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Number of Libertarians in North Carolina More Than Doubles

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 25, 2008

According to Under The Dome, the number of registered Libertarians in North Carolina has increased from 5 to 11, more than doubling in size.

Now, that’s funny!!!

**update** 6.11pm

Registration Totals:

2,633,098 Democrats
1,932,529 Republicans
1,245,234 Unafiliateds
0,000,011 Libertarians (I’m laughing so hard, I’m crying, here!)
5,810,872 Total registered voters in North Carolina

Maybe I should keep a running tally.

4 Responses to “Number of Libertarians in North Carolina More Than Doubles”

  1. Anonymous said

    From 5 to 11, Thunder Pig! Whow.
    Well, we know that is not true.
    Perhaps they are changing over to
    Republican, like Chad said. They
    are welcome on many issues, but not
    on legalizing drugs and some other
    things like abortion. Zora Reece

  2. Thunder Pig said


    I didn’t believe it myself until I went to the State Board of Elections site and got the updated figures.

    I thought Ryan was poking fun at the Libertardians. I guess this means they will lose their party status again.

  3. TJ said

    Ah, you Republicans, with your claims of small government and yet your abiding faith IN government to tell the truth. There’s two reasons the number of Libertarians has gone from 5 to 11:

    1. The county Boards of Elections aren’t allowed to change registrations until after the canvass of the state-funded Democrat Labor Commissioner runoff.

    2. It’s apparent that a few counties aren’t following the law and changing folks’ registrations, but only a few.

    There shouldn’t be ANY Libertarians showing up, according to State law, because the canvass hasn’t happened yet. That’s next Tuesday, when they count the 300 votes cast statewide, for $4m in expenditures.

    But you keep laughing, especially when McCain and McCrory lose because of your worn-out, lame policies, and you blame Barr and Munger.

  4. Thunder Pig said

    Neither Candidate will attract enough votes to spoil the election for McCain or McCrory.

    Ron Paul has effectively killed the Libertarian Party with his clever r3VOLution in the GOP.

    I am a conservative Repulican, and if you have read my blog for any length of time…you’ll know that I am conservative before I am Republican.

    The GOP is engaged in a clearing operation, where RINOs are being forcible retired from the House and Senate by a group of conservatives known as “The Hit Squad”.

    Hopefully, we’ll have enough of a core of conservatives in the House and Senate to foil either McCain or Obama.

    In the unlikely scenario that the Libertardians do cost us this election…we will hunt you guys down, and make your political lives and events a living hell.

    You will be marginalized.

    You need to realize that conservatives are the logical ideological allies of the Libertarians, it certainly isn’t the marxist progressives you’ve been courting, and abetting by running candidates. It will be you who have purchased the whirlwind should Barack Obama become President.

    Read the book “The Conservative Intellectual Movement in America since 1945” by George Nash if you want to know the history of conservatism (and libertarianism) in the United States.

    You will see how libertarians were once on the side of Liberty, and now have become tools of the totalitarians in the progressive movement. Hayek would spit on you all if he were still alive.

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