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Obama Blew It

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 20, 2008

Tim Rutten’s column, “Obama’s Lincoln moment” and The Times editorial, “Obama on race” both miss the mark.

In my considered judgment as a race and civil rights specialist, I would say that Barack Obama’s “momentous” speech on race settled on merely “explaining” so-called racial differences between blacks and whites — and in so doing amplified deep-seated racial tensions and divisions. Instead of giving us a polarizing treatise on the “black experience,” Obama should have reiterated the theme that has brought so many to his campaign: That race ain’t what it used to be in America.

He should have presented us a pathway out of our racial boxes and a road map for new thinking about race. He should have depicted his minister, the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr., as a symbol of the dysfunctional angry men who are stuck in the past and who must yield to a new generation of color-blind, hopeful Americans and to a new global economy in which we will look on our neighbors’ skin color no differently than how we look on their eye color.

In fact, I’d say that considering the nation’s undivided attention to this all-important speech, which gave him an unrivaled opportunity to lift us out of racial and racist thinking, Obama blew it.

Source: Michael Myers, writing in the LA Times
Hat Tip: Mark Levin

I especially agree with his concluding paragraph…I’ll steal a couple of sentences from it here:

We can’t be united as a nation if we continue to think racially and give credence to racial experiences and differences based on ethnicity, past victim status and stereotypical categories. All of these prejudices surrounding tribe-against-tribe are old-hat and dysfunctional — especially the rants of ministers, of whatever skin color or religion, who appeal to our base prejudices and to superstitions about our supposed racial differences.

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Arab Youths Cry "Allah Akbar" and Attack Jew in Brooklyn

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 20, 2008

The spread of Islamofascism continues, when will we notice?

A 25-year-old Israeli rabbinical assistant was assaulted by a group of Arab teenagers screaming “Allah akbar” in Brooklyn on Tuesday evening.

Uria Ohana, originally from Kfar Chabad, entered a subway station in the affluent Park Slope neighborhood in Brooklyn Tuesday evening, on his way to a lecture in Manhattan, when he noticed a group of Arab teenagers congregated on a bench in the station.

Ohana did not exchange words or make eye contact with the group, but proceeded upstairs to his train.

On his way, he felt someone grab his kippa from his head and then heard laughter. Ohana decided to chase the boys to retrieve his kippa.

The 18-year-old boy who grabbed the kippa left the subway station and ran into the street, where he was hit by a car, breaking his leg.

While Ohana chased the boy, the other teenagers began chasing him, screaming “Allah akbar.”

“They screamed at me, ‘Did you see what happened to him because of you?'” said Ohana, a Chabad-Lubavitch rabbinical assistant who works in Wellesley, Massachusetts.

Two of the Arab boys then started kicking and punching Ohana in the face.

“As soon as they started screaming, I understood [the attack] was racial,” said Ohana.

The crime is being investigated as aggravated harassment and a possible bias crime, according to a New York Police Department spokeswoman. “I am almost sure it will be charged as a hate crime,” said the spokeswoman.

Source: Adam Holland
Also: Atlas Shrugs


Once we reach a certain critical population mass, you can expect this type of crime to increase. Already, there are “no-go” areas in many urban centers in Europe, Britain, Detroit, and scattered cities in the USA.

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Obama’s Pastor Reprints Hamas Manfesto in Church Bulletin

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 20, 2008

Reverend Wright reprinted a Hamas Manifesto in his church bulletin in July of 2007. He renamed it A Fresh View of the Palestinian Struggle. The piece was written by Mousa Abu Marzook, a known terrorist who created a Hamas Terror Cell Network in the United States.

Source: Creeping Sharia
Hat Tip: Free Republic

Can I have Anti-Israel for $1,000?

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FISA Discussion Reveals Sharp Republican Contrast

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 20, 2008

Here is the latest volley in the NC-11 GOP primary from Dr. Carl Mumpower:


FISA Discussion Reveals Sharp Republican Contrast
Armor, Campbell and Shuler in political lockstep

Recent heated communications from each of the 11th District congressional campaigns have illuminated a key policy difference among Republicans vying for that seat, finding both John Armor and Spence Campbell in support of legislation that would, in effect, cover-up illegal wiretapping.

Carl Mumpower, a self-proclaimed “independent Republican,” opposes a controversial component of the Federal Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) which would grant additional retroactive immunity to large telecommunications companies (such as Verizon and AT&T). It has been recently revealed that – without warrants or legal authority – these “telecoms” bugged phone calls, intercepted e-mails, and monitored the internet traffic of untold numbers of American citizens.

“The Democrats – with the exception of Heath and a few others – are right on this one, plain and simple,” commented Mumpower. Incumbent Heath Shuler (D-11) is one of only a handful of Democrats to agree with Armor and Campbell in his support of the additional immunity.

Mumpower has held firm in his stand that providing additional immunity to big companies for spying on Americans “dangerously sidesteps the Constitution,” even the face of his opponents’ various characterizations of his position as “garbage,” “irresponsible,” and “foolhardy”.

“If Congress wants to do something real, they should start by doing financial and performance audits on our intelligence agenies and by securing our porous borders,” said Mumpower. “The greatest problem the intelligence community faces is effectively processing and acting on the information they already have. Any additional telecom immunity beyond what they enjoy already is not only a blank check, but a decoy issue that lock-step politicians use to pander to voters’ fears.”

An excerpt from testimony before the United States Senate Judiciary Committee on October 31, 2007 by Edward Black, President of the Computer & Communications Industry Association, offers information in support of Mumpower’s position:

“…Retroactive immunity for participation in the recent secret government surveillance program is premature at best, since this Congress has yet to become well-informed enough to determine whether in fact the NSA surveillance program exceeded legal boundaries established under FISA. If immunity for past activities is granted prior to full disclosure and accountability from the Executive Branch, Congress and the public may never understand the nature of the NSA warrantless wiretapping program.”

“If the rule-of-law, limited government, and the truth are not your priorities, then I’m not the guy to vote for,” cautioned Mumpower. “I try hard to land on the right thing and hold the line…until the right thing wins or new information helps me to reconsider. This is not a time to surrender to pressure…from my own party or my own supporters.”

He continued: “Armchair patriots” who support these new FISA immunities and who are willing to sacrifice the Constitution for illusionary security initiatives are, in fact, enabling our enemies. I will not join the herd just for the sake of doing so, no matter what the personal price.”

(For the full transcript of Edward Black’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, click here.)

—End Press Release—

Campaign Website


I guess that puts me in the armchair general category. It is my opinion that we cannot allow an openly hostile 5th column in our country to openly practice lawfare in pursuit of our defeat in World War IV. Go read the testimony of Edward Black and form your own opinion.

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Moonbat Convergence Spotted in DC

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 20, 2008

Moonbats flocked to DC, and This Ain’t Hell was there to record the traitors in action:

Another day, another protest. Today is ANSWER’s “Day of Action”. Since the Iraq War started five years ago today, all of the organizations that have sprung up to cash in on the war decided to have an eight-ring circus in downtown Washington DC, because as one IVAW member told me, the war is about money – apparently for the moonbats, too. My coverage was abruptly ended when I was ID’d as “one of those Milblog guys at Winter Soldier”, so excuse me for not getting all I should have.

I was there bright and early for the festivities. It must’ve been a little too early because the Code Pink gals were looking especially raggedy…

Source: This Ain’t Hell

I couldn’t resist swiping one of his videos to post here. It is a short snippet of moonbats parading past a post manned by patriots:

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The Next Obama Speech, As Written By Common Cents

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 20, 2008

A new blog, called Common Cents, has written Barack McDaddy Obama’s next speech for him, and since I can’t link to individual posts, I’ll reproduce it in full below:


“Good evening my friends! I come to you today as an agent of the future. Now for far far too long now politicians have feared the future – they have dreaded the future. I come to you with a new message “Do not fear the future”! I can say this because I humbly believe that the FUTURE LIES IN OUR FUTURE NOT IN OUR PAST. The cynic may say the future is not in our future but I can say to you without equivocation and with complete confidence that the future lies not in our past – not in the present but in the future. The past is clearly past and the present is clear in the present but the future is what lies ahead not as the cynics say in the past. Now as the future comes it slowly becomes the present and then eventually becomes the past. But the future will not come before the past but after it thus we look forward to the future, not the past, because the past has passed and the future lies before us, until it becomes the present and eventually the past (LOUD APPLAUSE). So I ask you to join with me as we look forward to the future and with great anticipation because the future is what we all will have to face! The cynics may say that we fear the future and dread the present but this campaign is rooted in the philosophy that the future is the only thing that exists beyond the present.

– Now I also come to you as an agent of Hope. Hope is what we hope for not what is not hoped for. Although in the past hope was based on things not hoped for I say to you in our campaign we will only hope for hopeful things. Without hope is hopelessness which is defined by the absence of hope. Those unfortunate souls without hope need only hope to attain hope and become hopeful. So if we only hope we can replace hopelessness with hope and become filled with hope. Is it this simple – I believe so – if only the hopeless begin to hope they will become hopeful once the hopelessness leaves. Hope implies a certain amount of despair, wanting, wishing and anguish. But in this campaign I pledge to you to replace all absence of hope with hope and to work tirelessly, night and day to bring hope to those without hope so that the hopeless can become transformed, even transfigured, to hopeful without leaving their hope behind. How can they leave their hope behind if they have no hope and thus are hopeful. I believe that every human being in God’s creation has hope even those who the cynics and the critics say are hopeless have some vestige of hope innate in them and we will lift up that hope, we will nourish and nuture that hope until they become hopeful and filled with hope! (LOUD APPLAUSE) Some may say this has been tried in the past, to lift up those without hope, to to install hope to those without hope but this campaign is different. This campaign is founded on hope and literally injecting hope into the hopeless, to root out all vestiges of hopeless until all are hopeful and full of hope – because those without hope are the ones most in need of hope. The hopeful already have hope, my friend it is the hopeless who need the hope that we so clearly bring!

– And additionally this grass roots campaign is about the future and obviously about hope but ultimately this campaign is routed in change. Now change is not possible without changing, without changing we have not changed and we are unchanged. (APPLAUSE> The change may or may not be easy but more likely than not it is hard because the easy change may have already occurred. Thus if we are left with a choice between easy and hard change in the past only the easy change occurred but I pledge to you – I make a solemn vow to be an agent not only of easy change but also of hard change. If we only change the easy and neglect to change the hard what good is that because the hard change remains unchanged until we change it. Now if we change the hard but do not change the easy we fall into that trap where the hard change becomes the easy and the easy change becomes hard and visa-versa. Now in the past the cynics and critics have said that the hard change is hard to change while the easy change is easy to change. Now that may sound good until you dig deep and really examine what that means, now everyone here is smart enough to realize that if we do not change the hard change it will be unchanged until we change it. (LOUD APPLAUSE) Now my friends, I pledge to you on this day to not rest – to work tirelessly – to change both the easy change and the hard change, unless the hard change is too hard to change!!

– This campaign is about all the above The Future, Hope and Change. We can hope for change but we must do more than hope. As I stated hopelessness is the absence of hope and the future lies not in our past but in our future. This campaign began and continues as a campaign of hope and change so as not to avoid the future but to embrace the future. We can hope to change the change but we must remember to change both the easy and the hard change. Hopefully. So in conclusion, I give you my solemn vow, my solemn pledge to work day and night to work toward the future, to change both the hard and easy change not only in the future but in the present, until the present becomes the past at which time it will become impossible to change, as has happened in the past! For until we change the present it will be impossible to change the past because the present becomes the unchanged past if not changed. My fellow Americans – I have been very specific about the change and hope which I propose. The cynic will say it is to much to hope for all this change. I say we are Americans, One Country and the I will be there to enact this change and hope in the future, once it becomes the present and before it becomes the past!!! THUNDEROUS APPLAUSE – FEMALES FAINT

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A Substantial Difference Emerges in the GOP NC-11 Primary

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 20, 2008

Well, the primary between the three hopefuls in NC-11 has finally stumbled upon some issue of divergence, FISA.

From Dr. Carl Mumpower:

Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Separates
Republican Congressional Candidates

A Monday press release by Republican Congressional Carl Mumpower has stimulated strong reactions from 11th District challengers John Armor and Spence Campbell. “I am not in favor of the immunity found in recent FISA legislation for telecoms or anyone else and I continue to believe that the pervasive bureaucratic dysfunction of America’s intelligence agencies offers few incentives for more hidden powers,” said Mumpower. “Securing our borders, enforcing existing laws, and both financial and productivity audits of our intelligence agencies will do more than allowing the government to expand its veil of secrecy.”

Campbell and Armor share a common ground with a majority of Republican legislators, the President, and even 11th District Representative Heath Shuler. Shuler has come out in support of immunity to telecom companies and made a request of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that future FISA legislation support that goal. Campbell has said that Congress should grant the telecoms immunity, while Armor stated, “I could not disagree with (Mumpower) more – this is garbage.”

“As an Independent Republican, I support conservative principles with full heart and action,” said Mumpower. “I am not, however, obligated to a Republican power structure that continues to betray those values and take short-cuts around the Constitution with actions like this. The rule of law, accountability, and liberty should not be for sale – especially to people who are quick to use the “terror card” to justify or conceal misbehavior.”

“I am fond of Ben Franklin,” said Mumpower. “He said that “Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” I’m sure it could be argued that there are practical justifications for immunity – one can always find a reason to take small steps away from the right thing. This is one of those times when a politician faces the temptation to fall into line with what’s popular or take a principled position and the heat that results. I’ll leave political conformity to others – and keep my eye on the Constitution.”

Carl Mumpower
11th District Republican Congressional Candidate


From Col. Spence Campbell (Ret.):

March 18th, 2008


Hendersonville—US Republican Congressional Candidate Spence Campbell released the following statement on the FISA Reauthorization bill:“As a former career U.S. Army intelligence officer, I know firsthand how important it is that we have solid, reliable intelligence in order to protect this great country and its citizens from harm. We must do all we can to ensure the safety of Americans and the citizens of western North Carolina.“We must not forget that we are a nation at war. There are people who actively seek to harm America, and we must ensure that our government has the tools and resources needed to ensure the safety of us all. “It is the height of irresponsibility for anyone to seek to undermine or try to prevent our government from doing all it can to protect its citizens, especially in a time of war. By criticizing portions of this bill, which allows companies to work together with our government to provide them with critical information and intelligence, is more than irresponsible. It is in fact, foolhardy, and dangerous. Anyone that seeks to put Americans in harm’s way should not be allowed the privilege of representing the citizens of western North Carolina in Congress.”

From John Armor, Esq.:

Mumpower Misunderstands FISA Issues,
Misquotes Ben Franklin

Carl Mumpower, Republican candidate for Congress from the 11th District, has put out a press release saying that the efforts in the US House to extend the FISA Act “demonstrate sharp differences between him and the other candidates.” He is right, but has the wrong conclusion, based on a gross misunderstanding of the subject.

FISA stands for Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. The ACLU (the American Civil Liberties Union) is using American civil courts in an effort to gut-shoot the government’s efforts to stay ahead of the terrorists seeking to kill Americans in America. It seems that Carl Mumpower has not done his homework before taking a position on this subject.

The quote that Carl Mumpower uses in the name of Benjamin Franklin in his latest News Release is a false quote, although with an ancient pedigree. Mumpower quotes Franklin as writing: “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” This comes from the title page of An Historical Review of the Constitution and Government of Pennsylvania (1759).

However, anyone with a little skill in using an Internet search engine, like Google, can quickly find that the accurate Franklin quote is: “Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.” It is both better written, and has a different meaning, than the bad quote used by candidate Mumpower.

“More importantly, Carl Mumpower seems blissfully unaware of what brought about the immunity provisions in the original FISA Act,” said John Armor. He pointed out that lawyers for the ACLU had filed several damage claims against several telecom companies, seeking damages for their cooperation with international security searches as sought by the federal government.


I am afraid that Mumpower has chosen the wrong side of this issue. My impression of the whole FISA argument is that the attempt to deny immunity to the telecoms is part of a lawfare technique used by the enemies of America to weaken, and ultimately destroy her ability to defend against attacks from Islamofascism and Progessivism.

I lump Progressives together with the Islamofascists because both would rather that America not participate in World War IV. They have become allies of convenience at this point.

In a different category, I place “the honest civil-libertarians”: Mumpower, through good intentions (like the libertarians), has found himself trapped by applying a misunderstanding of the issue.

Both Spence Campbell and John Armor understand the necessity of immunity for the telecoms.

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Of Gallup Polls and Discussing Black Theology

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 20, 2008

Hillary has taken the lead over Obama in the daily opinion polls over Obama, again.

  1. 49% Hillary Clinton
  2. 42% Barack Obama

And here are how the two are polled against the GOP Nominee:

  1. 47% John MCain
  2. 43% Barack Obama
  1. 48% John McCain
  2. 45% Hillary Clinton

Methodology: Gallup is interviewing no fewer than 1,000 U.S. adults nationwide each day during 2008.

The general election results are based on combined data from March 14-18, 2008. For results based on this sample of 4,376 registered voters, the maximum margin of sampling error is ±2 percentage points.

The Democratic nomination results are based on combined data from March 16-18, 2008. For results based on this sample of 1,209 Democratic and Democratic-leaning voters, the maximum margin of sampling error is ±3 percentage points.

In addition to sampling error, question wording and practical difficulties in conducting surveys can introduce error or bias into the findings of public opinion polls.

To receive Gallup Poll Daily tracking reports each day as soon as they are published, please register here and add Gallup Daily to your e-mail subscriptions.

Source: Gallup

It appears to me that the longer this intra-mural fighting goes on in the Democrat Party, the better off it is for the GOP in the fall. I have a source that tells me that this firestorm over Obama’a Preacher is nothing compared to what the Clinton Campaign has in store for the lead-up to Pennsylvania and North Carolina. We’ll see. I happen to think that the Reverend Wright stuff is a campaign killer. I just do not see how Obama can carry the south after that material has gotten into the wild.

One good thing about this whole affair is that it has gotten the poison that is Black Liberation Theology out into the general public. That is a theology that is just as wrong as some other offshoots of Christianity.

The man recognized by Obama’s church as laying the foundation of their theology is Dr. James Cone. Here is his view on sin and salvation:

In Cone’s view, sin is “a condition of human existence in which man denies the essence of God’s liberating activity as revealed in Jesus Christ.” In this view, sin is anything that is contrary to the oppressed community or its liberation.

Salvation for Cone primarily has to do with earthly reality, not heavenly hopes. “To see the salvation of God is to see this people [i.e., the blacks] rise up against their oppressors, demanding that justice become a reality now and not tomorrow.”[36] Hence, though Cone often speaks of Jesus as the Liberator, in practical terms he emphasizes the human work of self-liberation among blacks and downplays divine help.

Source: Black Theology, Black Power, and the Black Experience

Of course, since Black Theologians still claim to be Christians, one must refute them from Scripture. Chapter 4 of John does that quite nicely.

The Jews considered the Samaritans an “unclean” mixed breed – with Israelite and Assyrian ancestry. Because of this, the Jews were harshly prejudiced against the Samaritans and discriminated against them. This cultural hostility led the Samaritan woman to ask Jesus: “‘You are a Jew and I am a Samaritan woman. How can you ask me for a drink?’ (For Jews do not associate with Samaritans)” (John 4:9).

During the ensuing discussion, the woman asked Jesus about which cultural place of worship was valid: Mt. Gerizim where the Samaritans built their temple, or Jerusalem where the Jews built theirs. Anthony Evans alerts us to the significance of Jesus’ response: “Jesus does not hesitate to let her know that once you bring God into the picture, the issue is no longer culture, but truth. He informs her that the question is not Mt. Gerizim or Jerusalem, that it is not according to Samaritan tradition or Jewish tradition (v. 21). In fact, He denounces her cultural heritage in relation to worship, for he told her, ‘Ye worship ye know not what’ (v. 22). When she began to impose her culture on sacred things, Christ invaded her cultural world to tell her she was spiritually ignorant.”

Jesus transcended the whole issue of culture in discussing spiritual issues with the woman. When it came to her relationship with God, the issue moved from her cultural heritage to her heart and the criteria for that relationship was truth. Jesus acknowledged cultural distinctions, but disallowed them when they interfered in any way with truth about God. A principle we can derive from this is: Culture must always take back seat to the truth of God as revealed in Scripture.

Source: Ibid

When one places one’s race, cultural heritage, or nationality first in their relationship with God, that person, or group of people, become guilty of breaking the very first commandment, that of having other gods. Anything in our lives can become as gods if we let them. It is also a form of bondage. Manay black people have traded one form of bondage (physical slavery) for others (psychology and spiritual slavery).
My faith holds that God is no respecter of persons, for he made us all, and wants us to become his adopted children.

Like it or not, we are a Christian nation built upon the principle of Religious Liberty. The mainstream holds that it is wrong to point out differences between Christianity and other faiths. Never let them get away with telling you that. They are trying to silence you because they know that this nation is still a majority Christian nation, although most of that number appear to be nominal, and/or sleeping, Christians. Their primary fear is that they awake, and apply their beliefs to their decision-making process of choosing their elected representatives to this great Republic known as the United States of America.

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Barack MacDaddy Obama

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 20, 2008

A slightly different view of Barack from the Black Church Pulput. Audio of the Rev. James David Manning speaking on Barack Obama at Atlah World Ministries ( The Good Rev. refers to Obama as….Born Trash and a Mac-Daddy long legged freak. Oh…and with a white momma. you can’t make this stuff up folks.

Source: Old Glory Radio

Just go listen. Wow.

If you have the stomach for it, here is another foul-mouthed preacher (although he doesn’t curse…he sure spews gutter speak). So, be warned, the language and images are of an objectionable nature.

I think since Obama is ashamed of his middle name, and others consider it a hate crime to speak it…we should use MacDaddy instead…that is what I’m going to call him.

Hillary is the Hilda Beast.
McCain is McQeeg (after Captain Qeeg).
And Obama is MacDaddy.

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New Old Message From Bin Laden

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 20, 2008

Osama bin Laden, or the curator of his recordings, has a new message. Sorry, no images. Still shy, apparently. I hear the afterlife has been hell on his hair. Anyway, The Jawa Report has full coverage and analysis.

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