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BTR: Patriot Action with Wyatt and Matt

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 4, 2008

Wyatt and Matt discuss the issues of the day from a conservative point of view starting at 8pm for an hour.


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BREAKING: Obama Friend Tony Rezko Guilty On All 16 Counts

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 4, 2008

Convicted political fixer Antoin “Tony” Rezko, found guilty today on 16 counts of corruption “related to a kickback scheme for companies that do business with the state” of Illinois, has surrendered to authorities.

Rezko, who is scheduled for sentencing in September, surprised even his attorney by opting to begin serving his time immediately.

“I didn’t choose that. Mr. Rezko chose if he was convicted to immediately start serving,” said Joe Duffy, Rezko Defense Attorney. “That was just the desire he expressed to us, and it was his decision.”

Source: Rezko Watch


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BTR: Loki and Eeevil Conservative on A Newt One

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 4, 2008

Loki and Eeevil Conservative discuss the issues of the day. Show begins at 7pm, and last for two hours.


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Mitch McConnell Forces Reading of 500 Page Bill

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 4, 2008

It is about time the GOP started playing hard ball with Harry “Surrender in Iraq” Reid!!!

Senate Republicans, angry over the pace of confirming President Bush’s judicial nominees, tied up the floor Wednesday to force Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) to schedule more confirmation votes.

Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) objected on the Senate floor to Reid’s efforts to speed debate on climate change by forcing the clerk to read a 500-page substitute amendment. The move comes after weeks of Republican threats to employ parliamentary tactics to force Democrats to confirm at least 16 appellate court nominees by the end of this Congress.

Republicans accuse Reid of breaking a promise to confirm three appeals court judges before Memorial Day. But Reid insists he never made a guarantee, saying he tried to confirm three judges but Republicans effectively stalled one nominee they opposed by burdening her with too many written questions. Democrats say Congress has confirmed a vast majority of Bush’s nominees, and argue that the White House has intentionally floated polarizing nominees to energize the conservative base.

Source: The Hill
Hat Tip: Rush Limbaugh

I wonder how long it will take to read 500 pages?

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Obama Strategy Based On Delegates, Not Voters

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 4, 2008

Almost from the beginning, Hillary Rodham Clinton‘s superior name recognition and her sway with state party organizations convinced Barack Obama‘s brain trust that a junior senator from Illinois was not going to be able to challenge the Clinton political machine head-on.

The insurgent strategy the group devised instead was to virtually cede the most important battlegrounds of the Democratic nomination fight to Clinton, using precision targeting to minimize her delegate hauls, while going all out to crush her in states where Democratic candidates rarely ventured.

The result may have lacked the glamour of a sweep, but last night, with the delegates he picked up in Montana and South Dakota and a flood of superdelegate endorsements, Obama sealed one of the biggest upsets in U.S. political history and became the first Democrat since Jimmy Carter to wrest his party’s nomination from the candidate of the party establishment. The surprise was how well his strategy held up — and how little resistance it met.

“We kept waiting for the Clinton people to send people into the caucus states,” marveled Jon Carson, one of Obama’s top ground-game strategists.

“It’s the big mystery of the campaign,” said campaign manager David Plouffe, “because every delegate counts.”

Source: Washington Post

Such is the price of over confidence for Hillary Clinton. Not to mention the fact that the Legacy Media was in the tank for Obama. I hope that Obama does not put her on the ticket with him, that would seal the fate of the GOP this time around.

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Morning News Roundup for June 4th

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 4, 2008

It’s been far too long since I did one of these, and I’ll do this one by category:

2008 Presidential Race

Barack Obama

[You Decide 2008]: Video: Obama’s full nomination victory speech

[Rezko Watch]: Klein: Nation of Islam activists on Obama camp payroll. Former insider worried by senator’s connection to Louis Farrakhan, members of radical group

[RezkoWatch]: Rezko Watch Hotlist

[Obama Watch]: Obama Roundup

[Election 2008]: Flood of Supers to Obama

[Fox Embeds]: Obama in St. Paul: “Tonight, I can stand before you and say that I will be the Democratic nominee for President of the United States.”

[McCain Blogs]: Anyone Seen My Policies?

[Political Punch]: Obama is From Mars, Hillary From Venus

[The Caucus]: Controversial Priest Ordered to Take a Leave

[Gateway Pundit]: BREAKING: Devastating Video Discovery– Obama Associate Talks About His Pro-Palestinian Background

[Race 4 2008]: Superdelegate Flood Begins

[The Electoral Map]: Obama to Visit Virginia Coal Country

Hillary Clinton

[Political Radar]: Something’s Different in Camp Clinton

[Real Clear Politics]: Clinton Thanks Supporters in New York

[You Decide 2008]: Hillary’s non-concession speech from New York

[Michelle malkin]: Vote for your favorite Hillary campaign moment

[Red State]: “Nothing Is Over Until We Decide It Is!”

John McCain

[Fox Embeds]: McCain: Obama offers “wrong change”

[MSNBC]: McCain breaks from Bush, takes on Obama

[Race 4 2008]: McCain Opens the General Election in New Orleans Speech

[Race 4 2008]: Bad Idea…

[The Electoral Map]: Carrying the Banner for the Three Types of Republicans

From the Blogosphere:

[Maverick News Network]: Condi’s angry over new Jewish housing in Jerusalem

[American Thinker]: How to measure al Qaeda’s defeat

[Gateway Pundit]: Far Left Democrats: Wrong in 1972- Wrong in 1976- Wrong in 1988- Wrong in 2008

[Gateway Pundit]: Historic Primary Ends… Dems Pick Far Left Inexperienced Black Candidate with Islamic-Marxist Roots

[LGF]: Islamic Thinkers at Israel Day in New York

[DOUG Ross @ Journal]: Sowell unspins Obama’s fabrications

[IMAO]: lolterizt! Part 49

[Michelle Malkin]: Let the Nation of Islam patrol Miami? Sure, what could go wrong?

[IsraPundit]: Condi’s peace is a mirage.

[Conservative Beach Girl]: Conservatives to sit-out election day? Don’t count on that!

In other News:

[Homeland Security National Terror Alert]: Security Alert Suspends Tube Service To Heathrow Airport
from Homeland Security National Terror Alert

[Dhimmi Watch]: Free speech under assault: Steyn, Maclean’s on trial in British Columbia

[Gateway Pundit]: Anti-Israel Khomeini Protest in Islamabad

Geert Wilders visits Copenhagen from I Media Online on Vimeo.
[Gates of Vienna]: Geert Wilders’ Speech at the Danish Parliament

[The Gathering Storm]: Storm Track Infiltration: After School Jihad

[ADN Kronos]: Iran: Israel will vanish with or without Iran, says hardline president

[Counterterrorism Blog]: Iraqi Insurgents Quarrel Over Recognizing International Law

[Fausta’s Blog]: China, Venezuela and now Brazil soon to be drilling off the coast of Florida while America sits on its own natural resources

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Michelle Obama "Whitey" Video To Be Released Today?

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 4, 2008

I don’t know if it exists, although if I had such a video, I would wait until the middle of October to release it…read more at Gateway Pundit.

You will also find a video over there of an Obama Associate talking about his pro-Palestinian background.

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