn the ropes of effective politicking while attempting to run a “clean campaign…something I can be proud of when I meet my maker.” We spend time with her as she trudges through the arduous work of money calls and preparing for her first televised debate. After a difficult year spent building her campaign from scratch, we were close by as she faced defeat. Maggie and her professional campaign manager are both fascinating characters and their travails tell us much about what the political process has become in the 90’s.

Here is the clip that features her story:

If anyone could help me out with the proper order of the clips, I’d appreciate it!

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(VIDEO) 16th Annual Taylor Christmas Dinner The Lineup

Posted by Thunder Pig on December 10, 2007

Here is the first clip of the Taylor Christmas Dinner held over the weekend at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC:

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(VIDEO) Dale folwell for NC State Treasurer and Coming Soon–Mike Huckabee Videos from last night at the Taylor Christmas Dinner

Posted by Thunder Pig on December 9, 2007

Here is an interview Richard Bernier conducted with David Folwell, a candidate for North Carolina State Treasurer:

and, Richard announces that he may have the first video ready for showing later this afternoon or evening of his coverage of the annual Taylor Christmas Dinner last night. You may have seen brief clips of the coverage on WLOS, “Sound Off Buncome” will have in-depth coverage that will give you a “you are there” feel to the event. So, check back later.

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Fishburne and Morgan on Take A Stand

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 3, 2007

Filed Under Breaking News [I will replace my links w/ links to WWNC Podcasting as soon as they become available.]
Part of the discussion turns to Congressman Shuler and Earmarks, listen to the first segment here.
Segment Two 3.46pm Mike Harrison resigns from Buncombe GOP chair.
Segment Three.3.56pm Outside money for Shuler
Segment Four.4.04pm Campaign Finance discussed

Download Hour One from WWNC.

Hour Two [will be delayed due to upload error] 4.26pm

Segment Five 4.32pm

Segment Six 4.53pm More callers,HR 800

Segment Seven Replaced corrupted file 5.06pm HR 800

Segment Eight 5.07pm More Global Warming
Download Hour Two from WWNC.

I will not post the 5 o’clock hour.

Download Hour Three from WWNC.

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NC-10 Congressman to receive Spirit of Enterprise Award

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 18, 2007

WASHINGTON, DC-The United States Chamber of Commerce today presented Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-NC-10) with its annual “Spirit of Enterprise” award for his strong voting record on critical business issues in the second session of the 109th Congress.

“Rep. McHenry proved to be a valuable ally to the business community last year, supporting measures to stimulate job creation and spur economic growth,” said Tom Donohue, Chamber president and CEO. “The business community appreciates Patrick’s dedication to a pro-growth agenda and we are proud to present him with this award.”

The Chamber’s prestigious “Spirit of Enterprise” award is given annually to members of Congress based on rankings it gives for key business votes outlined in its yearly publication, “How They Voted.” Rep. McHenry compiled a 93% score with the Chamber last year and holds a cumulative 91% ranking during his tenure in Congress.

Hat Tip: NC Rumors

US Chamber of Commerce

I also note that our former Congressman Charles Taylor also was recognized with the same award, and I would like to acknowledge that achievement.

It seems unlikely that our current Congressman will be so recognized due to denying the right to a secret ballot by workers faced with union thuggery. I have faced these thugs before, and met their violence with violence. [Reminder to self: tell story after statute of limitations is past.]

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