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Unarmed Sheep Shot (One Dead) in Knoxville Church

Posted by Thunder Pig on July 27, 2008

Multiple people have suffered gunshot wounds in what witnesses describe as a mass shooting inside a church in West Knoxville Sunday morning.

The shootings happened at the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church on Kingston Pike.

A witness who spoke to 10 News said police had arrived and one person was being detained at the scene.

A children’s production of “Annie” was taking place as part of the normal Sunday service at the time of the shooting, the witness, who is a member of the church, said. The gunman walked into a packed sanctuary and opened fire.

Source: WBIR (The Website is being updated continuously)


I call them sheep because they did not have to be shot, and face death. An armed congregation could have defended themselves, saved lives, and lessened the number shot. The number of bullet holes in the attacker would (hopefully) have been at least equal to the number in said congregation with a firearm.

The sheep scenario would not happen at my church, as the number of shepherds outnumber the number of sheep in our flock.

Of course, since it was a Unitarian Universalist Church, odds were low that anyone inside would be armed under any circumstance.


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