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The John Batchelor Show for April 20th

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 20, 2008

It’s Sunday night, and that means it’s time for John Batchelor!

If you can’t listen to him over the air, you can listen to him from 7pm to 10pm Eastern Devil Time on WABC.

The main WABC Stream is not working this week, try this one.
Another backup is here.

Then, he switches over to KFI for the 10pm to 1am Eastern Devil Time slot.

His blog.


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North Koreans Pay Tribute to American Progressives

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 20, 2008

I have held the position that lefties (including progressives, code-pink, and Ron Paul Supporters) are useful idiots for our enemies, if not in league with them.
Any questions?

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Candidate Videos on WNC Citizens Blog

Posted by Thunder Pig on April 20, 2008

Here is an updated list of recent candidate videos from the April meeting of The Action Club:

Eric Gorny for Bill Graham (GOP Primary for Governor)

Paul Purdue (NC House #115)

Joe Dunn (Buncome County Commission)

Don Yelton (Buncombe county Commission)

Mike Fryar (Buncombe County Commission)

It’s an odd thing that there are few videos of the Democrat candidates. The only one I am aware of is the one filmed for Sound Off Buncombe of Holly Jones at a Citizens for Change meeting. Of course, it is my contention that putting Democrat candidates on video in detail would hurt them more than it would help them.

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