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Letters From HK Edgerton

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 11, 2008

I have recently began to publish letters from H.K. Edgerton on WNC Citizens Blog as part of my local and regional coverage.

March 4th Letter

Ringgold, Georgia Visit Announced

H.K. Edgerton is a Southern Heritage Hero who has traveled around the South, educating thousands of school children about their heritage, and quite a few adults along the way.

If you have never heard him speak, you have missed a real treat. Below is a 35 minute video of him last year marching, and at the end, speaking in the City Council Chambers in Toccoa, Georgia:

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A Funny Observation About Spitzer And The Dow Jones

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 11, 2008

I think it is funny that the day after the breaking of the Spitzer Sex Scandal, the market opened up, and looks to close up for the day.

The numbers at 3.56pm: 12,081.67 +341.52 (+2.91%)

Who said Democrats can’t make the stock market go up?

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Introducing New Counterjihad Group, European Freedom Alliance

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 11, 2008

Los Angeles– Journalist Avi Davis announced today the establishment of a new organization – the European Freedom Alliance, (Alliance Européenne pour la Liberté)- headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland which will develop and administer programs and activities which advance and defend the cause of freedom and liberty in Europe.

The Alliance will officially launch March 13- 14, 2008 in Rome, Italy when the organization’s first international conference Identity Crisis: Can European Civilization Survive? will be held at the European University of Rome. The conference will feature a host of international and domestic academics, journalists, government leaders and commentators who will address topics such as Multiculturalism and the Threat to European Identity and The Role of Christianity and Judeo- Christian Values in the Collapse and Recovery of European Identity. Former President of the Italian Senate Marcello Pera, Spanish leader Raphael Bardaji, Danish editor, Flemming Rose, British parliamentarian Baroness Caroline Cox and renowned U.S. commentator Daniel Pipes will be among the 30 speakers and panelists presented at the conference.

The conference will be presented in English with simultaneous translation into Italian and will be streamed live on the Internet from Rome.

“Since September 11, we have witnessed an unprecedented demand in Europe and North America for minority rights and autonomy,” stated Alliance senior fellow and executive director, Avi Davis. “As a result, a virtual code of silence has descended on Europe to address such issues as female genital mutilation, honor killings and the oppression of women within Muslim enclaves, for fear of offending Muslim sensitivities. Yet, the absence of any true outrage will have catastrophic consequences for the future of Western civilization and values. Such unquestioning moral relativism will be one of the principle issues examined by the conference. “

Besides offering an international conference every year, the European Freedom Alliance will also administer a legal networking project and a scholarly and research institute that will conduct academic investigation into E.U. policies and actions.

The European University of Rome is a private Catholic university recognized and supported by the Italian state. It is linked to the Pontifical Athaneum Regina Apostolorum. It is located at Via Aldobradeschi, 190- 00163 Rome.
The European Freedom Alliance is an organization which unites individuals and communities around the world who share a concern about the threats to freedom and liberty in Europe- the hub of Western civilization. The Alliance’s programs, publications, conferences and websites develop tools and strategies to counter the growing influence of ideologies and movements that threaten freedom and deny the sanctity of the personal conscience.

For More information: European Freedom Alliance

I will be watching (provided my internet connection holds) and will make a report on the proceedings.

From the website:


European Freedom Alliance is an organization based in Switzerland devoted to building alliances throughout Europe between individuals and communities who recognize the threats to freedom and Western values represented by the growth of violent ideologies and the application of anti-Western religious doctrine. Its programs include an annual international conference addressing the social and cultural problems of Europe; the establishment of an international legal task force to represent European victims of terror and cultural intimidation and a program to encourage investigative and scholarly research into the origins of Eurabian ideology and its application in modern Europe.

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Economists see US avoiding recession

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 11, 2008

LOS ANGELES—The U.S. economy will suffer as the slumping housing market eats away at job creation and consumer spending, but the nation should avoid slipping into a recession this year, according to a new economic report.

A recession could still happen though, if the credit crisis that has stifled the housing market deepens, preventing consumers from buying big-ticket items like cars and businesses from spending on equipment, according to the quarterly Anderson Forecast by the University of California at Los Angeles.

“We don’t see that happening,” said Edward Leamer, director and co-author of the forecast released Tuesday. “This is a tough call, but I will be very surprised if this thing actually precipitates into recession.”

The forecast anticipates job growth remaining sluggish in 2008, with the U.S. unemployment rate rising to 5.5 percent by the end of the year. The February rate was 4.8 percent.

The forecast expects the economy to post gross domestic product growth of about 1.5 percent this year, rising to about 3 percent growth in 2009. GDP grew 2.2 percent in 2007, the weakest showing in five years.

The no-recession forecast runs counter to the outlook among many economists and financial pundits, who contend the economy has already started to shrink amid rising unemployment, job losses, record oil prices, and the lingering effects of the housing and credit crises.

The U.S. lost 63,000 payroll jobs last month, the second consecutive month of job losses. The last time the U.S. posted a two-month drop in payroll jobs was in 2003, when employers were still struggling through the aftermath of the 2001 recession.

Leamer said the nation may be experiencing negative economic growth in the current quarter. Economists generally look for at least two consecutive quarters of negative growth before they make a recession determination.

Source: Denver Post

[Emphasis mine throughout the article–TP]


Of course, for Democrats, it is already settled science that we are in a recession, if not an outright depression. I expect that their report on the death of the American Economy is greatly exaggerated, like all those types who have been calling for a Financial Catastrophy since the 1980’s.

Dow Jones Industrial Average since 1900.

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DFU Sing-Along for Eliot Spitzer

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 11, 2008

Here are a few updates on the Spitzer Sex Scandal:

Perhaps New York Governor Eliot Spitzer believes he can weather the firestorm over his scandal about his involvement with a high-class prostituion ring. However, he is battling an element that will keep his scandal alive in the public more than the usual political scandal—humor. Spitzer’s breaking scandal is less than a day old and already the media and the blogosphere is filled with many jokes and parody songs about his situation. Even many liberals are laughing at Spitzer since the humor generated by a self-righteous politician involved in a sleazy scandal involving a prostitution ring is just too hard to ignore. David Letterman led off his show with several jokes on this subject:

Do you think it’s too soon to be hitting on Mrs. Eliot Spitzer?

Did you happen to see the press conference? Very dramatic. Eliot Spitzer was there. He had yellow crime scene tape draped around his pants – crazy.

The thinking now is that the governor may step down now to spend less time with his family.

Source: Newsbusters

I found a tin foil hat wearing poster at Crooks and Liars.

And here is a brief round up of some of the chatter:

Gateway Pundit (New York Democratic Governor Linked to Prostitution Ring!)

New York Daily News (Hit The Road, John…)

Outside The Wire (Spitzer Into The Wind)

DUmmie Funnies (Kommies Defend Eliot Spitzer)

Political Mavens (Don’t Let The Door Hit You On The Way Out, Mr. Spitzer)

Suitably Flip (From Troopergate To Shtupergate)

11th Commandment Blog (Super Delegate Gov. Eliot Spitzer)

Hot Air (Will Spitzer resign — or deploy the Clinton/Craig strategy?)

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Gathering of Eages: Fighting The Insurgency At Home

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 11, 2008

Action Alert: March 15th

Fighting the Insurgency at Home

Who: Eagles Up!, Rolling Thunder,
Gathering of Eagles, and more!
What: Eagles Muster to denounce Winter Soldier II
Where: Washington, DC and Silver Springs, MD
When: Friday and Saturday, March 14 and 15

NOTE: We still encourage Eagles to make both this event and the one in April if at all possible. If not, we ask that you attend in April, when the General will be testifying before Congress. It is imperative that you be there. Countering the moonbats is great fun, but our troops NEED us in D.C. in April to force Congress to continue to support the war until victory is achieved. PLEASE consider this when making plans to attend events.

Have you had it with the left wing organizations demeaning and slandering our troops at every opportunity? Has the escalation in attacks against our recruiters across the nation, which progressed to the bombing of the Recruiter Station in Times Square last week, alerted you to the fact that we are fighting a REAL INSURGENCY in this country?


I will be live-blogging the events of this weekend and providing as comprehensive coverage as I can from my perch in the Appalachians, and a socket in teh intertubes to vacuum up data associated with the goings on as the Eagles Stand in Opposition to the newest generation of traitors.

As a backup plan in case blogger goes down, I have two backup sites ready to roll out on different platforms for double redundancy. I will post those links later. If you are going, and would like to make periodic reports, leave me a message at this email address, and I’ll hook you up with a phone line to call in on, and a method for uploading photos if your cell phone will support it.

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Shuttle Endeavour Lifts Off

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 11, 2008

I gotta make it down to Florida to watch one of these take off before they retire the shuttles!

This is a playlist providing a 5 minute overview of the current mission, a 2 and a half minute launch video, and a third video lasting about 38 seconds show the beautiful night launch from the Vehicle Assembly Building.

Space shuttle Endeavour thundered into orbit early Tuesday morning carrying seven astronauts and Japan’s dreams for a space-based laboratory at the International Space Station.

“This is a great launch and a real tribute to the team to get it ready to go fly,” said Bill Gerstenmaier, NASA’s associate administrator for Space Operations.

The STS-123 mission started with a rare night launch for Endeavour’s crew, commanded by veteran astronaut Dominic Gorie. Gregory H. Johnson served as Pilot. The mission specialists for the flight are an international mix of experienced and first-time crew members. Robert L. Behnken, Mike Foreman, Rick Linnehan, Garrett Reisman and Japanese astronaut Takao Doi all have critical roles during the 16-day mission by Endeavour.

NASA Endeavour Page

Photo Courtesy NASA

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Lefties Go Nuts At Karl Rove Speech

Posted by Thunder Pig on March 11, 2008

What is now commonplace and expected at American universities happened again on Sunday. Intolerant Leftist protesters ambushed conservative Karl Rove during his speech at the University of Iowa.
They also attacked an 84 year-old veteran who came to listen to Rove speak.
The University of Iowa Daily Iowan reported.

Source: Gateway Pundit

IOWA CITY — The United States must treat its opponents and potential enemies with seriousness before any attacks against the country can take place, political strategist Karl Rove said tonight at the University of Iowa.

“I believe if there is a threat to the United State we cannot let it fully materialize — we have to use the tools that are available to us,” Rove said when asked if he recommends a policy of pre-emptive war.

Rove was met with vocal derision by many but received support from others in the crowd of about 1,200 at the Iowa Memorial Union. At times the boos and combative shouts from the audience were so loud that Rove’s comments couldn’t be heard, and audience cries of “liar!” punctuated many of his remarks. People were escorted out by security throughout.

Source: Gazette Online

**update** 03/11 This website has more on the Karl Rove visit.


The left is becoming more and more unhinged in our country. Now imagine if this were conservatives interrupting a progressive giving a speech. You won’t see it, because, by and large, conservatives behave themselves. Lefties do not. They do not tolerate opposing opinions.
Just listen to the video below and tell me there won’t be a civil war:

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