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Good Friday

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 21, 2008

On this day, we commemorate the Crucifixion of Christ.
On this day, Christ told a thief, “Today (Present tense) you will be with me in paradise” (Luke 23:43).
On this day, Christ died that we might live.

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George Soros, 527’s To Pony Up $350 Million To Defeat John McCain

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 21, 2008

Under Section 527 of the Internal Revenue Code, a political organization can get tax-exempt status and spend unlimited money if it champions causes rather than specific candidates. You can’t use money to promote a “Vote for Hillary” theme; however, you can buy TV time saying Hillary is a bad woman, you can opine that McCain and the Iraq war are evil, and you can put forth that Obama hangs out with a nasty preacher.

Get the ruse? The money cannot be used to tell the folks whom to vote for, but it can be spent to demonize a candidate on the “issues.”

So now we learn that Soros and his merry band have put together a number of 527’s that will pony up an astounding $350 million for “issue” ads in the upcoming presidential campaign. That means much of that money will be used to pound John McCain into pudding.

So karma has visited Senator McCain. His vision of the folks controlling election funding is in tatters. Now, radical guys like Soros hold a tremendous amount of power, while regular Americans are limited in what they can contribute. Back in 2001, some astute political people warned John McCain that the zealots would reap the rewards of his legislation, but he didn’t listen.

Source: Bill O’Reilly


This is funny. I think it will backfire, though…which will be even funnier when the left immolates itself when Obama and/or Clinton loses to McCain this November.

I predict that 527’s will be formed to defend McCain by attacking the Democrat nominee “on the issues” and that Republicans will give money hand over fist to them rather than to McCain…even though McCain has Bush’s mailing list. I have received over a dozen mailers asking for money for McCain, and I have sent everyone back admonishing McCain’s past support for Amnesty, Carbon Taxes, and his opposition to the Bush Tax Cuts, and with “McCain-Feingold Is Unconstitutional” written in magic marker across the top.

Next time I get one, I’m going to put a piece of wood with my message burned into it in the return envelope so his campaign will have to pay the extra freight for the weight, and still get my point across.

**update** 5.39pm

According to the FEC, Barack Obama raised a staggering $55.4 million in February, while Hillary Clinton brought in roughly $35 million. As for McCain … well, the Arizona senator raised just over $11 million–slightly less than what he raised in January, the month he won New Hampshire and regained his political mojo.

Source: Newsweek Stumper Blog

I know of that which I speak. Conservatives are with holding their money until John McCain makes peace with our movement. He needs to remember what we did in 2006.

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Carl Mumpower: "I Am Not For Sale"

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 21, 2008

Responding to mounting pressures from within his own party to change his position on proposed additional immunity for telecommunications companies, 11th District Republican Congressional Candidate Carl Mumpower proclaimed, “I am not for sale,” in a Good Friday press release.

“Voters who want someone willing to abandon his principles to artificially support the Republican party need to look elsewhere,” said Mumpower. “I am an authentic conservative – I’m not a party hack willing to fall into the line when I’m told to – especially considering how often my party has betrayed its core values in recent years.”

“The additional retroactive immunity provisions found in FISA are a con job,” said Mumpower. “Yet, normally ‘right-thinking’ Republicans are sadly just falling ‘right-into-line’ and in the process, sacrificing their integrity, liberty, and the Constitution for fear-based arguments and the good graces of party leaders.”

“This is one of the reasons I will accept only personal campaign contributions and none from unions, PACs, business groups, or even the Republican National Congressional Committee,” said Mumpower. “I will serve independently, from a principled position that it is clear and up-front or I will not serve at all. I will not be beholden to special interests or the Republican party structure. I am not for sale.”

—End Press Release—

Campaign Website


You gotta give it to Dr. Mumpower, he has tenacity.

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Obama’s Anger

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 21, 2008

Back in the late 1980s I was on a plane flying out of New Orleans and sitting next to me was a rather interesting and, according to Barack Obama, unusual black man. Friendly, gregarious, and wise beyond his years, we immediately hit it off. I had been working on Vietnamese commercial fishing boats for a few years based in southern Louisiana. The boats were owned by the recent wave of Vietnamese refugees who flooded into the familiar tropical environment after the war. Floating in calm seas out in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico, I would hear tearful songs and tales from ex-paratroopers about losing brothers, sisters, parents, children, lovers, and beautiful Vietnam itself to the communists.

In Bayou country I lived on boats and in doublewide trailers, and like the rest of the Vietnamese refugees, I shopped at Wal-Mart and ate a lot of rice. When they arrived in Louisiana the refugees had no money (the money that they had was used to bribe their way out of Vietnam and into refugee camps in Thailand), few friends, and a mostly unfriendly and suspicious local population.

They did however have strong families, a strong work ethic, and the “Audacity of Hope.” Within a generation, with little or no knowledge of English, the Vietnamese had achieved dominance in the fishing industry there and their children were already achieving the top SAT scores in the state.

While I had been fishing my new black friend had been working as a prison psychologist in Missouri, and he was pursuing a higher degree in psychology. He was interested in my story, and after about an hour getting to know each other I asked him point blank why these Vietnamese refugees, with no money, friends, or knowledge of the language could be, within a generation, so successful. I also asked him why it was so difficult to convince young black men to abandon the streets and take advantage of the same kinds of opportunities that the Vietnamese had recently embraced.

His answer, only a few words, not only floored me but became sort of a razor that has allowed me ever since to slice through all of the rhetoric regarding race relations that Democrats shovel our way during election season:

“We’re owed and they aren’t.”

In short, he concluded, “they’re hungry and we think we’re owed. It’s crushing us, and as long as we think we’re owed we’re going nowhere.”

Source: The American Thinker
Hat Tip: The Rush Limbaugh Show


And as long as you stay in the Democrat Party, all you will be fed are greed, hatred, envy, entitlement, and class warfare. It is a diet that will enslave you and your posterity.

That is why people who have come to this country can achieve wealth in a generation while your people continue in mental and spiritual bondage to the Democrat Party.

That is why even a successful black man like this guy is still in bondage, and eager to place blame, and encourage hatred of others as the source of all problems. His heart will fill with hate until one day, his heart will explode, and his body will follow his soul in death. It is so sad.

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Global Warming Update: Spring Snow in Great Bitain

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 21, 2008

In yet another blow to the climate orthodoxy dogma of “warmer, ever warmer”, an arctic freeze is descending over much of England and Scotland for Easter this year.

Arctic winds are forecast to sweep across Britain and bring widespread frosts over the Easter weekend, with snow in eastern regions….Conditions will be worst in Scotland and northern England but below-freezing temperatures and a sprinkling of snow are possible even in the South East – alongside strong winds and driving rain…..Helen Chivers, of the Met Office, said that weather conditions would deteriorate across the country this week. “It looks as though we are going to have a white Easter. We’ve got northerly winds sweeping in from Thursday,” she said. “We will be looking at nighttime temperatures of minus 2C (28F) or minus 3C in quite a lot of rural areas.”

Source: Al Fin

The Ice Age Cometh!

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Barack Obama: Two Standards For Behavior

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 21, 2008

I’ll take Obama Hypocrisies for $1,000, Alex.

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Jan 9th, Feb 21st and March 14th:. What Do These Dates Have In Common?

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 21, 2008

January 9th was the day after the New Hampshire Primary, where Hillary Clinton and John McCain emerged as the winners.

February 21st was the day of the Texas Democrat deabte. [Transcript] [Video]

March 14th was the day the Wright Story was picked up by the Legacy Media, curiously replacing the Ferraro Furor.

Coincidence? Likely.

I notice that lefties are trying to place blame on their favorite enemy, George W. Bush. I say to them, “You had better focus your attentions on Hillary, because if you do not go after her with everything in your arsenal, she’ll have the nomination. And if Obama gets the nomination, you can count on her to work to undermine him with more vigor than McCain. After all, he has suspended an aide who made a youtube video attacking Obama. What would he do to one of his people digging through Obama’s passport info? Or to a Bush Admin effort to assist him? He’d run, not walk to a camera to denounce the effort.

You had better find a way to utterly destroy Hillary as a viable candidate, or make peace with her, for she will eat you alive. Never underestimate a Clinton. There are many who did, and have had their careers destroyed, lives destroyed, or have assumed room temperature. Just watch the Clinton Chronicles. And if the video gets taken down again, I have a copy of it I am willing to upload.

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