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Another Terror Attack in Israel, Terrorist Gunned Down By Student (update)Palestinians Celebrate Attack

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 6, 2008

**scroll down for the Paleostinkian Celebration**

The Religion of Peace In Action

At least two terrorists wearing explosive belts entered Yeshivat Merkaz HaRav Kook in Kiryat Moshe this evening firing in all directions. According to Haaretz, at least seven people have been killed and seven wounded. The Jerusalem Post says four killed and that there were three terrorists. Israel Radio is reporting eight dead and fifteen wounded.

Source: Israel Matzav

( An Arab terrorist infiltrated Jerusalem’s Merkaz HaRav Yeshiva at around 8:30 Thursday night and murdered eight Jews. At least 10 people were wounded; five are in serious to critical condition, a sixth victim was wounded moderately and four others, lightly.

Source: Ynet News

The attacker entered the yeshiva and opened fire on students before he was gunned down himself by an armed civilian. Witnesses say that the attack began in the seminary’s library with the terrorist spraying bullets in every direction before anyone could react.
The part-time yeshiva student who killed the terrorist, 40-year-old Yitzchak Dadon, said that he shot the attacker in the head with his personal weapon. David Shapira, a yeshiva graduate and officer in the paratroopers, heard the shots from his nearby home, ran to the yeshiva and “finished [the terrorist] off.”

Asked by a Channel 2 TV reporter what weapon the Palestinian Authority terrorist had, Dadon said, “A Kalachnikov,” and turning to the camera, he angrily added, “The Kalachnikov that you gave him, President Peres…”

Source: Arutz Sheva

Also: Gateway Pundit

Yitzhak Dadon, the student who took the terrorist out said, “Olmert and Peres armed the terrorists.”

Source: IsraPundit

My prayers are with the victims, their families, and the nation of Israel. I pray that Condi Rice has a change of heart about co-operating with the Terrorists who are working for the destruction of Israel.

**update** 4.33pm

Like clockwork, the Paleostinkians celebrate the murder of Jews, just as they celebrated the murder of 3,000 Americans on 9/11:

Gaza’s streets filled with joyous crowds of thousands on Thursday evening following the terror attack at a Jerusalem rabbinical seminary in which eight people were killed.

In mosques in Gaza City and northern Gaza, many residents went to perform the prayers of thanksgiving.

Armed men fired in the air in celebration and others passed out sweets to passersby.

Hamas stopped just short of claiming responsibility but issued a statement saying the group “blesses the (Jerusalem) operation. It will not be the last,” Hamas said in a statement.

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How Hillary Won Ohio

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 6, 2008

It came down to places like “The Little Smokies,” the hilly region where the Scioto and Ohio rivers meet, more than 200 miles south of Cleveland.

There, 81 percent of Scioto County’s Democratic voters, nearly all white, stood with Hillary Rodham Clinton, whose campaign was reborn Tuesday after beating rival Barack Obama, 54 percent to 44 percent in Ohio.

Voters in The Little Smokies figured big. The county produced a nearly 10,000-vote margin for Clinton – equal to Obama’s margin of victory in the more populous urban Montgomery County, which includes Dayton.

Combined with voters in the state’s other 62 rural counties, voters in Scioto helped Clinton beat back a surging Obama, whose five county victories Tuesday were in urban and suburban areas, including Cuyahoga County.

Obama beat Clinton in Cuyahoga 53 percent to 46 percent, or by about 23,000 votes.

Though Obama lost virtually no ground in the race for delegates, Ohio’s election results complicated the road to the nominating convention by sharpening the differences in each candidate’s voter base.

Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer
Hat Tip: The Corner

The Electoral Map has more on the Hillary win in Ohio.

I have been under the opinion that Obama was going to be the nominee since Super Tuesday for one reason, the Democrat Primaries award delegates on a proportional basis. In this type of selection process…every race counts…and big victories are very important. Obama won some of the earlier states by big margins, and I do not believe Hillary can make up the difference.

She may hope to convince the superdelegates to go her way by her success in areas where Obama is weak. At the very least, she will make a very good argument for inclusion on the ticket.
If she has to settle for the Veep slot, Obama had better be very careful. He may even have to hire food tasters, and be very careful about security during his travels. I believe she will seek the Presidency by whatever means are available to her, legal or not.

Those of us who pray for our leaders will have to add a section about protecting Obama from Hillary’s machinations should he be the President, and her the Veep.

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Blast At Recruiting Station Closes Times Square

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 6, 2008


Photo Courtesy AP

Cars and police tape blocked vehicles from entering the area.

The explosion appeared to have taken place near a military recruiting centre in the square in central Manhattan, reports say.

Members of the police department’s bomb squad and fire department officials were at the scene.

Source: BBC News

NEW YORK (CNN) — New York police were investigating a reported explosion in Times Square early Thursday, police said.

Two witnesses, a man and a woman, each told a local TV station they heard a “huge bang” from their hotel rooms, but there were no police or fire reports of serious damage or injuries.

“I was on the 44th floor and I heard it. I can feel it from up there,” a woman told WABC-TV.

Police and fire squads cordoned off part of an area around Times Square. They gathered outside a military recruiting station with a large hole in the front window, The Associated Press reported.

Source: CNN

I’ll have more after I get to the office around 8am. If it was lefty radicals…it was a very stupid move.

The Cityroom Blog has an update:

The New York City police just issued a statement describing the source of the explosion as an “improvised explosive device” and putting the time of the blast at 3:43 a.m. Subways and traffic are running normally through Times Square.


8.06am Gateway Pundit has coverage of the event.

9.52am Atlas Shrugs has commentary, and some links, noting that the unhinged left is saying it was righties to gin up hate for the lefties. Riiight! if all else fails, play the victim card.

9.51am Cityroom Blog again: The police have attributed the blast to an improvised explosive device, and Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly said the device had been placed in an ammunition box like the kind that can be bought at a military supply store. Mr. Kelly spoke with Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg at a news conference at 9:30 a.m. in Times Square. The authorities are looking into a possible connection to two earlier bombings at foreign consulates in Manhattan, in 2005 and 2007. Officials said that in today’s attack, a man in a gray hooded sweatshirt was seen leaving the scene on a bicycle. Subways and traffic are running normally through Times Square.

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