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Move America Forward Webathon Raises More Than $1 Million For Care Packages!

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 27, 2008

The leftist rabble are once again licking their wounds as the patriots of America delivered a rousing, unambiguous show of support for our troops prosecuting the missions in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Although they entered the night with a goal of $500,000, they had that cleared by 9 PM Eastern. At the end of the day, MAF collected over $1 Million to supply our troops with care packages.

Source: A Newt One

I’d like to thank everyone who participated in the event and contributed to purchase care packages for the troops. Callers raised $1,055,719 to purchase care packages for our troops.


2 Responses to “Move America Forward Webathon Raises More Than $1 Million For Care Packages!”

  1. brushfire said

    Why do you assume that people who have “leftist” leanings are not patriotic? I consider the constitution and the bill of rights to be a very liberal “leftist” document. And why is it so important to insult us and make us mad? BTW, I have spent hundreds of dollars sending hundreds of care packages to soldiers in Iraq including my son. I have also spent many hours writing and calling our senators and representatives to pass legislation supporting our soldiers. Do you include lefties like me in your thanks?

  2. Thunder Pig said


    Why do lefties claim they are more intelligent than us when they clearly cannot comprehend what they are reading, or who said it?

    If you had followed the link…you would see that I was quoting the blogger at A Newt One.

    Lefties think they are smart, but they cannot read a sentence and comprehend what they are reading.

    About sending care packages, I will take your word for it about your personal testimony.

    Why then, were there no lefty participation in this record-breaking effort to help the troops?

    Why were the lefty blogs making fun of the effort?

    Why did they not participate?

    I emailed several lefties, asking them to help…and all I got was static about how sending care packages was not helping the troops, and instead acted to glorify war and extend their time over there. One even said that if the soldiers over there became miserable enough…they would start fragging their officers, and the US would have to pull out.

    Does that sound patriotic to you?

    The only way you can support the troops is to support their mission.

    Fighting this war gives the enemy aid and comfort, and keeps them hoping that we will will change our minds, and leave Iraq.

    So, in an ironic turn of events…the very people who oppose this war act in such a way as to prolong the war…and allow the enemy to kill more of our troops.

    According to Quinn’s First Law:

    “Liberalism always generates the exact opposite of its stated intent.”

    And Liberalism is Leftism.

    The US Constitution is a very conservative document. It follows very nicely with the Ten Principles as laid forth by the conservtive philosopher Russell Kirk.

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