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Old Glory Radio Live Video Show Update with Hillary Talking Assassination

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 23, 2008

Here is the post for Old Glory Live Video Show; and tonight I will be on the show as a guest in the first segment. If you’ve never heard me speak before, now is your chance. The player will continue to cycle through old shows until show time at 9pm Eastern Time tonight.

Don’t forget to click the button to play at 9pm.

Listen to Hillary discuss the possibility of assassination as a reason for staying in the race. Good thing she isn’t a Republican, or the Democrats would be charging her with inciting an assassination attempt. Of course, those of us who lived through the Clinton years would take that as a warning to Barack. After all, how many of the Clinton’s friends and opponents ended up dead under mysterious circumstances? At least she didn’t cackle when she said it, that really would have been spooky.

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