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Transformus 2008

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 23, 2008

I posted an article on the Neo-Pagan Religious Festival called Transformus on WNC Citizens Blog yesterday, including a photo of last year’s temple burn, and videos a participant posted to you tube.

The festival is based on the Burning Man that takes place every year in the Nevada desert.

Asheville is really living up to their new motto (Any Way You Like It) designed to bring in the tourists, and this Neo-Pagan Festival seems to fit the bill.

I wonder how many of the Pagans who cast spells to protest their Magnolia in front of City Hall went to this festival? They are currently camped out on Stewart Coleman’s property in front of Asheville’s City Hall.

6 Responses to “Transformus 2008”

  1. Anonymous said

    “I wonder how many of the Pagans who cast spells to protest their Magnolia in front of City Hall went to this festival? “

    0-2, tops. They are not much really the same crowd. ‘Burners’ can be any or no religious/spiritual affilition.

  2. Anonymous said

    Transformus is not a Neo-Pagan event, nor is Burning Man. Spirituality is involved, but it’s more about art, expression, decommodification, self-reliance, and community. It’s about coming together with like-minded people to celebrate life and the above-mentioned. Burners are the most nonjudgmental people you could ever hope to meet, and also the most inspiring. They exist throughout the world and you’d be surprised how many Transformus attendees are neighbors of yours.

  3. Thunder Pig said

    I have followed several online comments from the Magnolia crowd who were torn between burning this year and staying to protect the tree.

    They were also bummed out that they couldn’t take their children this year. They could take their children to the tree, though.

    But, you have to admit…the activity is a religious event, and that a true Christian can not participate in them unless they are deceived.

  4. Thunder Pig said

    Anon #2:

    Burning Man AND Transformus are spiritual events and are, in my opinion, evil.

    Here are some sources to read:


    Burning Man


    Transformus Wikipedia Article

    Satan’s birthday Party

    Worthy News

    Weird America (video showing the deviant behavior at Burning Man, and the anti-Capitalist Agenda of the group)

    I have over a hundred links like these, but you should get the idea.

    I think what is most revealing is the objections your membership raises to being profiled and identified. Such intolerance of anything other than approval.

  5. Anonymous said

    The 3-4 Wiccans who organized the ritual around the tree are not Burners. Heck, they are not particularly representative of the rest of the “Neo-Pagans” in the area, for that matter.

  6. Anonymous said

    No one is saying the Burns are not spiritual. On many levels, they are for many people. It is a personal thing. No one religion (or religion at all) is promoted by these events. Spirituality is non-denominationl.

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