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(Special Event) Thundercast

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 3, 2008

7.43 pm The live event is over, and I would like to thank the staff at WCU for their assistance, Don Yelton for the use of a laptop, and the commenters who assisted me chase down audio problems, and the tech guy from County NC News for helping me troubleshoot the troublesome camera driver installation.

This was a learning experience, and it is my hope that the next event will be bigger and better, and that the gremlins will find someone else to bother on that day!

Video of Matt in the raw.

The second video of the series.

The third video, an interview with Cnancellor John Bardo.

2.28pm I will be live blogging the event here as well. If you have been watching the video, you will see that Matt is already here and setting up. He even asked me where the “facilities were” and I haven’t been made. Keep refreshing the page for more updates. Especially if I can’t figure out how to get the online comments going. Now you know why I try to keep my face unknown. I can walk right up to people, and they have no idea who I am. I guess my training from my former employer is still holding. [TP]

I am planning a special event live for Thursday at 3pm for at least one hour, possibly three. This will be a guerrilla webcast, and will be available on a network of blogs and websites from the East to the West in North Carolina.

The event will be live streaming video with audio, much like my webcast of the Gubernatorial Debate from Blue Ridge Community College. and embedded in this post, which will stay on top until 6pm on Thursday. I will also be archiving the video for posting excerpts to youtube, so I will have to drop the connection for a couple of minutes at the bottom of the hour, and you will have to refresh the page to get it to come back up.

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47 Responses to “(Special Event) Thundercast”

  1. Anonymous said

    Way to go TP!!

    Broadcasting during the no stand mittan time slot is a plus in my books.

  2. Kathy said

    I’ll be watching and listening.

  3. Anonymous said

    Sounds very cool. I’ll tip off the NC board on FR. Any specific topic, or are you going to keep that a secret and let the suspense build?


  4. Anonymous said

    You never know what Bob will come up with next.

    Il be watching.

    JR in Franklin.

  5. Anonymous said

    An empty table? Is this a joke?

    Oh…3 oclock. I’ll be back.

  6. Anonymous said

    Thunder Pig,

    Space Mountain Productions here…



  7. Anonymous said


    Its 3:06pm, can u turn sound up?

    Great work


  8. Anonymous said


    If sound stays low, then here is an ideal….

    Why not go to wwwnc website, get live show & play it from your laptop, this should give u sound…

    Just a thought 4 u…


  9. Kathy said

    I’m looking forward to this!

    Lets us know about the sound.

  10. Thunder Pig said

    Is the audio working?

  11. Kathy said

    Still no sound. But the sound is real clear when TP handles the mic.

  12. Thunder Pig said

    I unhooked the mic…let me know if that is better for the wwnc streaming audio

  13. Video Rlaph said

    awesome, TP!

  14. Kathy said

    No sound on the WWNC site ether.


  15. Thunder Pig said

    So does that mean the audio is working?

  16. Video Ralph said

    oops… that should be ‘Video Ralph’ 😉

  17. Video Ralph said

    no audio here, now

  18. Thunder Pig said

    There…but it won’t be in synch…

  19. Kathy said

    I finally heard you, but it had a bad echo.

    Ohhh I can hear Matt, but the echo is bad.


  20. Thunder Pig said

    How about now?

  21. Kathy said


  22. Kathy said

    And the sound is very low.

  23. Kathy said

    I’s louder, but it still has to echo.

    The audio was a lot louder.

  24. Kathy said

    Because of the echo, it was almost impossible to understand what you said.

  25. Video Ralph said

    coming through pretty good now!

  26. Kathy said

    The audio is loud enough, but it still has the echo.

  27. Thunder Pig said

    I already have one youtube video on youtube and embedded…just refresh. I also have him describing Operation CHAOS on the break.
    I think it is funny him talking about the you tube effect and viola…he is on you tube!

  28. Kathy said



  29. Kathy said

    The Youtube clip is good.

    The echo is gone. But the sound is still low.

  30. Thunder Pig said

    I think that I will have to buy a good microphone…as Video Ralph has said in his video tips…sound counts for a lot!

    I appreciate you guys hanging out and helping me work the bugs out.

  31. Anonymous said


    Does Matt know u are their? And does he know that you are streaming??


  32. Thunder Pig said

    He doesn’t have a clue!

  33. Kathy said

    I love it TP!!

    With the profs that he was interviewing, I can see why our kids are being indoctrinated.

    They bashed Fox, but then conveniently forgot to mention the NY Times publishing false stories.

    Or the liberal news media fawning over Barack Obama– giving him a pass on anything he does. Or how about Chris Matthews and his partisan program. I guess that’s ok, as long as your a Democrat.

    We saw partisanship on that panel.
    And he wouldn’t call them on it.
    What a suck up!

  34. Thunder Pig said

    The definition of bi-partisanship is the RINOs and Democrats sticking it to the Conservatives.

    When you hear bi-partisan…think bi-sexual.

  35. Anonymous said


    Its 4:17pm, Sound is good overall.. Just turned my audio up, to me this is great…

    I need to review using the laptop on ustream, I see this is somthing that will work for other events.

    Getting out an event LIVE is GREAT…

    Since Don Yelton does live call in TV Show then I am sure they are folks that dont have Charter Cable & not live in an area that has cable.

    This would allow, who ever to view & if you can archive live stream then a person can watch 24X7.

    A great way to come, for ALL…

    RIchard B.

    TP Why dont you talk more during the break, I cant take the lame commericals they have!!

  36. Kathy said

    Wow! A new use of the term. HA,HA,HA!!

    Good One!

  37. Thunder Pig said

    I have taken off my headset, and have placed the mic of the earpad of the headset.

    It is odd, he has made eye contact with me, but seems totally uninterested in what is going on…even in the breaks…

  38. Anonymous said

    No doubt the good buddies in the urber liberal blogosphere will enlighten him.

    I agree with RB, I can’t stand their advertisements ether.

    It’s sounding more and more like 880.

  39. Thunder Pig said

    “mic on the earpad of the headset”

    So much for multi-tasking!

  40. Anonymous said

    Great Job TP!!

  41. Thunder Pig said

    You might want to hit the refresh on the player…I got knocked off the internet and had to log back in.

  42. Anonymous said

    5:09pm….Audio is great, video is good….

    ThunderAir coming in good here in Weavervagas!!


    PS… I wouldnt even say a word to Matt….What good would it do!!

    Matt is worried about new ways getting the word out other than his big Mic at WWNC 570.


  43. Anonymous said

    Doesn’t he think it is odd that someone has a laptop and two cameras pointed at him?
    If it were me, I would find who was s o interested in me.

    JR in Franklin

    PS…I have seen TP do some amazing stuff without anyone knowing he was in the room. He akawya says he is ninja.

  44. Thunder Pig said

    I have posted the third video…and interview with the Chancellor of WCU.

  45. Thunder Pig said

    JR…you never know where I’ll turn up! The Jedis have to say “These are not the droids you are looking for.” I just think it! LOL

  46. Gordon Smith said

    Really entertaining comment thread.

  47. Thunder Pig said

    You shoulda seen me trying to chase down the stupid audio problems…

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