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Bigger than a Catamount? No, It’s a Hoax

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 9, 2008

It must be something in the air that brings the spring panther hoax to western North Carolina.

There is nothing I love more than doing away with hoaxes like this, and purported UFO sightings, chemtrails, 9/11 conspiracy theories, Bigfoot sightings, and of course, my favorite…ghosts. I have found no evidence to support any of the above.

This is from my inbox:

= = = =
Look at what James Snipe hit with his car on US-64 west of Cashiers in
Jackson County . The panther was still alive but unable to move, so our
neighbor called animal control and they came and put him down. A land owner
had seen this one a week before dragging off a 320 lb steer.

Our neighbor is an amateur taxidermist and he's going to stuff him. This
weighed 260 lbs. while most mature male panthers weigh 80 to 150 lbs. We
had no idea they still roamed around here!
= = = = =

Here are the two photos that were attached:

And here was my answer:

It’s a hoax story.


More details on this discussion board.

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Progressives and Pauleroids Weep, For Bush Did Not Lie!!!

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 9, 2008

On many key judgments before the war, the report itself found that statements on Iraq’s biological weapons capacity, its nuclear and chemical weapons programs, the president and his cabinet secretaries generally followed the intelligence assessments of the spy services. On some issues there was disagreement. When Mr. Cheney said in September 2002 that he did not know if Al Qaeda and Iraq cooperated on the September 11, 2001, attacks, the CIA and FBI believed at that point there was no connection.

…President Bush believed the nation could not take the risk that they could. But on the question of meaningful links between Al Qaeda and Iraq, something the anti-war movement believes never existed, the evidence suggests a more nuanced picture than Mr. Rockefeller has portrayed. This is where Mr. Ford’s January 31, 2003, memo comes into play.

Mr. Ford’s memo came on the eve of Operation Iraqi Freedom. His words demolish a talking point for Democrats who still say Al Qaeda had nothing to do with Iraq until the coalition of the willing invaded. Mr. Ford wrote that the former emir of Al Qaeda in Iraq, Abu Musab Zarqawi “has had a good relationship with Iraqi intelligence officials.” He added that intelligence on Qaeda “revealed the presence of safe house facilities in the city as well as the clear intent to remain in Baghdad. Also, foreign NGO workers outside of Iraq who are believed to provide support to al-Qaeda have also expressed their intent to set up shop in Baghdad.”

Source: Gateway Pundit

So much for Barack Obama’s vaunted “judgment” on being against the war in Iraq from the very beginning! Like most progressives and progressitarians, Obama let his Bush Derangement Syndrome dictate his actions and beliefs.

This reminds me of Quinn’s First Law: Liberalism always generates the exact opposite of its stated intent.

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Arabs Volunteer To Fight In Afghanistan Against al-Qaeda?

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 9, 2008

WASHINGTON — The leader of the tribal confederation that has fought to expel Al Qaeda from most of Iraq’s Anbar province is offering his men to help gin up a rebellion against Osama bin Laden’s organization along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.

In an interview, Sheik Ahmad al-Rishawi told The New York Sun that in April he prepared a 47-page study on Afghanistan and its tribes for the deputy chief of mission at the American embassy in Kabul, Christopher Dell. When asked if he would send military advisers to Afghanistan to assist American troops fighting there, he said, “I have no problem with this, if they ask me, I will do it.”

The success of the Anbari tribal rebellion known as the awakening spurred Multinational Forces Iraq to try to emulate the model throughout Iraq, including with the predominately Shiite tribes in the south of the country. Today, the tribal-based militias formed to protect Anbaris from Al Qaeda are forming a political alliance poised to unseat the confessional Sunni parties currently in parliament in the provincial elections scheduled for the fall and the federal ones scheduled for 2009.

During his nomination hearing for taking over the regional military post known as Central Command, General David Petraeus said one of the first things he would do would be to travel to Pakistan to discuss the current strategy of the government in dealing with Al Qaeda’s safe haven in the Pashtun border provinces. A possible strategy for defeating Al Qaeda would be an effort there along the lines of the Anbar awakening to win over the tribes that offer Osama bin Laden’s group protection and safe haven.

Source: Michael J. Totten

No wonder the Legacy Media doesn’t cover the war in Iraq (or Afghanistan) very much these days. These kind of stories do not fit the America-hating template of failure.

Still, things are not all rosy in Afghanistan, or even in Pakistan.

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North Carolina Federation of Republican Men

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 9, 2008

Here is another video shot by Richard Bernier (of URTV‘s Sound Off Buncombe) while he was at the NC GOP Convention this past weekend:

NC Federation of Republican Men

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Mumpower: Shuler Votes More Liberal Than Murtha and Kucinich

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 9, 2008

I haven’t been posting these as regular as I should have been:


According to many national issue surveys, the state of the economy is the number one concern for most Americans. The Club for Growth, a national policy body with a primary focus on economic growth issues, tracks the pro-economic growth votes of leaders in the House and Senate. Per their calculations, 11th district Congressman Heath Shuler votes against economic growth 98% of the time – a record more anti-growth than that of his liberal colleagues in Congress – John Murtha, Charles Rangel and Dennis Kucinich.

The organization uses the following pro-economic policy goals to assess leadership standing-

· Making the Bush tax cuts permanent
· Death tax repeal
· Cutting and limiting government spending
· Social Security reform /personal accounts
· Expanding free trade
· Legal reform to end abusive lawsuits
· Replacing the current tax code
· School choice
· Regulatory reform and deregulation

John Murtha scored 5%, Rangel 12%, and Kucinich 6% while Shuler scored 2% on the pro economic growth screen. In contrast, North Carolina Republicans Sue Myrick, Patrick McHenry, and Virginia Foxx scored 89-90% on the same criteria.

Shuler’s Republican opponent in the 11th District race, Carl Mumpower, points to the score as an objective measurement of the Congressman’s true political leanings. “As politicians we are defined by our voting record, not by what we call ourselves,” said Mumpower. “Mr. Shuler may have a few conservative positions, but that does not make him a conservative anymore than a bank robber taking off Sunday can be called a preacher.” “Most people in WNC are concerned about the direction of our economy, and these folks at the Club for Growth are too. That’s why they are shining light on actual voting records over common perceptions. Mr. Shuler is not a conservative and with those percentages his independence and concern for the economy also merit challenge.”

Carl Mumpower
11th District Republican Congressional Candidate

Principles before party, power, or popularity-always.

Mumpower Campaign Website

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Freedomworks Visits Dr. Carl Mumpower

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 9, 2008

Last week, local representatives of the conservative grassroots Freedom Works visited Dr, Carl Mumpower.


Freedom Works Visits Congressman Shuler’s Office

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News Roundup for June 9th

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 9, 2008

General News

|You decide 2008|: GOP Facing Significant Hurdles

|Race 4 2008|: The Era of Disappointment

|Right Angles|: Charter Schools Challenge Status Quo in New Orleans

|Sister Toldjah|: Bush “lied”?

|NC Voice|: N.C. bill considers new, tighter worker verification

|A Newt One|: UHOH!!! Beware Of The Moonbat Frenzy! Bush Didn’t Lie!!

|Political Punch|: The Huckabee Maneuver

|American Thinker|: Congress Fiddled With Warming While Earth Cooled

|Under The Dome|: GOP: N.C. not competitive

|Adam Holland|: Holocaust survivors facing war-crimes trials in Lithuania

|My Pet Jawa|: Global AIDS Is A Myth

Barack Obama

|Under The Dome|: Sebelius coming back to N.C.

|Lonstreet|: Is America Ready for its First Socialist President?

|American Thinker|: Obama, Black Liberation Theology and Antisemitism

|Jihad Watch|: Jemaah Islamiyah on Obama’s community blogs

|Infidel Bloggers Alliance|: Israel Matzav and American Thinker find the TIP of the iceberg

|Red State|: More on Jim Johnson: Obama bundler, lobbyist, and shady mortgage executive

|Gateway Pundit|: Obama Threatens to Prosecute Iraq “War Criminals”

|Little Green Fakers|: At the Official Obama Site: 57 Flavors of Crazy

World War IV

|The Gathering Storm|: Storm Track Intimidation: Mother of Honor Killing Victim Executed for Leaving Husband

|Homeland Security National Terror Alert|: 13 Dead After Double Bombing In Algeria

|Jihad Watch|: Philippe Karsenty and the Al-Dura hoax

|Michelle Malkin|: The First Lady in Afghanistan…and the unabated hatred of the Left

|IsraPundit|: Islam’s War against Free Speech

|ADN Kronos|: Iraq: Car bomb kills at least four in Baghdad

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Terrorists For Obama

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 9, 2008

And I thought that Ron Paul was the only guy who attracted nuts and haters to his campaign:

Jemaah Islamiyah For Obama

We are a group that supports social justice for our oppressed Muslim brothers all over the world. We support Barack Obama for President because he is sympathetic to the plight of Muslims. He is a man of integrity, who will not be bullied by the neo-cons and the zionists. He will stand up for our oppressed palestinian brothers and sisters, whose land is being illegally occupied by that evil zionist entity whose name I just hate to even write.

Greetings Fellow Obama Supporters! By Fatima – Mar 31st, 2008 at 10:13 pm EDT

Welcome to Jemaah Islamiyah! My name is Fatima, and I’m thrilled to be supporting Barack Obama for President. For now, we have a man of integrity, who will fight for the rights of Muslims everywhere. Allah has blessed us with a man who will stand up to the neoconservatives and the racist zionists. I believe with all my heart that Barack Obama will stop the American occupation of Iraq. No longer will American soldiers be able to kill our women and children with impunity.

Mr. Obama will also talk to Iran’s leader Mahmoud Amadinejad, whom the current chimp in the White House has treated so badly. I mean why should American and Israel be able to have nukes but not Iran? That is very unfair. Obama will right that wrong.

Furthermore, Senator Obama will take a much more rational approach in the Middle East. No longer will that zionist entity, whose name I hate to even write be able to oppress our Palestinian brothers and sisters with impunity. If anyone can stop the illegal occupation of Palestinian lands, I know it is Barack Obama!

Source: Jihad Watch

In case you don’t know who these terrorists are, read Western Resistance, who has a good article on the Indonesian terrorist group.

What makes these terrorists dangerous is their use of sleeper cells, their military organizational structure, and their nearly 14,000 Islamic boarding schools they use to propagate their beliefs.

Some progressives just don’t understand that most of these people see Obama completely different than we do, and see him as an ally with them in the struggle against Israel, and Western Civilization.

I still hold that Islamic terrorists and Marxist Progressives (like Obama) are natural allies in their struggle against Western Civilization.

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ISS and STS-124 Flyover Exposure

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 9, 2008

Here is one of the exposures I took of the International Space Station and the space shuttle Discovery as they orbited over my house this evening.

The ISS keeps getting brighter and brighter as more modules keep getting added to the station. I was hoping I would catch a flare off one of the solar panels, but alas, not tonight. I hope to have more of these in the future, and possibly even snippets of video.
ISS 2008 0608
The squiggly line at the beginning was me taking a step back from the tripod, and the camera captured the ground vibration.

Tomorrow night, the station will pass in front of Mars, Saturn, and the Moon. I hope to be able to capture that if it is not cloudy.

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