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Morning News Roundup for June 4th

Posted by Thunder Pig on June 4, 2008

It’s been far too long since I did one of these, and I’ll do this one by category:

2008 Presidential Race

Barack Obama

[You Decide 2008]: Video: Obama’s full nomination victory speech

[Rezko Watch]: Klein: Nation of Islam activists on Obama camp payroll. Former insider worried by senator’s connection to Louis Farrakhan, members of radical group

[RezkoWatch]: Rezko Watch Hotlist

[Obama Watch]: Obama Roundup

[Election 2008]: Flood of Supers to Obama

[Fox Embeds]: Obama in St. Paul: “Tonight, I can stand before you and say that I will be the Democratic nominee for President of the United States.”

[McCain Blogs]: Anyone Seen My Policies?

[Political Punch]: Obama is From Mars, Hillary From Venus

[The Caucus]: Controversial Priest Ordered to Take a Leave

[Gateway Pundit]: BREAKING: Devastating Video Discovery– Obama Associate Talks About His Pro-Palestinian Background

[Race 4 2008]: Superdelegate Flood Begins

[The Electoral Map]: Obama to Visit Virginia Coal Country

Hillary Clinton

[Political Radar]: Something’s Different in Camp Clinton

[Real Clear Politics]: Clinton Thanks Supporters in New York

[You Decide 2008]: Hillary’s non-concession speech from New York

[Michelle malkin]: Vote for your favorite Hillary campaign moment

[Red State]: “Nothing Is Over Until We Decide It Is!”

John McCain

[Fox Embeds]: McCain: Obama offers “wrong change”

[MSNBC]: McCain breaks from Bush, takes on Obama

[Race 4 2008]: McCain Opens the General Election in New Orleans Speech

[Race 4 2008]: Bad Idea…

[The Electoral Map]: Carrying the Banner for the Three Types of Republicans

From the Blogosphere:

[Maverick News Network]: Condi’s angry over new Jewish housing in Jerusalem

[American Thinker]: How to measure al Qaeda’s defeat

[Gateway Pundit]: Far Left Democrats: Wrong in 1972- Wrong in 1976- Wrong in 1988- Wrong in 2008

[Gateway Pundit]: Historic Primary Ends… Dems Pick Far Left Inexperienced Black Candidate with Islamic-Marxist Roots

[LGF]: Islamic Thinkers at Israel Day in New York

[DOUG Ross @ Journal]: Sowell unspins Obama’s fabrications

[IMAO]: lolterizt! Part 49

[Michelle Malkin]: Let the Nation of Islam patrol Miami? Sure, what could go wrong?

[IsraPundit]: Condi’s peace is a mirage.

[Conservative Beach Girl]: Conservatives to sit-out election day? Don’t count on that!

In other News:

[Homeland Security National Terror Alert]: Security Alert Suspends Tube Service To Heathrow Airport
from Homeland Security National Terror Alert

[Dhimmi Watch]: Free speech under assault: Steyn, Maclean’s on trial in British Columbia

[Gateway Pundit]: Anti-Israel Khomeini Protest in Islamabad

Geert Wilders visits Copenhagen from I Media Online on Vimeo.
[Gates of Vienna]: Geert Wilders’ Speech at the Danish Parliament

[The Gathering Storm]: Storm Track Infiltration: After School Jihad

[ADN Kronos]: Iran: Israel will vanish with or without Iran, says hardline president

[Counterterrorism Blog]: Iraqi Insurgents Quarrel Over Recognizing International Law

[Fausta’s Blog]: China, Venezuela and now Brazil soon to be drilling off the coast of Florida while America sits on its own natural resources

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