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No Warming For Last Eleven Years

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 20, 2008

Charts are included at Watts Up With That? that show no global warming for last eleven years, despite a continued increase in CO2 levels. Hmmm. No wonder lefties have been in a bad mood lately.

Al Fin has reported on the quiet Sun, which may be to blame for the recent slide of global temperatures, and we may be getting colder yet.

And, let me ask, where are the sunspots of Solar Cycle 24? And why are there so very few of them?

**update** 2.05pm

I forgot to add that there is already talk of calling the potential Solar Minimum we are entering the Landscheidt Minimum because he predicted it.

The more politically inclined among us might want to call it the Gore Minimum, or even the Gore-Hansen Minimum to mock those who were so very wrong about Global Warming, and man’s impact on global temperatures.

For more reading on Landscheidt, I suggest a series of five articles:

My Random March Through the Insanity of Solar Cycle Research (aka – Explanation of Landsheidt’s first paper, part 1)

Landscheidt Part 2

Landscheidt, Part 3

Landscheidt, Part 4 (Summary of Eddy’s “The Maunder Minimum”)

Landscheidt 5 (Review of Eddy’s “The Case of the Missing Sunspots”)

And most of his papers can be found at Landscheidt Cycles Research.

And, in all my “debates” with lefties one thing is very clear…despite all the evidence you may present them, they will always try to find another way to justify their attacks on Capitalism, Western Civilization, and try to get us to volunteer to change our lives to suit their political agenda.

Don’t let them. They are liars, and their ultimate goal is to destroy our way of life. And I will bet you something right now. When it starts to become obvious that the earth’s climate is going into a cooling cycle…they will continue their attacks on our way of life, despite being proven so utterly and completely wrong. That is one reason why they have started to refer to “Climate Change” instead of “Global Warming”.

I refer you to the excellent Gateway Pundit “Brrrr” series of posts chronicling the cooling earth. The latest one notes the record snowfall in Spokane, Washington!

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Senator Elizabeth Dole Responds To Lefty Attacks On Her Husband

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 20, 2008

Over the last few months, a few people in North Carolina have asked about the petty attacks my opponent has leveled against me during this campaign. The thing they mention most often has been the consistent focus on my husband Bob.

As you all know, my dear husband is not only the former Senator and Republican Leader from the state of Kansas, but also a cancer survivor and WWII hero. To say that I am proud of my husband’s many accomplishments and service to his country would be an incredible understatement.

Since Bob’s service in the Senate he’s worked with President Clinton on funding for scholarships for the families of 9/11 victims and raised money for historically black Bennett College in Greensboro. He’s teamed with George McGovern to feed the hungry throughout the world, spearheaded the effort to raise money for the WWII Memorial on the Mall in Washington and served with Donna Shalala on the President’s Commission on Care for America’s Returning Wounded Warriors. He has truly touched the lives of the many thousands of Veterans with whom he visits in hospitals throughout the country.

This week an article titled “Hagan hits Dole for husband’s background” said “U.S. Senate candidate Kay Hagan is mocking her opponent’s background, telling incumbent Sen. Elizabeth Dole to go back to her husband’s state.”

The article also described local campaign parties where Hagan supporters will decorate ruby red slippers in a reference to “The Wizard of Oz” and Bob’s home state of Kansas.

But the attack against Bob that has troubled me the most came from her press release of April 25th. It attacked me for giving a floor speech commemorating my husband’s service. The Hagan campaign release claimed I was “interrupting consideration of the transportation bill to make a floor speech commemorating her husband’s first floor speech 39 years before.”

The Senate was in a period of “morning business” which allows Senators to speak about various issues and topics. My speech commemorating Bob’s service and the service of all veterans was on the anniversary of Bob’s injuries sustained on the battlefield during WWII. Bob spent 39 months in hospitals undergoing eight surgeries and rehabilitation, but lost the use of his right arm.

There was an important reason to commemorate Bob’s so called maiden speech, because it highlights the struggle of a group that Bob joined that fateful day, April 14, 1945, called Americans with Disabilities. The fact that he chose to talk about it is important. It was an opportunity for all of those in the U.S. Senate to think about disabilities and how they affect all Americans, not just people who undergo the kind of daily struggle that Bob faces. A day that a candidate for the Senate would want to mute a voice highlighting the struggle of these Americans is a sad one. As your Senator, I plan to take every opportunity to do what Bob did, which is to make certain that voice is heard.

An early encounter with my late mother best describes my husband and his experience. One morning he left his bedroom and went down to the kitchen in Salisbury where my mother was fixing breakfast. He had a towel draped over his shoulder.

“Mrs. Hanford,” he said, “I think you should see my problem.”Bob, that’s not as problem, it’s a badge of honor,” mother replied.

I believe the voters of North Carolina will be better served if my opponent spent her time and resources on the challenges we face as a state and nation – rather than launching personal attacks at a man who has served this nation so honorably.


Source: Dole Blog


Well, that sort of thing is to be expected from the hate-filled lefties. They want Liddy’s seat, and they don’t care how they do it.

Fortunately for us, Senator Dole is a fighter and she will keep her seat in order to continue fighting for us in the US Senate.

I had the privilege of meeting her earlier this year in Asheville, and watching her in action. I am confident that the people of North Carolina will send her back to Washington for six more years.

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