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McCain/Ridge 2008?

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 10, 2008

Source: Mcall
Hat Tip: Race 4 2008

I dunno about that speculation. Just thought I would pass it along.

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Riots Looming in Wake of November Obama Defeat

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 10, 2008

More from Old Glory Radio

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Michael Yon Returning To Action

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 10, 2008

Citizen Journalist Michael Yon is heading back to cover the war:

I have left the United States and am heading back to the war.

Heavy promotion of Moment of Truth in Iraq is over. I conducted approximately 100 radio, television, magazine and newspaper interviews, therefore was unable to do much more than track the war from afar. There are more radio interviews scheduled, but I’ll be talking from downrange. Moment of Truth in Iraq hit #6 on the Amazon bestseller list, and #2 on Barnes and Noble, which greatly surprised me.

Michael Moore has stopped the copyright infringement on my work, but his attorney has not responded to my attorney’s requests to negotiate a settlement. Out of courtesy, we’ll give Mr. Moore a little more time. But if he refuses to afford us the professional consideration of returning communications, we’ll have to file a lawsuit and meet them in court.

Source: Michael Yon

Godspeed, Michael. And I sincerely hope that you sue the pants off Michael Moore.

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Monster Blogburst for June 10th

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 10, 2008

Some people just don’t know when to stop. Apparently, I am one of them. Here is my morning blogburst:

Barack Obama News

|Tales From The Trail| What would Obama do for Africa?

|McCain Blogs| Obama To Prosecute War Criminals

|American Thinker| Obama’s War

|American Thinker| Obama, Black Liberation Theology and Antisemitism

|Fausta’s Blog| Chomping at the bit: Obama’s war crimes trials, and Bush impeachment

|Longstreet| Obama Declares War On…uh… Internet Rumors and Slurs!

General U.S.A. Political News

We have been through this time and time again.

The left and its media allies cannot accept that the country’s leaders, especially those leaders with a Democrat “D” near their name, found it necessary to authorize the use force in the war the Islamic extremists continue to wage against us.

The left’s solution has been to fabricate a myth that we were “mislead” into war. Despite the fact that no less than three exhaustive reviews have completely discredited this mythical lie, last week the Democrat controlled Senate Intelligence Committee, chaired by West Virginia Democrat John D. Rockefeller IV, tried to try and rewrite history and thereby breath new life into this despicable myth.

As a few Democrats realize, success in Iraq will be a problem for the Democrats. Now that the success of the surge is being recognized by the press, if not the Democrat’s standard bearer, those that once supported the war but switched positions with the prevailing political winds are growing disparate. The only way those Democrats who once supported the war, and thereby offended the Democrats’ agenda-setting antiwar left-wingers, can see to hold onto power is to blame their support for the war on being mislead.

|Red State| Democrats’ New Political Threat to U.S. Security

|Right Angles| 25 Percent Tax on “Reasonable” Profits

|Michelle Malkin| Harry Reid’s Jimmy Carter Memorial Act: Senate takes up windfall profits tax

* John McCain 52% (48%)
* Barack Obama 39% (43%)

Favorable / Unfavorable (Net)

* John McCain 59% / 38% (+21%)
* Barack Obama 42% / 55% (-13%)

Survey of 500 likely voters was conducted June 2. The margin of error is +/- 4 percentage points. Results from the poll conducted May 1 are in parentheses.
|Rasmussen| Texas Presidential Election

|TIME: RCP| McClellan’s Quest Continues

|Maverick News Network| American people: ‘Talk to Iran but only after they drop the nuke program’

|News Busters| Brokaw Scolds Letterman on ‘Horrible’ U.S.; Environmental Hypocrisy

|Politico| Dems can’t afford donation ban

|Conservative Beach Girl| No Tomatoes: To-may-toe; to-mah-toe!


North Carolina News

|Lawson For Congress| Thoughts from the NCGOP Convention

|My Weaverville| MegaVote for NC’s 11th Congressional District: June 9, 2008

|Under The Dome| McCaskill: No ‘tough questions’ from Dole

|Inner Banks Eagle| LBJ’s List And The Conservative Challenge

|Hillbilly White Trash| The modern Left

World War IV News

|Gazing At The Flag| Wednesday Hero ~ SPC Jeffrey A Williams

|The Long War Journal| Sadr’s Special Groups

|Captain’s Journal| RAND Study on Counterinsurgency in Afghanistan

Danes need look no further than their own newspapers to find the reason for the car bombing that severely damaged their embassy in Pakistan on Monday, according to Rohan Gunaranta, an international terrorism expert from Pakistan.

‘There is still a lot of dissatisfaction here about the cartoons, as well as the fact that the Danish government still has not condemned them or the people that were responsible for them. As long as that hasn’t happened, Denmark will be under the constant threat of militant muslims,’ Gunaranta said.

Fauzia Mufti Abbas, Pakistan’s ambassador to Denmark, agreed that the Mohammed cartoons, first published in Jyllands-Posten newspaper in October 2005, had incited Muslim anger and were possibly the motivation for the attack, which killed eight and wounded as many as 30.

|Gateway Pundit| Paki Ambassador Warns Denmark To Apologize For Cartoons Or Face More Attacks

|Real Clear Politics| Gagged in Canada: Speech Police Run Amok

|Global Guerrillas| Neo-Feudalism and the Decline of the State

|Jihad Watch| Iran tells Iraq that U.S. troops are “main obstacle on the way to progress”

|Jihad Watch| Jordanian group wants Wilders tried over Fitna

|Dhimmi Watch| Malaysian Prez: Muslims in Britain should live under Sharia

|Arutz Sheva News| Iran Counter-Threatens ‘Painful’ Response, Signs Pact With Iraq

|Michael Totten| A Dark Corner of Europe, Part II

News From a Lefty Perspective

|Senate Guru| Gigantic Early Tuesday Morning Rundown

|Right Wing Watch| Former ‘700 Club’ Co-Host Indicts Blacks for ‘Evil Deeds’ for Voting Democratic

|Think Progress| ThinkFast: June 10, 2008

|Firedoglake| Everything is proceeding awesomely…please go shopping

|Daily Kos| Cheers and Jeers: Tuesday

|AshVegas| Asheville’s Jute wins grant

|Blue NC| Obama Kicks off General Election Campaign in North Carolina

|Gaia’s Tears| Kucinich the Just – A Tireless Warrior for Impeachment

|Scrutiny Hooligans| Parkside: Reference Guide, Council Meeting Edition

|Where Is The Outrage?| Moyers outsmarts O’Reilly

Radio Replay

|John Batchelor| Tiananmen Square anniversary

|Political Pistachio Radio| Burlap or Cloth? Say good bye to your plastic grocery bags, Hillary Quits (finally), Islam in USA – Jun 10,2008

|Syrin| Katcha KLOO Sunday – Jun 09,2008

|A Newt One| The Jimmy Z Sunday Show Featuring Jimmy Z – Jun 08,2008

News that won’t fit anywhere else

|Papa Mike| Grandpa Comes to the Rescue…Grabs Shotgun from Intruder

|Siberian Light| Nikolai Makarov – the man to reform Russia’s military?

|Blackfive| DouChe’ shirts shipping

|Destroyermen| USS Russell Assists Vessel in Distress

|Milcomm Monitoring| Russian Navy Participating in BaltOps 2008

|The Pirates Cove| Global Warming Today: How’s This Consensus?

|Goolge Operating System| Google Docs to Add PDF Storage

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Hypocrisy and Lefty Bloggers

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 10, 2008

I get a kick out out lefty bloggers, especially the Marxists who would put the government in control of every aspect of our lives until every drop of liberty was squeezed out.

An example:

– I saw three people roll up to a wedding this weekend in their H2. They drove it from Atlanta. I’m not sure if it occurred to them that they were consuming irresponsibly.

Source: Scrutiny Hooligans

Like most lefties, it never occurs to them that liberty involves the freedom to act irresponsibly…except that these people did not act responsibly, and had less of an effect on the environment than most people who cannot afford a Hummer.

That is how the Free Market works, people drive what they can afford. My old chevy 1987 pickup gets 6 miles to the gallon and has no emission control devices. It cost me $200. That should get more of his self-righteous ire than the H2’s (which get better fuel mileage than any of my vehicles), and there are probably ten thousand pickups like mine to every H2 out there on the road.

And my 1997 Ford diesel pickup gets only 12 mpg (it drops down to 7-8 when I haul trailers around loaded with equipment), and it is not subject to passing emission tests like my other truck. Models like that are also more numerous than the H2.

The H2 represents class envy for those on the left. At least the H2 can carry 6 people, my Chvy only carries 2, and my diesel only carries 4 max. Plus, the H2 is far more environmentally friendly in its emission control than most of the older vehicles on the road.

The lefty goes on to complain about the spelling of people on the forums of the regional paper, which leads me to ask, “What is it with lefties and spelling?” Why are they such spelling and grammar Nazis? Do they not realize that what they are complaining about is a direct result of their much-loved public education system? A system that is increasingly teaching children more about multiculturalism than about spelling. A system that is teaching a system of false tolerance for any belief except Christianity and conservatism?

Don’t you think it odd that a parent with an 8th grade education can homeschool their children to outspell 99% of children taught in the public education system, and for less money per pupil?

I could go on and on, but will restrict myself to one more topic, and I have saved the best for last.

Yesterday, that blogger came over here and berated me in the comments about convicting Obama with “guilt by association” posts. (His blog is woven with that thread through and through).

I didn’t have to wait long for him to post another…less than 24 hours later, he goes and does what he was irate about me doing. Hypocrisy, where is thy sting? The dichotomy is delicious, and shows a level of intellectual dishonesty that would make for a comedic character study if presented on stage, film, or even in a weekly sitcom.

The dichotomy comes from him calling it wrong for me to point out the Foul Deeds committed by the many Associates of Barack Obama, but fairplay when it comes to pointing out the Foul Deeds of those associated with Bush, Cheney, or anyone else he chooses. I believe that there is much to be learned from one’s associates, whether it work out to suit my ideological beliefs or not.

This Campaign Season will be very fun from the standpoint of watching all the lefty chickens coming home to roost.

I predict that Emperor Obama will have no clothes at the end of this election, and it is my hope that the takedown of Obama will cause irreparable harm to progressivism in this Republic.

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