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Les Merritt Speaks In Madison County

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 12, 2008

Cross-Posted on WNC Citizens Blog:

Another fine video brought to you by Richard Bernier of Sound Off Buncombe, which airs on URTV in Buncombe County!

Les Merritt Campaign Website.

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New York Slimes Spins On Iraq Attacks

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 12, 2008

Graphic Courtesy New York Times

BAGHDAD — Newly declassified statistics on the frequency of insurgent attacks in Iraq suggest that after major security gains last fall in the wake of an American troop increase, the conflict has drifted into a stalemate, with levels of violence remaining stubbornly constant from November 2007 through early 2008.

The new figures, presented Tuesday at a Senate hearing in Washington by David M. Walker, the top official at the Government Accountability Office, emerged a day after eight American soldiers were killed in bomb attacks, five in downtown Baghdad and three in Diyala Province. And the trend appeared to continue Tuesday, as bombings and small-arms attacks led to casualties among Iraqi civilians and security forces in or near at least eight cities.

Source: New York Times


Stalemate ?!? I bet the New York Times would have called for us to surrender to the Germans during The Battle of the Bulge.

Just look at the graphic (available at a larger size at the above link) and note the very dramatic decline in insurgent attacks after the troop surge began in Feb of 2007. No wonder the Democrats shirted tactics to focusing on the political situation in Iraq. Now that the political situation is improving, I wonder where they will retreat to next?

Aren’t you glad that we did not listen to Harry “The War Is Lost” Reid last April?

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Parting Shot

When you read about, and see, lefties protesting the War over the next week, remember this post, remember these figures, and know that they are protesting against Victory in this 4th World War. Pity them, and their limited world view.

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(VIDEO) WSPA News Crew Attacked During Report

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 12, 2008

user deleted video, I re-uploaded
Four people were arrested after an attack on a News Channel 7 reporter and a photographer. Reporter Charmayne Brown and photographer Ti Barnes were covering the scene of a homicide investigation in Union South Carolina when the attack occurred.

The mother of the murder suspect, Trina Vinson, is one of those arrested in the attack on the reporter and the photographer. Two others are in custody. Vinson and Billie Taylor are both charged with one count of assault and battery. Tousha Smith is charged with two counts of assault and battery. Smith is the sister of the murder suspect. Union Public Safety is looking for a fourth person in the attack.

Charmayne and Ti were the only people targeted even though there was another news crew from WYFF News Channel 4 on the scene.

Source: Greenville Online


There is no room in our society for these idiots, and after seeing the photos of three of them, I think the police might want to test for meth use.

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Mudville Gazette Turns Five

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 12, 2008

One of my favorite Milblogs is turning 5 years old this week, and is celebrating with a new version of his music video using a song he wrote while in Iraq in 2007:

Here are the first two verses:

The Free and the Brave
by Greyhawk

Over in America, home of the free
Land of unlimited opportunity
People in the streets protest whatever they can
While over in Iraq and Afghanistan

The brave, far from home, are standing tall
and toeing the line, so they can have it all
Some try to complicate it but it’s simple to me
They’re making noise, we’re making history

Visit Mudville Gazette for the rest.

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Candidate for Governor Bill Graham at Meck GOP Convention

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 12, 2008

Bill Graham, candidate for NC Governor, at the Gubernatorial Debate in Charlotte on the 8th:

Bill Graham for Governor

I found an account of the debate in the Charlotte Observer.

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