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Friday Morning Blogburst

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 25, 2008

One of the Scrutiny Hooligans captured audio of the Hilda Beast last night, and promises photos… [Read post]

Read a report on the Buncombe County Democrat Convention that was held last Saturday from a progressive point of view. It also contains a letter written by Buncombe Commission Candidate Cecil Bothwell… [Dancewater]

Operation C.H.A.O.S. is bearing fruit among the Democrats as they grow to dislike Hillary more and more everyday. This, in my opinion, could help knock Hillary out of serious contention in 2012 as well as cause those who support her to punish Obama in the fall if he is the nominee and she isn’t on the ticket. Either way, this is a win-win situation for the Republicans, despite what the punk RINOs think about it . [Blue NC]

Closer to our side of the aisle, the talented Leslee Kulba notes that picking flowers in the National Parks (paid for by us) can get you prison time and banned from the parks. [Wild West]

Local blogger Lemuel Calhoun praises the NCGOP for their advert targeting Bev Perdue and Richard Moore and notifies us of McCain’s behavior. [Hillbilly White Trash]

John in Carolina observes that some of the Duke-88 are re-writing the history of their involvement in the Duke LaCrosse Hoax. [John in Carolina]

Iraqi and American units engage the enemy in Iraq. [The Long War Journal]

I’m sure you all heard about the Iraq War veteran and his family being attacked by peaceful hippies who were outraged that the ani-war protest was being counter protested by them. And most shockingly…the police wouldn’t arrest the hippies…even when one spit on the veteran”s 14 year old son in front of the police. I keep telling people that the only speech the left wants to be free is their own. And like Jimbo, I believe it is about time to start beating these fascist Hippies into the very earth they worship. [Black Five]

And bringing it back home to North Carolina, Robert Spencer wonders whatever happened to the Myrick Plan? [Jihad Watch]

I hope everyone has a good weekend and will stop back by to watch my live coverage of the NC-11 GOP Convention. That is if the internet connection cooperates…

**update** 9.30am Watch a video of candidate appearances at the Buncombe GOP Ladies Club shot and edited by Richard Bernier at my local and state-issues blog, WNC Citizens Blog.

3 Responses to “Friday Morning Blogburst”

  1. arratik said

    Most of the pics I snapped inside didn’t come out very good – I was way up in the “Eucker Seats” without a tripod, and anything beyond the 4x optical zoom on my camera is pretty much garbage.

    But I did get a few good shots of the crowd, some of the media, and a few protesters that showed up. I might upload some more audio, time allowing.

    This is going to be a good weekend. I just wish it would start sooner. 🙂

  2. Thunder Pig said

    I’ve run into the same problem at events. The light levels just plain suck! If you can put the camera against something steady…you can do what I sometimes do, switch to manual mode and open the lens and expose the picture for a little longer…

    Hooligans is a group blog…why don’t some of you guys pool your money and get a flip camera.

  3. arratik said

    First things first, we’re in the process of moving to a new webhost. Better, stronger, faster… and a little bit more expensive. A community camera might be a good idea, though.

    Oh, I have a slideshow from last night up @ ScruHoo.

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