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Henderson County GOP Lincoln Lunch Straw Poll Results

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 8, 2008

This just in from Henderson County:

“With 142 Republican voters, party leaders, and activists casting ballots, this straw poll was by far the biggest (50% plus more) in WNC so far this primary season” according to HCRP Chairman Robert Danos.**

“Performing strong with this large a sampling of area Republicans is certainly a strong gauge of candidates’ support and organization.”

The results were as follows:

Who is your choice as of today for the Republican 11th District Congressional nomination in 2008?

Campbell 94
Mumpower 33
Armor 15

Who is your choice as of today for the Republican Gubernatorial nomination in 2008?

Smith 81
Orr 36
Graham 14
McCrory 10

Who should be the pick for the Vice Presidential slot on the Republican ticket in 2008?

Richard Burr 43
Mike Huckabee 22
Condaleeza Rice 12
Mark Sanford 11
Mitt Romney 10
All Others Less Than 10 votes

**Compared to # of voters in straw polls in Buncombe (85 votes) and McDowell (87 votes) which had been the largest such events in the 11th District up until now. Same day events in Catawba (only 63 voters) and Transylvania did not do a straw poll. No other WNC counties have held straw polls.

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WNC Citizens Blog and Other Projects

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 8, 2008

WNC Citizens Blog

I’ve re-activated my mostly dormant state-issues blog again, and have been posting on it since the end of February. So, if you are right of center and would like to try your hand at posting on local issues, news, government…shoot me an email, or you can even call me via a button on the sidebar of that blog, or leave a message if I can’t get to the phone.

Other Projects

I have a collaborative project I am planning to launch sometime in April, so if you would like to participate get on board now. I have been working toward this project since I started this blog. I have been hampered by having to learn the technology and computer languages all over again since abandoning them in the 80’s for a different career that did not allow me time. People have been reticent to join me, especially after being burned by charlatans and turn coats in the recent past. There are enough conservatives becoming used to (or willing to learn) how to use the internet as an organizing tool, workspace, training aid, and communications network. With a few dozen people, we can achieve some truly remarkable things, and we will.

West Carolina Report will be a part of that network. I have other websites in various stages of development, and hope to have most of them ready to go within 90 days.

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Weird Newscasters

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 8, 2008


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