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Blog Talk Radio: Fridays at Fausta’s (updated again)

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 16, 2008

**update** 4.54pm Fausta has posted the food links referenced in her show today for us to explore, enjoy, and gain a few calories. Yaay!

Check out Fausta’s BTR show that is billed as covering Politics, current events, world news, and culture; but may go anywhere. It starts at 11am.

Show chatroom. (It will open when she gets ready to start the show).
Fausta’s BTR Homepage
Fausta’s Blog

**updated** 12.06pm

I was listening to the show via the embed player here while working, then they started putting links in the chat, so I had to go and have a look.

You have GOT TO LISTEN to the podcast of this show! But, only if you love food, and like to cook. There were a ton of links handed out in the chat room, and Fausta will post them soon, and I’ll link to them in this post. The podcast should be available after 1pm or so today, and you can listen using the player above.

One Response to “Blog Talk Radio: Fridays at Fausta’s (updated again)”

  1. Fausta said

    Thank you o magnificent Thunder – and Bon appetit!

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