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Terrorists Join Progressives Against Blackwater (updated)

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 24, 2008

One of the memes I’ve been pushing just got a lift:

Insurgents have put together hundreds of propaganda videos ranting about how oh-so-terrible the American troops in Iraq are. But this is the first flick I’ve seen that directly and exclusively targets the private military contractors like Blackwater that have become a hallmark of the Iraq occupation.

Earlier this week, the Sunni insurgent group Islamic Army of Iraq released “Bloody Contracts,” in English, Spanish, French and Arabic. “Crimes against Iraqis happen on a daily basis done by unleashed barbarians dressed in security uniforms, criminals protected by law and instructed by the Bush administration to murder for the sake of killing,” the IAI’s deadpan narrator tells his audience. A cartoon of a masked gunman shooting at a black helicopter is in the background.

Source: Danger Room

Blue NC

Blue NC

Blue NC

Blue NC

**update** April 24th 10.59pm The America-haters at Blue NC just posted another piece on Blackwater. I remember the days when soldiers of fortune were entrepreneurs who didn’t have the benefit of companies like Blackwater. It was a rough time. Now, the guys get medical, paid vacation, and retirement…but they have to punch a time clock. No more just taking one or two jobs a year. It’s been turned into an industry.


One Response to “Terrorists Join Progressives Against Blackwater (updated)”

  1. Gordon Smith said

    If Blackwater weren’t committing crimes and fleecing the American people, maybe you’d have an argument to ally with them.

    I’d rather see that money come back into the defense budget. I’d rather see Congress and Pentagon oversee Blackwater’s operations so there could be accountability when the contract mercenaries do things that put our troops at greater risk.

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