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Hendersonville Gubernatorial Debate Video Playlist

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 28, 2008

Here is my playlist of the debate on Wednesday.
The videos should advance automatically. If the player hangs up, click on the right arrow symbol on the player to advance, or the symbol on the left to go back to the previous video.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Richard Bernier for letting me borrow his laptop so I could videostream the debate to my blogs, and other websites who embedded the video player.

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Watch Geert Wilders’ Fitna: The Movie

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 28, 2008

This is the movie that Geert Wilder made despite the threats on his life made by Islamofascists, opposition from the Netherlands, and his shameful webhost Network Solutions canceling his webhosting due to pressure from Islamic groups.

You may download a zipped flv file at WikiLeaks.
Download a Free FLV Player at the bottom of this page.

Tell your friends about the movie, and get them to watch it.

And to all you who would attempt to flag this movie as unsuitable…there are thousands of us in the counterjihad networks who have copies, and will upload it as many times as it takes to keep it online!

God Bless Geert Wilder, and Long Live the Counterjihad!

This is the version uploaded to youtube by NewsGuy2005. I made it into a playlist so you can watch this version if Live Leak is blocked on your provider.

And, here is the Google Version uploaded by the Jawa Report.

**update** 10.44pm

Lefties and other allies of Islamofascism have already taken down the wikipedia page referenced in the film, and have corrupted a second one set up as a news item. His party’s website was taken down, but they have since been able to get it back up. Hopefully, the cyberjihaids won’t knock it back off.

I’ll have a full round up tomorrow morning. Things are going a bit too fast to keep up.

Here are just a few of the people tracking the events:

The Gathering Storm Radio Show, which will have Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch (if the big boys don’t pre-empt) will have coverage Friday afternoon.

Gateway Pundit

Gates of Vienna

Michelle Malkin

Atlas Shrugs

The Jawa Report

The NEIN Blog

Sister Toldjah

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