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West Carolina Report for Jan 15th Updated with video

Posted by Thunder Pig on January 15, 2008

I’ve updated West Carolina Report for today.

And yesterday, Rush Limbaugh conducted the best opening monologue I have ever heard him give…and that is saying something!!!
The background music is “When Johnny Comes Marching Home,” and I associate it with one of my favorite movies of all time, “Dr Strangelove.” It was only when I was in High School that I found out the movie was supposed to be anti-war. Go figure, I thought it was pro-war, and I still thoroughly enjoy it!

Enjoy the video version, which I understand has the added value of Rush on the dittocam:

part one

part two

Source: Greatest Rush Monologue Ever? The Democrat Party Uncivil War

I also have a stereo version I may upload later today that I recorded yesterday while the show was in progress.

A thoughtful reader notified me that the videos weren’t working, so I tested them, and they are working for me, but I will use the opportunity to create a playlist so the two videos will play one after the other. Feel free to embed them on your own website, as I believe all should be able to observe greatness in action!

2 Responses to “West Carolina Report for Jan 15th Updated with video”

  1. cam said

    None of the videos are available. They’ve all been taken down by youtube. Maybe you should try another video hosting site?

  2. Thunder Pig said

    Yes, they are available…you just have to refresh your browser. I have that trouble every once in a while.

    I will, however, use the opportunity of your comment to put the videos on a playlist, so they will play one after the other.

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