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Mccain vs Obama: It’s Character, Stupid!

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 2, 2008

The recent allegation by General Wesley Clark that John McCain’s service means little in leadership experience compared to Obama rings very false.

What? Since when does being a street organizer for the corrupt Marxist ACORN count as a prerequisite to become Commander-in-Chief of the United States of America?

I say that it all comes down to character, or in Obama’s case…the lack therof.

When John McCain was captured, he underwent severe hardship and nearly died from his wounds from his crash in a lake, and the beating he took after he extricated himself from the lake.

When he was offered early release by his captors (who had intended it as a cynical ploy to show the rest of the POWS that the elites always received better treatment at the expense of everyone around them), he refused…saying that he would not accept an offer of release until everyone who had been captured ahead of him was released first.

He was beaten again and again for that decision. He endured beatings and torture for his men, for those who served around him, and for the United States of America.

That takes character. That takes Honor. John McCain did his duty, and more. He bled for his men, he bled for his country.

Now, on to the character of Barack Obama.

Throughout his life…there is one common denominator. He has associated with people who could help him get ahead, and when he was done with them, he threw them every last one under the bus of his ambition.

And no one had to beat Obama to get him to abandon his associates.

That tells me all I need to know about the differences between the two men.

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35 Years of a Volunteer Force

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 1, 2008

July 1, 1973 the United States Military became an all volunteer force. Gone were the days of the conscription 0r ‘The Draft’. For 35 years, through much of the Cold War, Panama, Greneda, Bosnia, Kosovo, Desert Storm, Somalia, and the Great War on Terror, every member of the military has been a volunteer. They stood up and said “Take Me.” They raised their hands to take the oath and said “I mean it.”

I remember July 1, 1973 vividly. There were many celebrations by the anti-war crowds, just as there were celebrations by the military crowds, though for quite different reasons. What started as a political victory for the anti Vietnam war crowd, has become the backbone and strength of our current military. I remember people believing that an all volunteer force would cause the disappearance of the military. What has happened has been quite different. It has created a strength of people that begins with them wanting to be where they are, united for a common goal. It has created a higher rate of re-enlistments and career soldiers.

Source: Gazing At The Flag (Go read the whole thing)


Well, since this was a liberal attempt to destroy the military of the United States by Liberals, it failed…as dictated by Quinn’s Fist Law:

“Liberalism always generates the exact opposite of its stated intent. “

And I cannot help but notice that the Liberals have noticed their mistake, and are trying to correct that by bringing back the draft. They will, of course, fail in that effort because Americans have seen how successful an all-volunteer force is, and the high caliber of people it attracts.

I salute the young men and women who volunteer for national service, and serve our nation in the military. These men and women leave the service with a great love for our nation, and pass it along to their children, and they add so much to our communities by their fine example.

The very existence of an all volunteer force has transformed this nation into something even greater than it has been. At the end of the Battle of Viet Nam…our morale was low, and the evil forces of Socialism were on the march everywhere. We appeared to be in decline. Then, the draft was removed…and the Citizen-Soldier was reborn…like the Minute Men of Old.

Our national fortunes changed. By the time Reagan became President…he had something to work with, and he was able to win the Cold War [World War III] using the professional military force as part of his toolkit.

And now, 35 years later, our military has achieved some of the most breath-taking military victories in the history of the world, among the latest was the Desert Shield/Desert Storm Operations which liberated a nation (which is what we do best, as Americans) and were in the process of removing the dictator responsible when (like in Viet Nam) the political leadership halted the advance…and allowed evil to live to fight another day.

Now, our all volunteer force have liberated two nations (Afghanistan and Iraq), and are working on a third (the Philippines) as we fight a Global War on Terrorism (World War IV) against those Islamists who would establish a Global Caliphate, and plunge the world into a truly Dark Age.

Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few
–Winston Churchill

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Our Next National Purpose: The Lexington Project

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 27, 2008

Senator John McCain has a plan: 

Our nation’s future security and prosperity depends on the next President making the hard choices that will break our nation’s strategic dependence on foreign sources of energy and will ensure our economic prosperity by meeting tomorrow’s demands for a clean portfolio. John McCain has made the necessary choices – producing more power, pushing technology to help free our transportation sector from its use of foreign oil, cleaning up our air and addressing climate change, and ensuring that Americans have dependable energy sources. John McCain will lead the effort to develop advanced transportation technologies and alternative fuels to promote energy independence and cut off the flow of oil wealth to repressive dictatorships like Iran.

Source: The Lexington Project


While I do not agree with every aspect of his plan, I believe it is a step in the right direction. Just by announcing our intent to drill more oil here at home would send oil prices lower.

I have problems with McCain’s extremely ignorant view on what he calls “speculators”. The very word belies a Marxist connotation. If he is against someone betting on prices going up (called going long), then he should be against someone betting on prices going down (going short), and one would think he is against people trading stocks, futures, or other financial instruments just to make money. Someone should educate the Senator on what makes Capitalism work. The markets are the best indicator of how the economy is doing, and makes judgment calls on the worth of companies and entire segments of the economy of far more efficiently than any economist, or group of economists ever could.

I support The Lexington Project just on the merits of using our own resources, which would be better than giving our money to despots in the Middle East. That money would be better spent paying Americans to do the work here. And oil jobs pay well. Very well. I have a friend who works on an oil rig off the coast of Louisiana six months out of the year, and takes the other six months off to do whatever he wants.

Something like this could supercharge our economy beyond our wildest creams…and the worst lefty nightmare.

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Fighting Back Against Gay Marriage and The Homosexual Agenda

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 23, 2008

Peter Wolfgang, Director Public Policy on how Gay Marriage fits into the Homosexual Agenda.

The video that audio was taken from is worth watching, and many of the points raised in the Connecticut and Massachusetts discussion apply to the California case and nationally. The goal of getting same-sex marriages approved is the destruction of the traditional family unit, “In order to push same-sex marriage, you have to deny that children do best in a home with both a mother and a father”.

From the video description:

On this episode, Corinn talks with Peter Wolfgang, Director of Public Policy for the Family Institute of Connecticut, on this mission of the FIC and their current battle against same-sex marriage. Mentioned in the discussion is how the same-sex marriage agenda is fueling attacks on religious liberties in Boston, Minnesota, England, Canada, and Sweden.

Also included is how it is effecting what are children are being taught in school. “Children are not mere creatures of the state,” was the decision passed down in a famous 1920s Supreme Court case (Pierce vs. Society of Sisters), and yet Peter explains how in the Boston school system today, the Constitutional and parental rights are being subverted in the name of teaching our children sexual immorality. Such is always the case when “the State”deifies itself and vilifies Christ and His followers.


What brought this about was the news that an internet friend and family were threatened and had a window broken and had his property defaced with graffiti because of his stand on homosexual marriage.

Here was his last radio show (June 18th) on the subject:

And tonight at 9pm, he will appear on the Andrea Shea King Show. I plan on embedding that show here as well.

This fight we face on homosexual marriage is with the forces of evil, and with principalities and powers who oppose anything that is Christ-centered. Many of them seek to replace Christianity with a demonic faith called the New Age movement, and follow this link to see some of the ones in my neck of the woods.

These people should realize that they no longer have a free ride. We will push back, and we will not be silenced. If Doug is silenced, I will take his place. I am no where near as eloquent as he and his lovely wife…but I will answer the call, and get others to add their voices in opposition to this perversion of human sexuality.

More on the Homosexual Agenda from Coral Ridge Ministries:

In order to successfully oppose their agenda, we must know what it is before we begin to formulate our response.

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No Warming For Last Eleven Years

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 20, 2008

Charts are included at Watts Up With That? that show no global warming for last eleven years, despite a continued increase in CO2 levels. Hmmm. No wonder lefties have been in a bad mood lately.

Al Fin has reported on the quiet Sun, which may be to blame for the recent slide of global temperatures, and we may be getting colder yet.

And, let me ask, where are the sunspots of Solar Cycle 24? And why are there so very few of them?

**update** 2.05pm

I forgot to add that there is already talk of calling the potential Solar Minimum we are entering the Landscheidt Minimum because he predicted it.

The more politically inclined among us might want to call it the Gore Minimum, or even the Gore-Hansen Minimum to mock those who were so very wrong about Global Warming, and man’s impact on global temperatures.

For more reading on Landscheidt, I suggest a series of five articles:

My Random March Through the Insanity of Solar Cycle Research (aka – Explanation of Landsheidt’s first paper, part 1)

Landscheidt Part 2

Landscheidt, Part 3

Landscheidt, Part 4 (Summary of Eddy’s “The Maunder Minimum”)

Landscheidt 5 (Review of Eddy’s “The Case of the Missing Sunspots”)

And most of his papers can be found at Landscheidt Cycles Research.

And, in all my “debates” with lefties one thing is very clear…despite all the evidence you may present them, they will always try to find another way to justify their attacks on Capitalism, Western Civilization, and try to get us to volunteer to change our lives to suit their political agenda.

Don’t let them. They are liars, and their ultimate goal is to destroy our way of life. And I will bet you something right now. When it starts to become obvious that the earth’s climate is going into a cooling cycle…they will continue their attacks on our way of life, despite being proven so utterly and completely wrong. That is one reason why they have started to refer to “Climate Change” instead of “Global Warming”.

I refer you to the excellent Gateway Pundit “Brrrr” series of posts chronicling the cooling earth. The latest one notes the record snowfall in Spokane, Washington!

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The Left Wants A "Comforter-in-Chief"

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 19, 2008

Cue the sad violin music:

Can someone call the White House and see if the president is interested in coming to Iowa, Illinois or Missouri and comforting Americans in need?

The above quote is from Where Is The Outrage, the blog of a local lefty and radio host. He, and his fellow travelers are whining for a Nanny State, where the President would be the person to tuck us in at night, and wipe the tears from our eyes when he skin our knees.

Give me a break! If the President did show up…they’d complain about the cost of the trip and the disruption of the rescue and relief efforts (which would be true). He’ll show up later, when the critical phase of the rescue and relief efforts are well underway.

**update** 12.51pm

I just got a news alert that Bush is touring the area as I type this. Okay…will the angry, hurting lefty note this with an apology? I didn’t think so either.

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Ron Paul Wakes Up, Quits Bid For President

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 13, 2008

After wringing the last possible dime from his supporters, Ron Paul has joined the Huckster, Romney, and other Republicans and formed a PAC of his own, after quitting the race for President.

The mission of his new PAC:

The mission of the Campaign for Liberty is to promote and defend the great American principles of individual liberty, constitutional government, sound money, free markets, and a noninterventionist foreign policy, by means of educational and political activity.

Ron Paul is sadly lacking in his understanding of the importance for us to engage the enemy from a forward posture instead of hiding in our homeland, and giving him the rest of the world. If Ron Paul had been President during World War II, Europe’s fate would have been decided between the Soviets and the Nazis, and hundreds of millions more people would have died, and billions condemned to live under slavery before we joined them.

I will be very interested in seeing how many of his local supporters go through with their plans to leave the GOP, and join the hopeless campaign of Bob Barr, or help the insignificant Libertarian Party of North Carolina by enrolling as members, and running for local and state offices, or campaigning for Libertarian candidates…the only way any party is successful.

So, my question is, will they work, or will they whine?

Hat Tip: Race 4 2008

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Afghan-Pakistan Clashes and Iranians in Iraq

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 11, 2008

I am glad to see that we will not afford our enemy a sanctuary across international borders (I wish we would do the same with Mexico), and we are engaging the enemy:

The Afghan Army clashed with the Taliban in the Pakistani tribal agency of Mohmand on June 10. While initial reports indicated the US conducted a targeted airstrike against a Taliban or al Qaeda target in the tribal agency, the aircraft appear to have been supporting Afghan troops. Pakistani soldiers were reported to have been killed in the fighting.

The fighting started after Afghan forces attacked a Taliban force as it attempted to cross the border. Between 10 and 13 Pakistani soldiers were killed after Afghan and US forces pursued Taliban forces fleeing into Pakistan.

“The militants launched a cross-border attack into Afghanistan,” an unnamed Pakistani security official told Reuters. “At least 10 of our soldiers were killed in a counter-offensive by forces in Afghanistan.” Geo TV reported 13 Pakistani soldiers, including a major, were killed. An estimated 50 Pakistani soldiers were manning an outpost in Suran Dara along the Afghan-Pakistani frontier. Only 10 have been accounted for.

Source: The Long War Journal

I wonder when we’ll start going across the border in Iran to stop their “Special Groups” and “Explosives Experts” from going into Iraq and killing American soldiers? When will people begin to realize that Iran has been at war with us since President Jimmy Carter installed the Ayatollah Khomeini and jump started the Iranian Islamic Revolution?

BAGHDAD – Coalition forces captured a suspected Iranian-trained Special Groups explosives expert Wednesday in Numaniyah, about 180 km southeast of Baghdad near Al Kut.

Acting on intelligence information, Coalition forces targeted a suspected Iranian-trained improvised explosive device expert. Using information provided by Special Groups criminals already detained, the targeted criminal is believed to have traveled to Iran several times for explosives training. Intelligence sources also said the suspect has numerous Iranian contacts with whom he would meet when smuggling weapons and bomb-making materials into Iraq.

Coalition forces entered the suspected criminal’s residence and subdued him without firing any shots after the man made a move toward a weapon.

“Significance progress is being made, and Iraqi people are a big part of the operations to stop terrorists throughout Iraq,” said Navy Lt. Patrick Evans, MNF-I spokesperson.

Source: MNF-Iraq

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Hypocrisy and Lefty Bloggers

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 10, 2008

I get a kick out out lefty bloggers, especially the Marxists who would put the government in control of every aspect of our lives until every drop of liberty was squeezed out.

An example:

– I saw three people roll up to a wedding this weekend in their H2. They drove it from Atlanta. I’m not sure if it occurred to them that they were consuming irresponsibly.

Source: Scrutiny Hooligans

Like most lefties, it never occurs to them that liberty involves the freedom to act irresponsibly…except that these people did not act responsibly, and had less of an effect on the environment than most people who cannot afford a Hummer.

That is how the Free Market works, people drive what they can afford. My old chevy 1987 pickup gets 6 miles to the gallon and has no emission control devices. It cost me $200. That should get more of his self-righteous ire than the H2’s (which get better fuel mileage than any of my vehicles), and there are probably ten thousand pickups like mine to every H2 out there on the road.

And my 1997 Ford diesel pickup gets only 12 mpg (it drops down to 7-8 when I haul trailers around loaded with equipment), and it is not subject to passing emission tests like my other truck. Models like that are also more numerous than the H2.

The H2 represents class envy for those on the left. At least the H2 can carry 6 people, my Chvy only carries 2, and my diesel only carries 4 max. Plus, the H2 is far more environmentally friendly in its emission control than most of the older vehicles on the road.

The lefty goes on to complain about the spelling of people on the forums of the regional paper, which leads me to ask, “What is it with lefties and spelling?” Why are they such spelling and grammar Nazis? Do they not realize that what they are complaining about is a direct result of their much-loved public education system? A system that is increasingly teaching children more about multiculturalism than about spelling. A system that is teaching a system of false tolerance for any belief except Christianity and conservatism?

Don’t you think it odd that a parent with an 8th grade education can homeschool their children to outspell 99% of children taught in the public education system, and for less money per pupil?

I could go on and on, but will restrict myself to one more topic, and I have saved the best for last.

Yesterday, that blogger came over here and berated me in the comments about convicting Obama with “guilt by association” posts. (His blog is woven with that thread through and through).

I didn’t have to wait long for him to post another…less than 24 hours later, he goes and does what he was irate about me doing. Hypocrisy, where is thy sting? The dichotomy is delicious, and shows a level of intellectual dishonesty that would make for a comedic character study if presented on stage, film, or even in a weekly sitcom.

The dichotomy comes from him calling it wrong for me to point out the Foul Deeds committed by the many Associates of Barack Obama, but fairplay when it comes to pointing out the Foul Deeds of those associated with Bush, Cheney, or anyone else he chooses. I believe that there is much to be learned from one’s associates, whether it work out to suit my ideological beliefs or not.

This Campaign Season will be very fun from the standpoint of watching all the lefty chickens coming home to roost.

I predict that Emperor Obama will have no clothes at the end of this election, and it is my hope that the takedown of Obama will cause irreparable harm to progressivism in this Republic.

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BTR: Dr. Andrew Bostom on Fausta’s Radio Show

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 30, 2008

Dr Andrew Bostom talks about his new book, The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism: From Sacred Texts to Solemn History.

The show is on from 11am to noon, and you can come back in a few hours to listen to the podcast:


Fausta’s blog

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