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The Ed Morrissey Show for June 3rd

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 3, 2008

Check out Ed Morrissey’s show for today from 3pm to 4pm.
.TV online : provided by Ustream
I’ll post the recorded show later tonight in this post, and it will remain here until it is removed from Ustream’s servers.

Ustream also doesn’t include the </embed> tag in their embed code.

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(LIVE EVENT) 212th AAS Meeting in St. Louis

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 3, 2008

The wonderful people at Universe Today are providing a live feed of the conference today of the 212th AAS Meeting in St Louis today:

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BTR: Fausta’s Blog for June 2nd

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 3, 2008

**note. I accidentally posted this 12 hours too soon, and am rectifying that. Oops!

Jane Novak, of Armies of Liberation talks about Yemeni journalist Abdulkarim al-Khaiwani and media freedom in the Middle East.

The show begins at 11 am and lasts for one hour. If you miss it, the podcast is usually ready for play using the same player an hour or so after the end of the show:


Fausta’s blog

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Watch John McCain at AIPAC

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 3, 2008

Here are excerpts of Senator McCain at AIPAC:

I gotta warn you about embedding videos from this service…they leave out the </embed> tag, and set the video to play automatically, forcing the embedder to do even more tinkering with the code.

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How Many Hate-Filled Pastors Support Obama?

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 3, 2008

I thought that we were done finding hateful preachers that support Obama, but I suppose they are a dime a dozen:

Somebody needs to make a video called “Preachers for Hate, Preachers for Obama”

Hat Tip: Theodore’s World


You know, if just one preacher could be dug up that were as close to McCain as these guys are to Obama, who preached just one sermon blaming black people for the problems in America, or some other racial slur…McCain would be hoisted on a spit by the Legacy Media (TV, Print, Radio) and slow-cooked.

The Legacy Media is in the tank for Obama…and here I see an opportunity for the New Media, especially the conservative outlets to shine this year, and gain some market share for reporting what the Legacy Media Types won’t.

And one more thing, ever notice how Obama’s Pastors sound an awful lot like the President of Iran? Now there is a video waiting to be made.

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