Thunderpig’s Mirror

West Carolina Report for Dec 28th

Posted by Thunder Pig on December 28, 2007

Since I am on a vacation schedule, my daily updates for West Carolina Report have been later in the day, and today is no different.

Some of my neighbors and I have an odd tradition where we watch marathon showings of TV Shows or movie series.

This year, it was the 3rd season of LOST, which we finished waaay ahead of our schedule last night instead of on Monday as planned, so we have boldly gone ahead with our threat of watching 5 seasons of Babylon 5 by Tuesday evening. This is insane!
We managed to get in 6 episodes last night, and will be firing up the computer and TV again in a few minutes. I have all the episodes on a portable hard drive via iTunes, and we are watching them on my TV through a S-Video Cable and a dual monitor set-up (thank you NVIDIA!) with my TV acting as a second monitor.

So, I will only be posting very sporadically between now and then.

Unless the wives intervene, that is.

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