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Live Coverage of Rally in Raleigh Tomorrow

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 17, 2008

There will be a rally tomorrow, Wednesday, June 18th, in Raleigh, NC.

If you cannot attend, you can listen to live coverage of it here or on Troy LaPlante’s Blog Talk Radio Page.

From Troy’s blog:

Join Immigration Enforcement Groups for Historic Rally in Raleigh on June 18

A diverse group of concerned citizens who represent the 80% of North Carolinians, which want the NC Legislature to take action to curtail illegal immigration in 2008, will gather for a rally and citizens lobby day in Raleigh on June 18, 2008

The rally will be from 11am-1pm on the Bicentennial Mall, which is across Jones St. from the main entrance of the NC Legislature. Supporters are also encouraged to join us, on the 1st floor inside the legislative building from 8am-5pm, to distribute materials and lobby NC lawmakers against HB 2717 that would allow illegal aliens in NC Colleges, while supporting measures to protect American jobs, tax resources, and lives threatened by illegal immigration.

These events will be at the NC Legislature at 16 West Jones St., Raleigh, NC Click here for map.

Source: Troy LaPlante


I am excited that others in North Carolina are waking up to the possibilities of covering events live. We can bypass the Legacy Media outlets of TV, Radio, and Newsprint and go directly to the people. I will be embedding the audio player on my blog, and if you have a blog of your own, I suggest that you domit as well to maximize the coverage and reporting of this event.

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7th of 8 Haditha Marines Cleared of Charges Will Jack "War Crimes" Murtha Apologize?

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 17, 2008

Lt. Col. Jeffrey Chessani was found not guilty of all charges today, and Gateway Pundit notes that 7 of 8 have now been cleared…despite the assurances of Congressman Murtha that they were guilty.

You can ask Congressman Murtha’s office when an apology will be forthcoming at 202-225-2065. Be nice to the people in the office.

Jack Murtha on the US Marines at Haditha:

“…they killed innocent civilians in cold blood…”

Congressman, do the right thing and apologize. We know you couldn’t help it because you are a Moonbat Democrat, and as such hate America, and believe the worst about the brave young men and women who selflessly serve their nation.

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Vehicle Seized With Iranian Bombs

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 17, 2008

According to Voices of Iraq, a vehicle with 27 Iranian made bombs has been seized, and the driver arrested in Wassit, Iraq. Wassit is near Kut, and is about 80 miles southeast of Baghdad.

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A Fund To Elect Conservatives to the U.S. Senate

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 17, 2008

Red State Radio interviewed Senator DeMint (R-SC), and you can listen here.

More information about the fund.

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The Altar of Freedom

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 17, 2008

Source: The Americanluvnit

The cowards who oppose this war will never be able to wash the stain of it from their souls.

Quote of the Day:

Republicans say that foreign terrorists attacking our country have no rights.
Democrats say they have more rights than American servicemen. You choose.

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Flag Day Rally in West Chester, PA

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 17, 2008

Here is a video excerpting the Flag Day Rally in West Chester, PA this past weekend:

This Ain’t Hell was there to blog about the event, and links to other bloggers who were there.

Here is how Skye recorded the festivities:

Yes, the same Skye who was slapped by a male hippie from the Chester County Peace Movement.

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A Taste of Scotland Videos

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 17, 2008

Here are the videos and slide shows I have put together so far from Saturday’s A Taste of Scotland festival in Franklin, NC:

Parade of Tartans

Slide Show (1 of 3)

A Taste of Scotland 2

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