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Barack Obama Uses Marxist Catch Phrase To Attack Critics

Posted by Thunder Pig on May 16, 2008

The phrase? “politics of fear”, and you can read more about it at Gateway Pundit.

Of course, living near Asheville, half the Democrats are outright Marxists, so I hear that term bandied about a lot, especially by bloggers and Marxist professors, some of whom are quite fond of saying that people should only make so much money, after which point the tax rate should be 100%.

In my opinion, nearly the entirety of the Democrat Party is Marxist, and a goodly portion of the Republican Party has gone Marxist, along with former libertarians, who I refer to as Progressitarians. This is all to sad, for they have all fallen for the false dichotomy of using the Hegelian dialectic to define themselves, and their political outlook on life.

This is the fondness of “reaching across the aisle”, and “building consensus” where, according to the theory, thesis (left) and anti-thesis (right) come together, either in negotiation or conflict, and a synthesis results. Bill Clinton is fond of calling it the “Third Way” and Barack Obama presents himself as an “agent of change”.

Don’t fall for it people. These people are so wrapped up in their ideology, they don’t realize that their language gives them away to those who know what to look for…catch phrases, and outlooks…and the overwhelming desire to talk about what the government can do to make your life better.

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